Bis Aufs Messer Weekly news 02 October 2023

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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly news 02 October 2023

Hi. Welcome to another newsletter for October - a bunch of nice new records arrived like the new ELLEN ARKBRO - Sounds While Waiting LP, BONNIE PRINCE BILLY - Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You LP, more copies of the new SUFJAN STEVENS LP on lemonade colored vinyl, the new NUCLEAR CULT LP, IBRAHIM HESNAWI - The Father of Libyan Reggae LP, OXBOW - Love’s Holiday LP, PALMS - Palms (10th Anniversary Edition) DLP, STEPHEN O'MALLEY & ANTHONY PATERAS - Sept duos pour guitar acoustique et piano préparé DLP, WOODS - Perennial LP, ESPEN ERIKSEN TRIO FT. ANDY SHEPPARD - In The Mountains DLP, SOCCER COMMITTEE - /Lamb LP, ROXANE METAYER - Éclipse des ocelles LP, LISE BARKAS & LISA KÄUFFERT - Lo Becat LP, also a few LA QUIETE / PHOENIX BODIES 6“ are back in stock … 


And after almost 1 year delay we finally got the BRAK - dopamine TAPES - wow :) 


We also got a few Merch restocks like DEATH Longsleeves, Hüsker Dü & Sonic Youth Shirts etc 


And then we have a few of the ZORN Discography DLPs left - if they are gone they are gone. Black or colored vinyl


Also the new TINE FETZ - Places 2024 CALENDAR 


And new stuff from DISCREET is also on its way like the new BLOD LP etc


And we also added ( adding) a few more second hand LPs and 7“s to our discogs


Thank you as usual


Til then thank you for all your orders & support.


Robert & Norman





AGELESS SUMMONING - Corrupting the Entempled Plane LP (dark descent - “Ageless Summoning was inspired by the otherworldly death metal of Steve Tucker era Morbid Angel and the discord of Immolation. We try to emulate the sludgy malevolence and desolate atmospheres of the likes of Gateways to Annihilation and Here In After,” declares vocalist Ali Lauder. A brief, but precise account of the hellscapes evoked by U.K.’s Ageless Summoning, whose debut album Corrupting the Entempled Plane is due out on Dark Descent Records. “We felt that the unique atmosphere and mythos conjured by that slower-paced, brutal, and hypnotic style were underappreciated and overlooked, and we didn’t know of many bands doing things in that vein, so we thought we’d try it ourselves.”) 30.00


BOB STANLEY / PETE WIGGS - present: Winter Of Discontent DLP (ace - There was plenty of genuine discontent in Britain at the tail end of the 1970s, and it had little to do with bin strikes or dark rumours about overflowing morgues. In the world of popular music, the most liberating after-effect of the Sex Pistols was that anyone with something to say now felt they could make a 7” single. “Winter Of Discontent” is the sound of truly DIY music, made by people who maybe hadn’t written a song until a day or two before they went into the studio. It’s spontaneous and genuinely free in a way the British music scene has rarely been before or since. Feat. Mekons, Television Personalities, Scritti Politti, Zoundz and many more) 35.00


BONNIE PRINCE BILLY - Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You LP (domino - Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You – an album made as it was meant to be heard, in a room. The sound of people together – a sound we’d so recently feared that we’d lost – playing, communing, strings and wood and keys and voices singing. KSWDY presents simply, and is sung along easily and happily with in time BUT - is it family portrait or fairy tale? How does it think the world was made, and will end? Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You was recorded in Louisville by Nick Roeder, featuring Sara Louise Callaway on violin, Kendall Carter on keys, Elisabeth Fuchsia on viola and violin, Dave Howard on Mandolin, Drew Miller on saxophone and Dane Waters’ voice. The presence of so many local players and music educators in the band lends not only to a flow of moments so fluidly encompassing of a wide range of musics from classical to Japanese acid folk and elsewhere, but perhaps even more importantly, to the sense of community, heredity and the triumph of inheritance that is the marrow and life blood of this music. ) 26.00


