Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 02 Nov 2023

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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 02 Nov 2023

Hi. Welcome to another newsletter for November - a bunch of killer stuff arrived. Like the GLEN E. FRIEDMAN - Just a Minor Threat: Photographs of Glen E. Friedman BOOK, HAMMERED HULLS - Careening LP restock & lots of other Dischord titles, THE WORLD IS A VAMPIRE - Trenchsewer b/w Heartshorn LP restock, LE ALMEIDA - Aulas LP, LAWRENCE ENGLISH & LEA BERTUCCI - Chthonic LP, Graf Orlock restock, BEDROOM EYES - Turned Away LP, BERKE CAN ÖZCAN feat. ARVE HENRIKSEN & JONAH PARZEN JOHNSON - Twin Rocks LP, new VANNA INGET LP, SHOTMAKER BOXSET, ANTI-GOD HAND - Blight Year LP, MYRIAM GENDRON - Not So Deep As A Well LP re issue, NERVOUS GENDER - Music From Hell LP, THE SERFS - Half Beaten By Dogs LP restock, Native Nod, Karate and other Numero Restocks, BEIRUT - Hadsel LPthe new SCREAM LP, the amazing ORUA - Íngreme LP, LAS MORDIDAS - Ex-Voto LP restock, 


Also a bunch of new books / restocks from WOLKE arrived like the GUILLAUME BELHOMME - Eric Dolphy Biographical sketches BOOK, restock of the fantastic FMP BOOK is also back in stock in English or German.


Some new DISCREET releases are also en route like the Fysisk Fostran LP and the LIVSKRAFT LP and the new Tara Clerkin Trio LP and the new RAT COLUMNS LP are on its way. 


Also we are down the last ADAGIO830 coffee mugs (thank you!!) - so maybe get one now before the they are gone.


And we also added ( adding) a few more second hand LPs and 7“s to our discogs


Thank you as usual


Til then thank you for all your orders & support.


Robert & Norman






GRAF ORLOCK - End Credits 7“ (vitriol - In explaining End Credits, the band says: “This record specifically focuses on the apocalypse. Given it will be the last release, it looks like a script that has caught on fire. Songs/films covered in this are Snowpiercer, Children Of Men, Mad Max, Dredd, and Waterworld. Although there seems like a proliferation of post-apocalypse or dystopian films in light of the last couple of years, all of these songs/films/lyrics predate COVID. On top of that, in the style of how the songs/lyrics are put together, typical Jason and Kyle are representing different characters in any given script, transferred into song lyrics.”) 12.00


RITES OF SRPING - all through life 7“ (dischord - Also repressed - a classic and must have. 4 sonsg of real passion) 8.00


SWEAT / NEGATIVE BLAST - split 7“ (vitriol - The key to any great split EP is that both bands share the same kernel of inspiration, which they have then evolved into something not entirely disconnected, but certainly recognisably distinctive. And that is exactly what Sweat and Negative Blast deliver here.  Both bands deal in swaggering rock’n’roll infused hardcore, brimming with garage punk energy and classic 1970s rock finessing.  But whereas Sweat then infuse this rollicking blend with infectious melodic punk, Negative Blast choose to layer it with distorted noise rock.  The musicianship on display is as tight as you would expect, bearing in mind the two band’s pedigrees – Sweat (Ghostlimb, Graf Orlock, Daisy Chain), Negative Blast (Lewd Acts, Hour of the Wolf, Rocket From The Crypt) – and the loose suppleness that both bring to the table ensures that the entire EP fizzes with raucous vitality.) 10.00


SWEAT - s/t 7“ (vitriol - Sweat are the latest band from Graf Orlock/Ghostlimb/Dangers axe wielder Justin Smith, this time taking many cues from the school of riffing that is headed by John Reis, maintaining many of the hardcore and punk roots the members grew up with. The band is rounded out by Letlive and Dangers drummer Anthony, and vocal duties from Tuna, possibly best known for her work on the wrestling mat and TMZ. Limited edition of 497 copies.) 8.00


TEEN IDLES 7“ (dischord - This record consists of songs taken from practice tapes and early demos recorded from late 1979 to mid-1980. It has two tracks that the Teen Idles later re-recorded for their 7", "Minor Disturbance," as well as 3 that are previously unreleased. A must have for any true fan of harDCore.) 8.00