ELLEN ARKBRO - Sounds While Waiting LP (W25th - Sounds While Waiting documents the latest organ works by composer and musician Ellen Arkbro – following her phenomenal debut, 2017's For Organ And Brass, and the more recent CHORDS. Recorded at a centuries-old church in Unnaryd, Sweden in June 2020, these pieces reveal the enchanting qualities of sustained harmonic sound, how patterns of listening dissolve and emerge as textured space. On opening track "Changes," long radiant tones ebb and flow like divine breaths, while "Leaving Dreaming" builds with dynamic tension to unlock a subtle, otherworldly ambience. As the composer states in the sleeve notes, "These recordings are traces of something I have come to love to do in large resonant spaces, which is to set up sustained chords on multiple organs and then move slowly through the sound. The instruments are usually far apart, which makes for the emergence of large fields of continuous change, spaces of harmonicity that can be passed through layer by layer and which contain within them points of both clarity and overwhelming complexity. The organ pipes are tuned and retuned, though sometimes I leave them just as they are. What I'm searching for is the moment when a particular kind of sounding texturality is revealed – it is rough, focused and yet strangely transparent.“ Arkbro composes for acoustic instruments, for synthetic sound and for combinations of both, including music for orchestra and smaller chamber ensembles and large scale installation works. She currently performs in Catherine Christer Hennix's Kamigaku ensemble, and she previously studied with La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela. Recommended for fans of Sarah Davachi, Eliane Radigue and Charlemagne Palestine.) 27.00


ESPEN ERIKSEN TRIO WITH ANDY SHEPPARD - As Good As It Gets LP (rune Grammofon - The combination of the ESPEN ERIKSEN TRIO and British saxophone giant ANDY SHEPPARD is truly a match made in jazz heaven, and resonates in the words of ANDY: 'When I first heard the TRIO play, I knew I immediately realized that I would fit in here. I loved the melodic feel and vibe and was thrilled when I was invited to perform with the TRIO in London in 2016." The general conclusion drawn in reviews of their first album, Perfectly Unhappy, five years ago was simple 'more please' and now we're delighted to present 'As Good As It Gets', the pretty brilliant follow-up. The two album titles aptly suggest a subtle change of mood, and it is fair to say that the trio on the new album is a little livelier and sunnier in places, but still very melodic and lyrical, often with a typically Nordic melancholic signature ( note the Grieg reference in album closer "Drifting Clouds"). ERIKSEN is a master of catchy melodies, and when SHEPPARD adds his inimitable playing to the trio's minimalist approach, magic is created. The ESPEN ERIKSEN TRIO was formed in 2007 and released his album in 2010 Debut album. "As Good As It Gets" is their seventh album, all released on the Rune Grammofon label. The TRIO has toured on four continents and has become an increasingly popular concert attraction in several countries. ERIKSEN's background ranges from jazz to pop music to church organ, while bassist Lars Tormod Jenset lived and worked as a musician in Copenhagen for seven years before moving to Norway. Andreas Bye is one of the most sought-after Norwegian drummers in jazz and pop and has played with BUGGE WESSELTOFT, JOHN SCOFIELD, JOSHUA REDMAN, DHAFER YOUSEF, NILS PETTER MOLVÆR and many others. With a career spanning four decades and working with artists such as GEORGE RUSSELL, GIL EVANS, CARLA BLEY, STEVE SWALLOW and numerous others, ANDY SHEPPARD is one of Europe's leading saxophonists. As a leader he has recorded for labels such as Antilles, Verve, Blue Note and most recently four albums for ECM.) 32.00


ESPEN ERIKSEN TRIO FT. ANDY SHEPPARD - In The Mountains DLP (After five successful studio albums in 12 years, here is their first live album, by popular demand we should add. A popular concert attraction in Norway through Europe, Russia and South East Asia, the trio have constantly been asked when they will release a concert recording. Five of the seven tracks were recorded live in concert at Oslo's Nasjonal Jazzscene in 2018 and 2020, one at a special one-off intimate concert at Propeller Music Division in Oslo in 2020 and one in Poznan, Poland, in 2021. Six of the seven tracks are extended versions of Eriksen originals from four of the studio albums, adding instrumental vividness as well as dramatic and moving elements to the event. The seventh is a splendid cover of Krzysztof Komeda's iconic Rosemary's Baby.) 36.00