ANTI-GOD HAND - Blight Year LP (American Dream - “If anything, it’s an optimistic record,” says Vancouver musician Will Ballantyne on Blight Year, “but there's struggle, too.” Ballantyne wrote the album—his second as Anti-God Hand—in 2021, on the heels of a hyper-prolific period for the project and a difficult summer in which he came face-to-face with the climate crisis as personal struggles loomed overhead. "I had just finished a season working in the bush when I wrote the album," Ballantyne says, "after a very brutal summer climate-wise, bear-wise, money-wise. We were doing these insane climbs every day on super steep, unstable slopes in 40-degree-C heat for sixty dollars each. For several days British Columbia was the hottest place on earth. A town I sometimes worked in burned to the ground. I was in a really bad place personally and financially, and everything seemed totally destroyed and forlorn." Blight Year emerged from this period like a gemstone from coal. Ballantyne is an in-demand performer, and has developed his prodigal compositions as writer (writing and performing as City) and interpreter (performing with Chinese endurance performance art collective TRANCE). Where past A-GH releases blended live and synthetic elements, on Blight Year, Ballantyne enlisted engineer Colin Marston (Krallice, Indricothere, Gorguts, etc.) and powerhouse drummer Greg Fox (Liturgy, Ben Frost, Colin Stetson) to provide an added human element. The result is an ideological and sonic crystallization that pushes Anti-God Hand's cosmic black metal into something still more emphatic, distinctive, dynamic.) 28.00


ASSIKO GOLDEN BAND DE GRAND YOFF - Magg Tekki LP (mississppi - Assiko Golden Band de Grand Yoff is the sprawling drum collective tearing up Dakar's nightlife scene. Senegalese poet Djiby Ly (Wau Wau Collectif) is backed by fourteen different percussive instruments plus horns, winds, balafon, and the occasional accordion, combining Count Ossie's spiritually elevated polyrhythms with Fela Kuti's orchestra and Tony Allen's groove. Based in the impoverished neighborhood of Grand Yoff and operating as a mutual aid group for the larger community, the band builds its songs on ancient rhythms passed on from Senegal, Cameroon and the infamous Gorée Island. In both Wolof and French, Djiby preaches a message of uplift and cooperation rooted in the Sufi teachings of the Mouride Brotherhood, as well as Christianity and animist religions. "Senegal, my life my joy" is the call and response chanted over cascading, infinitely layered drum patterns on opener "La Musique Du Coeur." "We build our own country" the band proclaims in Wolof on "Xarritt." For twenty years and across three generations of band members, Assiko have played raucous all-night jams at weddings, secret parties, and political rallies. Grainy cellphone footage of their live shows have spread online. But this is their first album, the result of a collaboration with Swedish musician and archivist Karl-Jonas Winqvist (Sing A Song Fighter), who met the band in Dakar in 2018 and facilitated recording sessions and overdubs via Whatsapp (no small feat with so many musicians). This is vital, exciting and innovative music, alive with energy and purpose, a band rooted in a very specific community but speaking to the world.) 


BEDROOM EYES - Turned Away LP (a la cart - Bedroom Eyes is the New Hampshire-based quartet of RJ Murphy, Adam Meran, Danny Boyd and Rob Skelly. With a sound evoking the reverb-soaked jangle of Creation Records and the shimmering noise-rock of late 80s Slumberland gems, Bedroom Eyes have been steadily releasing an impressive output since their 2012 debut, What Are You Wrong With. Following Honeysuckle (2015) and Nerves (2019) Bedroom Eyes' skillful hybrid of articulate guitars and squealing feedback culminates here with their latest full-length Turned Away, releasing fall 2023 on à La Carte Records. Having formed in 2010 by Murphy and Meran, the pair met in the southern New Hampshire DIY/hardcore punk scene, both sharing a kindred desire to explore songwriting in the vein of noise rock, shoegaze, and 90s alternative. After recruiting drummer Rob Skelly and guitarist Mike Spires for their debut, Bedroom Eyes quickly amassed a following in the New England underground scene, playing alongside contemporaries Infinity Girl, Young Adults, and Soccer Mom. Following Mike Spires' leave, Boston-area bassist Danny Boyd then stepped-in for the band's sophomore album Honeysuckle. Under this lineup, the band has opened for acts such as The Appleseed Cast, No Joy, Young Prisms, and Slow Crush.) 27.00