GOAT - Medicine LP (rocket - A year after the release of the last GOAT album "Oh Death", the masked Swedes have now announced the successor "Medicine", which will be released on October 13th on Rocket Recordings. In the first single "Unemployment Office" they complement their psych-rock with elements from 70s progressive. Not only the new single, but also the entire album has a more reserved, warm feel throughout, and the band suggests that the album's overarching theme is the transience of life - in all its different facets: "It's about the impermanence of life in different ways: sickness, relationships, love, death and how our time is finite." It's hard to say how many times the mythology and mystery of GOAT's backstory can be rewritten, but the new album stops dwelling on the past and presents a slightly softer psych-folk sound that is still Goat . The individual identities involved in the band's three albums remain shrouded in mystery: GOAT spokespeople claim that the group is merely an ongoing multi-generational collective of musicians from the isolated Swedish town of Korpilombolo. Located north of the Arctic Circle, the city is a crossroads between Sami natives, Scandinavian settlers and the rare intrusion of wanderers from outside. Beyond that, GOAT reveal very little. The secrecy surrounding individual members and the lack of information about Korpilombolo do little to support or refute GOAT's claims. As "unapproachable" as their story sounds, the band also describes their music mysteriously: "We often talk about how all music is world music and all other genres are old fashioned. All you can hear is the universal similarity between all music. The "Music from some old cult in northern Sweden can be the same as the music from wherever." The sound of the new album is the sonic manifestation of Nigerian Afrobeat, German Krautrock, funk and dark, hallucinatory rock. In keeping with the title "Medicine", this drug must be very strong. Regardless of the dosage and type of "medicine" - it's time to take it now. CLASSIC BLACK Trip Color VINYL!) 32.00


GODFLESH - Nero LP (avalanche -  4 Track EP with 'PURGE' single 'NERO' and 3 alternative mixes. The duo of GODFLESH, Justin K Broadrick and Ben Green, augmented by Machines, are seen as a pivotal entity in the world of 'heavy' music, impacting entire cultures of heavy music since the bands inception in 1988. It is regarded as a cultural icon, and its impact can be felt across generations of 'heavy' music, both mainstream and underground. It is credited as being one of the first bands to cross old British industrial music with down tuned primitive minimal metal, accidentally pioneering the 'industrial metal' sound, yet the band has so much more to offer than what that term displays.) 24.00


IBRAHIM HESNAWI - The Father of Libyan Reggae LP (habit - Hesnawi crafts restless grooves with evident buttressing from a reggae foundation. Highlighted across the LP is how Hesnawi essentially pioneered such an effortless synthesis between traditional Libyan music and Jamaican reggae stylings, plus the endlessly disparate funk, jazz, and disco accents which firmly situate Hesnawi in a league of his own.In many countries, reggae was a widespread fad before its popularity gradually subsided. In Libya, however, the genre remained popular since its initial introduction in the late 1970s. Reggae’s thematic throughlines like references to Pan-Africanism, liberation, and the end of oppression and exploitation resonated—and continues to resonate—forcefully amongst a Libyan audience. To this day, you will find countless bands playing variations of the genre as are there Facebook groups with predominantly Libyan members sharing old and new reggae tracks with ten-thousands of members. And no matter who you ask, chances are high that the genre’s popularity in Libya will be largely attributed to one man: Ibrahim Hesnawi.) 26.00


JESU - Pity / Piety LP (avalanche - white w/ gold - There are few artists operative at the fringes of popular music today whose sound has not been in some way or another informed or shaped by the works of Justin K Broadrick. As a founding member or sole proprietor of seminal outfits such as Godflesh, Napalm Death, Techno Animal, and Final, Broadrick has managed to help change or even define the now widespread genres of industrial and death metal, abstracted hip hop and dub, grindcore, and ambient electronics. So is also the case with his work in Jesu, who in the course of a very productive seven year existence have taken the churning pummel of his former project Godflesh, augmented it with the textural melody of 90s shoegaze rock and spawned a new sub-genre and the inevitable legions of imitators. And while imitators may abound, as the originator of this relatively newfound musical territory Jesu is still the clearly visible leader.) 26.00


THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS - Faces In The Fire LP (play it again sam - The Legendary Pink Dots are an Anglo-Dutch rock band formed in August 1980 in London and moved to Amsterdam in 1984. Their singular style is a mixture of soaring psychedelic rock and experimental industrial or ambient music. Faces in the Fire was their first production, released on Play It Again Sam in 1984, was a small concentration of sweet synthpop with experimental and sensual ramblings. The Legendary Pink Dots take us on an initiatory journey to discover new notions of musical genres. Probably one of the most interesting and creative bands on the English iconoclastic music scene.) 26.00


LISE BARKAS & LISA KÄUFFERT - Lo Becat LP (morc - Buckle up for an extraordinary sonic journey that begins the moment you drop the needle. 'Lo Becat is one long compostion, spread over two sides, and brings you drones, soft melodies and untamed rhythms, often all at once. t's simultaneously warm, heavy, and soothing. Drawing from their backgrounds in both traditional and experimental music, Lise & Lisa bring the best of these two kinds of music together in Lo Becat. The composition commences with a hushed and droning overture, exploring the harmonies that unites their two bagpipes. What follows is a sprawling reinterpretation of ‘la belle va au jardin des amours’ - a French traditional that’s usually sung, but here it gets an equally beautiful yet totally different version. All the while, Lise and Lisa converge the sounds of their bagpipes together into a sonic whirlwind. Towards the end of the composition, a small portion of a French traditional dance a ‘bourrée’, is intertwined, creating a bridge between the ecstatic trance-inducing parts in both drone and folkloric dance music. Totally unheard, and mind boggling. ‘Lo Becat’ offers a unique auditory experience that fearlessly transcends conventional musical boundaries, wandering around through sonic depths, simultaneously sounding really old and very new.) 25.00


NØ MAN - Erase LP (shove - NØ MAN formed in 2017, shortly after Majority Rule reunited to play a benefit tour with long time friends pageninetynine. The band includes all three members (Matthew Michel, Kevin Lamiell, Pat Broderick) with the addition of Maha Shami on vocals. Maha’s voice may be familiar to some as she was a guest vocalist on MR’s “Packaged Poison" back in 2002. Upon returning from the MR reunion shows, the band swiftly wrote, recorded, and released “Devils Cast Long Shadows” in 2018 as an outlet to continue creating new music together. Since then, they’ve had the opportunity to tour with some incredible bands, including Portrayal of Guilt, Darkest Hour, The Hirs Collective and more. In their follow up record “Erase,” the band solidifies their sound, blending mean chaotic punk that occasionally comes up for air with haunting, melodic breaks.() 18.00


NUCLEAR CULT - A beautiful day - to go fuck yourself. LP (autoreverse records - After various furios 7"s and an split LP - there is the debut Album by this Band from berlin / potsdam - 21 songs of brutal Fast Hardcore. Peeps Of Y, Pink Flamingos, SM70, Solid Decline etc.. In Your face Power Violence) 17.00