BEIRUT - Hadsel LP (Hadsel is the first new full - length record since Beirut’s 2019 release, Gallipoli, and the first on Zach Condon’s own label , Pompeii Records. Recorded in the Norwegian island of Hadsel shortly after a physical and mental break forced Condon to cancel his 2019 tour, Condon was looking for a place to recover after being left in a state of shock and self-doubt. Working in isolation, Condon explains, “I was lost in a trance, stumbling blindly through my own mental collapse that I had been pushing aside since I was a teenager. It came and rang me like a bell. I was left agonising many things past and present while the beauty of the nature, the northern lights and fearsome storms played an awesome show around me. The few hours of light would expose the unfathomable be auty of the mountains and the fjords, and the hours - long twilights would fill me with subdued excitement. I’d like to believe that scenery is somehow present in the music. The resulting is a collection of songs beautifully reflecting that vulnerability, sense of self-determination and belief that after collapse, one can learn to manage on their own again.) 28.00


BERKE CAN ÖZCAN feat. ARVE HENRIKSEN & JONAH PARZEN JOHNSON - Twin Rocks LP (Omni - Istanbul born performing artist, producer, composer and instrument builder Berke Can Özcan, in collaboration with critically acclaimed Norwegian trumpet mastermind Arve Henriksen and Brooklyn-based baritone saxophonist Jonah Parzen-Johnson, takes you on a captivating journey through the depths of nature on the Lycian Way, immersing the listener in a mesmerizing soundscape that echoes the wonder and mystery of the trail leading to the ancient Lycia. As Özcan ventures deeper into uncharted territory, he stumbles upon a sight that would spark an artistic flame - the Twin Rocks.This collaboration weaves together a tapestry of sonic explorations that capture the essence of Özcan's journey. The ambient-jazz album's delicate balance between organic sounds and electronic manipulation creates a dreamlike atmosphere that transports the listener to the rugged terrain of the Lycian Way. Mastered by three time Grammy winner Dave Darlington, each track on this ethereal album mirrors a different aspect of the journey to the Twin Rocks, meticulously composed by Ozcan, Parzen-Johnson and Henriksen with each section of the trail in mind.) 30.00


CAT POWER - Sings Bob Dylan: The 1966 Royal Albert Hall... DLP (domino - Released by Domino Records, Sings Bob Dylan: The 1966 Royal Albert Hall... is an exceptional album by Cat Power that pays tribute to the legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. This remarkable collection features live recordings from Dylan's historic concert at the Royal Albert Hall in 1966, beautifully interpreted and performed by Cat Power. With her soulful and captivating voice, Cat Power brings a unique and heartfelt touch to these iconic songs. Her interpretations of Dylan's classics such as "Just Like a Woman," "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue," and "Like a Rolling Stone" are both faithful to the original versions while adding her own personal flair. The album captures the raw energy and intensity of Dylan's performance at the Royal Albert Hall, showcasing Cat Power's incredible talent as she effortlessly navigates through these timeless tracks. Each song is delivered with passion and emotion, creating a powerful connection between the listener and the music.) 34.00


CHLORINE  Wait For The Light LP (IFB - Chlorine is the home recording project of Joey Elsinore from Lexington KY.  After over a dozen cassette and CD releases this is his first LP.  This is amazing loner synth - sparse yet completely enveloping, haunting yet bright and uplifting.  Intersperse jazzy, psychy, and folk influences with dreamy synth work and varied live instrumentation and it all has this hypnotic, ritualistic vibe that makes you want to roll your eyes back, lay down, and just take it all in.  Bring the dreariness of Joy Division’s Closer with the grace of the Chameleons and you’re somewhere near this. Features a large, art-filled zine style insert and completely hand made jackets.) 20.00


CORM - Audio Flame kit LP (expert work - The first and only full-length from Washington, D.C.'s Corm, which featured John Davis of Q and Not U. This record was originally released as a split between Dischord and Shute Records, but was reissued on CD by Polyvinyl. In 2023, Expert Work Records, and American Handstand released Audio Flame Kit for the first time on vinyl. Limited to 300 copies on opaque red vinyl, housed in a deluxe gatefold.) 27.00


GRAIN - We'll Hide Away: Complete Recordings 1993-1995 LP (Solid Brass -OPAQUE GRAY VINYL - „We’ll Hide Away" is a complete discography of Cleveland Ohio’s unsung hardcore heroes. An arguably stellar example of the sound of mid 90s post-hardcore in the Midwest, Grain typified the sound of Rust Belt youth. With slow builds, fast/slow time signatures, dissonant guitar work with melodic, catchy undercurrents, and just enough breakdowns to keep the hardcore purists happy, these recordings are simultaneously angry, urgent and beautiful ) 35.00


LAS MORDIDAS - Ex-Voto LP (LG - Las Mordidas were a short-lived Washington DC band that existed from Summer 1993 through Spring 1994. The band was comprised of four well-known veterans from the DC punk community: Chris Thomson (Circus Lupus / Monorchid / Ignition), Dug E. Bird (Beefeater / All-Scars / Fidelity Jones), Jon K. (Rain / Chrisbald 96 ), and Jerry Busher (Fugazi / All- Scars / Fidelity Jones). The Chris Thomson-fronted bands Circus Lupus and Monorchid that bookended Las Mordidas have received much more exposure, but Las Mordidas were no less audacious and uncategorizable. The familiar DC rhythm section of Bird and Busher here are augmented by the unhinged guitar talent of the relatively obscure Jon K. (Kirschten, younger brother of musician Chris “Bald” Kirschten). Jon was a revered, integral character in the DC scene and played in many well-known bands, yet he appeared on scant few recordings. To fans of the late ’80s and early ’90s DC scene, this record is an artifact that it arrives out of the blue and demands an ear. A Frankenstein collaboration that both defies and embodies the DC sound of the era.) 27.00


LAWRENCE ENGLISH & LEA BERTUCCI - Chthonic LP (american dreams - Acclaimed experimentalists Lawrence English (AUS) and Lea Bertucci (NYC) travel the world on Chthonic, a shape-shifting ambient collaboration. The pair have impressive resumes. In the last five years alone, English has collaborated with William Basinski, Loscii and Merzbow, and Bertucci has, over a decade-plus, released numerous wide-ranging, innovative releases and presented her music at prestigious museums around the world (MOMA, Walker Museum, ReWire, Unsound). Here they branch out into new approaches (trans-hemispheric collaboration) and instruments (Bertucci plays cello, flute, violin and lap steel). The results are deeply compelling and rooted in vastness of geological scale and time. It’s all here – the emotion, the scale, the density, the fear, the wonder, the dirt. Chthonic is for everyone, but if you’re a head, you already know this is a special release. Get in quick while there’s enough wax to go around.) 27.00


LE ALMEIDA - Aulas LP (IFB - Brasil’s Le Almeida (Ex-BUILT TO SPILL) teaches yet another masterclass in 90’s style indie perfection.  Fans of Built to Spill and Guided By Voices will find comfort here, but Le throws in hints of shoegaze, and a hazy psychedelic vibe along with his incredible vocal work.  Each song is steeped in its own mood, ranging from stoned out and psychy, to playful and punk-influenced, to just pure indie riff bliss.  Le is a true wizard of the genre - perfectly catchy, yet perfectly raw and unrefined.  Check his other band Orua as well.) 20.00


MYRIAM GENDRON - Not So Deep As A Well LP (basin - Equal parts soft and sorrowful, Myriam Gendron’s stunning Not So Deep As A Well LP became something of a sleeper hit upon its initial release back in 2014. Her debut album shone a warm lamp-light glow upon a curious and captivating new voice in the Quebecois folk world. Nearly ten years on from its release in her native Canada and America, Not So Deep As A Well gets a European release for the first time, with a new pressing on the Basin Rock label (Julie Byrne, Aoife Nessa Frances, Trevor Beales, Juni Habel) which features two tracks not included on the original release - ‘Bric-à-brac’ and ‘The Small Hours’ - both written and recorded in the early days of 2014. Recorded alone in her apartment, with no knowledge of sound engineering, it could almost be a lost artefact, a dust-lined document of a forgotten time and place. Taking the poems of Dorothy Parker, whose work Gendron stumbled upon by chance in a Montreal bookstore, she imbues the words with a graceful, gentle expression, a lingering sense of sorrow always present.) 27.00