ONYON - Last Days on Earth LP (trouble in mind - German post-punk band Onyon shook our brains when we first heard them last year, so much so that we signed them and released their eponymous debut cassette EP (originally released in limited edition by was released on the Flennen/U-Bac labels) in June '22. "Last Days On Earth" is the band's latest and first proper album for Trouble In Mind. The bizarre, synthesizer-infused world of Onyon is confusing at first glance - the band's herky-jerky rhythms may be familiar to bands like Devo, Kleenex/Liliput or labelmates LITHICS, but Maria Untheim's confused synth flourishes that characterize the songs of the Populate the band and provide background music, keeping everything at a distance. They flirt with the primitive coolness of 80s minimal synths and the wiry madness of 60s garage, especially on tracks like the manic 'Dogman' or the first single 'Alien, Alien'. Guitarist Ilka Kellner's six-string volleys rage unpretentiously with torn and frayed edges, she rarely (if ever) solos but is never afraid to unleash a spindly lead line over Florian Schmidt's rubbery bass lines and Mario Pongratz's stuttering drum patterns that shift imperceptibly moving in and out of rhythm like drunks doing their best to appear sober. Kellner and Untheim share vocals (in English and German - sometimes in the same song), but the real magic happens when the two sing together, their voices melding in loosely harmonious gang vocals; one calm, the other slightly disturbed. The group's beguiling lyrics add to the mystique - inscrutable New World fables about egg machines, ghosts, talking worms and the urge to consume newspapers that exude a rural, old-fashioned understanding of life and the imperceptible spaces between reality and fiction that flow through a modernist sci-fi lens. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Martin Müller at the end of 2022.) 24.00


ORNETTE COLEMAN - Friends And Neighbors - Ornette Live At Prince Street LP (flying dutchman - This is an unusual album in the catalogue of Ornette Coleman, and one that passes by most critics. It is however a unique insight into the ‘free jazz’ pioneer’s way of working in the early 70s. Recorded at his large loft space in downtown New York which inspired a whole scene of experimental musicians who were locked out of playing established venues. The music is a romp showing Ornette playing trumpet as well as saxophone. His quartet which featured second saxophonist Dewey Redman alongside long term cohorts Ed Blackwell and Charlie Haden prove to be the perfect foil for this legendary set. This is the first vinyl reissue in nearly 20 years and utilises a fresh 24/96 transfer from the original production master.) 28.00


OXBOW - Love’s Holiday LP (ipecac - “I’ve always been chagrined that no one understood that our songs were love songs,” says Oxbow vocalist and lyricist Eugene Robinson, while reflecting on the band’s output from the last 35 years. Love may not have been the most obvious muse in their earlier work, but the subject has never been more apparent than on their eighth studio album, and first new music in six years, Love’s Holiday. “But now listening to a record of exclusively love songs I can see how no one saw that,” Robinson admits. “My problem is how I think about love as this affects how I feel about it, instead of the other way around.”The band again worked with Grammy-winning engineer and co-producer Joe Chiccarelli (White Stripes, My Morning Jacket). ‘Love’s Holiday’ is the third Oxbow album recorded with Chiccarelli, and the band members uniformly state that their trust in him allowed the album to venture into even more inviting directions, featuring guest appearances from Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Jellyfish), Lingua Ignota, a choir and a string quartet.) 29.00


PALMS - Palms (10th Anniversary Edition) DLP (ipecac - Finally back in print for it's 10th Anniversary, the one and only Palms album featuring Chino Moreno of Deftones / Crosses with members of the band Isis. Features two new tracks never before released physically. The vinyl has been out of print since it’s initial release in 2013 and has been going for $100+ on Discogs in recent years. With this reissue, the band has added two new tracks “Opening Titles” and “End Credits”. These songs were unearthed earlier this year and released as a digital single. This is the one-and-only time they’ll be released physically, as part of the limited 2LP gatefold release.) 42.00


RAINFOREST SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT - Ambient Black Magic 3xLP (hospital - Official reissue of the modern cult classic - this time on 3xLP with side F snake etching. Focusing on slow paced bass studies and synthetic dub textures, surrounded by collaged and looped field recording environments, RSE shrouds sound over image to target the sector of brain where fear supersedes rationality - the imagination. ‘Ambient Black Magic’ moves away from the extreme saturation of the early cassettes and the industrial environmentalism of ‘Green Graves’, and defines itself simply as contemporary ‘fear/chill-out’ dub.) 60.00


ROXANE METAYER - Éclipse des ocelles LP (morc - Repress on red Vinyl - Born in France and currently residing in Brussels, Roxane Métayer is truly a multidisciplinary artist. Learning the violin at a young age, she also developed herself as a visual artist, creating drawings, sculptures in uncommon materials as soap, and in recent years video. Her work as a musician is of an equally spontaneous nature. Though Éclipse des Ocelles is her debut album, she’s been quite active the past couple of years, in the duo’s Gebogen Ogen and Sage Alyte (with whom she released an lp on Vlek early in 2021) On her first solo lp, Roxane Métayer fully explores the sonic possibilities of the violin, field recordings and folk oriented orchestration and melodies. The violin is often taking the melodic lead, but at the same time serves a drone background, but just as much a percussion instrument. In any case: the focus is definitely on the sound itself. She’s not afraid to use effects, minimal percussion, whistles and the occasional hushed vocal to expand the sonic palette to a maximum effect, resulting in multilayered, semi-improvised and subtle meanderings, gently evolving around a tight core.) 25.00


SARAH DAVACHI - Selected Works I LP (Late -  The retrospective is an ideal way to mark 10 years of releases by composer Sarah Davachi, whose blessed run of recordings of rare, quiet intensity hold among the past decade’s definitive lowkey works. As her legion followers will surely attest, Davachi’s music is possessed of a deeply uncanny potential to mesmerise and transport the mind to other places, following extended lines of melodic and harmonic thought, rooted in early music, chamber classical, and C.20th American minimalism, to the gauziest, most seductive new horizons of timbre and psychoacoustics.As with her live shows, Davachi’s recorded music operates at, or just below, the speed of resting thought, with a life-affirming ability to sync one’s senses to hers, prompting the imagination to follow its own nose to wherever it goes. To attentively listen to her work can result in genuine, unfettered zen-like or immanent experience, untroubled by the musical clutter that can distract or more plainly signpost emotions, and give listeners a thruline to the sublime.) 25.00


SARAH DAVACHI - Selected Works II LP (Late -  The retrospective is an ideal way to mark 10 years of releases by composer Sarah Davachi, whose blessed run of recordings of rare, quiet intensity hold among the past decade’s definitive lowkey works. As her legion followers will surely attest, Davachi’s music is possessed of a deeply uncanny potential to mesmerise and transport the mind to other places, following extended lines of melodic and harmonic thought, rooted in early music, chamber classical, and C.20th American minimalism, to the gauziest, most seductive new horizons of timbre and psychoacoustics. As with her live shows, Davachi’s recorded music operates at, or just below, the speed of resting thought, with a life-affirming ability to sync one’s senses to hers, prompting the imagination to follow its own nose to wherever it goes. To attentively listen to her work can result in genuine, unfettered zen-like or immanent experience, untroubled by the musical clutter that can distract or more plainly signpost emotions, and give listeners a thruline to the sublime.) 25.00


SOCCER COMMITTEE - /Lamb LP (morc - soccer Committee has always been an consistent exercise in restraint, and offering space. And on ‘/Lamb’, this approach has been taken to perfection. The arrangements are still minimal, with plenty of time for the tones and melodies  to resonate with maximum impact. Mariska Baars still carefully selects each note, and lets the sound evolve with precise care. Her songs are definitely rooted in the folktradition, but at the same time very ‘ambient’, in the true sense of the word. And still: there’s a bit of a different approach here, compared with her earlier work: some subtle overdubs, acapella pieces and a guest appearance by dutch tapeloopwizard Wouter van Veldhoven.) 25.00


SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY JAZZ ENSEMBLE - Live At The 1971 American College Jazz Festival LP (now again — First ever commercial releases of New Orleans’ legend Alvin Batiste’s Spiritual Jazz albums created with the college band he instructed and led in Baton Rouge - Goes To Africa With Love and Live at The 1971 American College Jazz Festival Originally given away as souvenirs at Southern University, these albums contains deep Batiste originals and, on Live, are paired with excellent John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Freddie Hubbard covers. They are some of the most sought after albums of Americas 70s jazz underground. Each album contains extensive booklet detailing Batiste’s life and his time spent honing and recording this remarkable band of young students. That one of the great Spiritual Jazz albums of the era could be found in duplicate New Orleans thrift store in the 1980s goes a long way in illustrating the lack of acclaim this special and overlooked album maintained, even in a city where the Batiste name is musical royalty. The Southern University albums Alvin Batiste offered the world were novelies, not worthy of serious consideration, a moment captured, but not necessarily worthy of being collected or preserved by anyone not immediately involved in its creation. That changes now. With the release of the two Southern University albums, Now-Again continues a conversation begun with the late Kashmere Stage Band director Conrad O. Johnson and the issue of his high school students’ music as Texas Thunder Soul, and the continued belief that beautiful music created by youth - even under the most adverse circumstances - can always inspire us.) 32.00


STEPHEN O'MALLEY & ANTHONY PATERAS - Sept duos pour guitar acoustique et piano préparé DLP (shelter - Sept duos pour guitar acoustique et piano préparé is the second duo recording from Stephen O'Malley and Anthony Pateras. Their first together, Rêve Noir (2018), took an electro-acoustic scalpel to a 2011 duo concert for electric guitar and piano, using Revox and digital treatments to twist and smear gig documentation into ghostly echoes and fractured drones. Here, in contrast, the music is entirely acoustic and presented as it was performed, without overdubs. Both players’ choices of instruments are notable: this is O'Malley’s most extensive recording on steel string acoustic guitar (playing an instrument whose previous owners include Marissa Nadler and Glenn Jones) and Pateras return to the prepared piano, which he has rarely employed in recent years, after spending much of the first decade of the 21st century exploring its possibilities. Recorded during O'Malley’s residency at La Becque on Lake Geneva in the summer of 2021, from the first moments of the opening ‘déjà revé’ the music immediately establishes the distinctive landscape of chiming tones and hovering clouds of resonance explored throughout its one-hour running time. Pateras’ preparations create tolling bell-like tones alive with complex overtones, alongside which O'Malley’s open strings and natural harmonics add a sparkling clarity. While Pateras’ music often uses a densely chromatic harmonic language, these duos are remarkable for their modal simplicity. However, the interaction between the pure intervals of O'Malley’s just-intoned strings and the unstable harmonies created by the piano preparations suspends the music in an oneiric state of hazy ambiguity. Without obvious reference to tempo or meter, the music floats in what the composer Ernstalbrecht Stiebler has called a ‘bottomless sound space’, the temporal placement of events determined by bodily rhythms and the performers’ own listening to (and enjoyment of) the sounds being made.) 32.00


V/A - Greasy Mike's Chinese Takeaway LP (jazzman - When Greasy Mike returned from his travels in East Asia he brought back sixteen slices of sizzling spices in a sleazy Szechuan sauce... he may be greasy but he's certainly not greedy - all are shared with you here! No artificial flavourings required, this is raunchy rott n' roll with a rambunctious mix of sweet, sour n' saucy - tasty treats from our friends in the Orient!) 27.00


V/A - Greasy Mike Gets the Giggles LP (jazzman - Greasy Mike is back with LP number four!! Another rambunctious array of wigged out mayhem! Q: What will Greasy Mike call his grave when he dies? A: His vinyl resting place :) Don't worry, there aren't any silly jokes on this record. It's all music with a wiggle & a giggle. In fact what it really is is 14 Frantic Flippers Fraught with Frivolous Fun-Filled Frolics. All good clean fun. You'll love it!) 27.00


V/A - Guerrilla Girls! - She-Punks & Beyond 1975-2016 DLP (ace - “Guerrilla Girls!”, Ace Records’ much-anticipated first release of 2023, takes us on a thrilling ride from punk’s mid-70s origins, via the left-field post-punk groups, jangly female combos, grunge bands and vigilante Riot Grrrls of the 80s and 90s, to the she-punk bands of recent years – a five-decade alternative to the macho hegemony of rock. Feat. Patti Smith, Bikini Kill, Huggy Bear, Raincoats and many more) 35.00


V/A - Spiritual Jazz 14: PRIVATE LP (jazzman - “Private Press: A custom-made record that is produced and released by the artists themselves, or their close associates. Not to be confused with indie labels who are in the business of releasing other people's music.” While the string of legendary independent labels, from Blue Note and Prestige to Steeplechase and Impulse! loom large in our ¬Spiritual Jazz catalogue, our latest instalment concerns the brave and innovative souls who acted ‘privately’, recording and releasing their music without the aid or involvement of a bona fide record company. Making a custom, private press record on your own, without the backing, status and business acumen of an established record company to help out is no mean feat, but it never really was difficult - it’s just a matter of spending money. And there has never been a shortage of studios & pressing plants willing to take your money! Easy done if you have funding in place of course, but the tricky bit, which remains to this day, is what to do exactly with a pallet load of vinyl that’s just been delivered to your door? Herein you will find a variety of tracks from a selection of privately pressed jazz records released in the US between 1964 and 1987. One of the most interesting things I’ve found while researching this album is the variety of reasons behind coming up with a self-released record. No two stories are the same; some were done purely out of altruism to further the musical direction of students, others were trying to make it big. But one solid truth remains that binds together each and every selection here – the artists didn’t just make their music for the fun of it, they believed in their art so much that they took whatever steps they had available to them at the time to get their music heard. 2LP set with hand-printed sleeve, 180g vinyl, extensive liner notes & pics ) 35.00


WOODS - Perennial LP (woodiest - Woods are in bloom again, inviting you to disappear into a new spectrum of colors and sounds and dreams on Perennial. Formed in Brooklyn in 2004, Woods have matured into a true independent institution, above and below the root, reliably emerging every few years with new music that grows towards the latest sky. Operating the Woodsist label since 2006 and curating the beloved homespun Woodsist Festival for the musical universe they’ve built, Perennial is the sound of a band on the edge of their 20th anniversary and still finding bold new ways to sound like (and challenge) themselves. Perennial grew from a bed of guitar / keyboard / drum loops by Woods head-in-chief Jeremy Earl, a form of winter night meditation that evolved into an unexplored mode of collaborative songwriting. With Earl’s starting points, he and bandmates Jarvis Taveniere and John Andrews convened, first at Earl’s house in New York, then at Panoramic House studio in Stinson Beach, California, site of sessions for 2020’s Strange To Explain. With a view of the sparkling Pacific and tape rolling, they began to build, jamming over the loops, switching instruments, and developing a few dozen building blocks. The album’s resulting eleven songs, four of them instrumental, are in the classic Woods mode—shimmering, familiar, fractionally unsettling—but with the half-invisible infinity boxes of Earl’s loops burbling beneath each like a mysterious underground source. From source to seed to bloom, each loop unfolds into something unpredictable, from the jeweled pop of the aching ‘Little Black Flowers’ to the ecstatic starlit freak-beat of ‘Another Side.’ They are blossomings both far-out and comforting, like the Mellotronic cloud-hopping of ‘Between the Past,’ or sometimes just plain comforting, like the widescreen snowglobe fantasia of the instrumental ‘White Winter Melody,’ touched by Connor Gallaher’s pedal steel. (Jesse Jarnow)) 27.00





BRAK - dopamine TAPE (adagio830 - Brak is a new Band from Berlin feat. peeps of Urin and other bands - 5 songs of blistering noisy no-wavy punk.. (plus 1 bonus track on Tape)) 7.00





TINE FETZ - Places 2024 CALENDAR (A 2024 calendar with 12 black and white drawings in A3. It's a calendar about places in Berlin that stand out because of their subcultural, historical or architectural value. Each illustration comes with a short text about the place and its history in German.) 25.00





DEATH - Scream Bloody Gore Longsleeve (Plastic Head - Attention: Sizes are smaller than usual! White UltraKult longsleeve with front, back and sleeve print. In M/L/XL) 27.00