THE NECKS - Travel DLP (northern spy - Travel, the 19th studio album by Australian improvisational trio The Necks, documents their recent practice of starting each day in the studio with a 20-minute trio improvisation. The recordings offer some of their most ecstatic and captivating music cut to tape. As bassist Lloyd Swanton puts it: “It’s a really nice communal activity to bring us together in focus each day, and some lovely music has resulted from it.” Although a straight “live” improvisation has never been recorded in the studio by the band, these tracks (save for some light overdubs/post-production) feel closest to what they’ve been doing live for more than 30 years now. In 2017 Stephen O’Malley’s Ideologic Organ label released the band’s lauded Unfold, which first offered up this uncharacteristic studio work: four sub-20-minute pieces - instead of the typical 60+ minute arc for which the band is known - along with an obfuscated track list which leaves play order to the listener’s hand. The album quickly sold out, and persists as a treasure in collections or as a high-priced ‘Want’ on Discogs. Travel marks a return to this double-LP format, offered in a beautiful gatefold package that features photography by Traianos Pakioufakis and impeccable mastering by Doug Henderson.) 37.00


NERVOUS GENDER - Music From Hell LP (dark entries - Gatefold sleeve w/ booklet, poster Nervous Gender’s legendary synthpunk LP Music From Hell burbles up from infernal depths to resurface on Dark Entries. Confrontational, unhinged, and unabashedly queer, Music from Hell is an unholy grail for fans of the strangest underbellies of post-punk, minimal synth, and early industrial music, and is presented here newly remastered and on expanded double LP. Nervous Gender (de)formed in LA in 1978 at the hands of Phranc, Gerardo Velaquez, Edward Stapleton, and Michael Ochoa. Phranc, the androgynous embodiment of the band’s name, left in 1980. Following her departure, a wide cast of LA freaks would find themselves drawn into the band’s orbit, including Alice Bag of the Bags, Paul Roessler of the Screamers, the Germs’ Don Bolles, and an 8-year old drummer named Sven Pfeiffer. In 1980, Nervous Gender appeared on the seminal Live at Target compilation alongside Factrix, uns, and Flipper. With the band’s notoriety cemented, Music from Hell followed in 1981 on Subterranean Records (as no LA label would touch this material). Side A, dubbed “Martyr Complex”, presents a more punk-forward sound with live drum salvos and slabs of aggressive synth. These twitchy, unsettling shockers ooze with the kind of snotty misanthropy that will endear them to fans of the Screamers or Crass.
Side B, known as “Beelzebub Youth”, is a live performance the band labeled "an electronic bruto-canto dissertation on the banality of spiritual transcendence." Mutant melodies cede way to synthesized clangs, whirs, bleeps, manipulated tapes, and howls of despair. In addition to all the material from the original LP, we’re treated to a full disc of the band’s demos, the material from the Live at Target compilation, and early live recordings. Included are unrecognizable covers of Carly Simon and Lou Reed, and the Sex Pistols that are so despairingly skewed they fall into the void. This reissue of Music From Hell includes a 36 page lyric booklet, foldout poster, and gatefold sleeve with photos, flyers, and news-clippings designed by Eloise Leigh. Tackling taboo issues like sexual kinks, mental illness, drug use, and childhood molestation, Music From Hell is still surprising – even shocking - over 40 years after the album’s release. Nervous Gender stand as one of the most genuinely anti-establishment outfits in underground music, a colossal fuck you to social norms from religious strictures to gender essentialism.) 30.00


ORUA - Íngreme LP (ifb - Brazil's Orua returns with another completely engaging LP. Take a base of raw '90s indie rock sensibility ala Built to Spill or Guided by Voices, then add all the free jazz and psychedelic haze you can. There's a joyful and creative use of all kinds of different sounds featuring home made electronics. There's even a straight up funk banger on here. Each song is its own creative wormhole of hypnotic bliss. Perfect stoned sunny day vibes. Check out Lê Almeida's solo records as well.) 20.00


SCREAM - DC Special LP (dischord - Scream invited their extensive music community to help create a unique project that weaves the history of music in Washington DC into the story of the band. Recorded by Don Zientara just weeks before his studio was evicted from its longtime location, the record is rich with both the sounds of Inner Ear and those of friends and musicians who influenced Scream and who shaped DC music over the past six decades. DC Special embodies the same sense of community and politics that inspired Scream from the start and is a truly special collection of new music that speaks to the present and also tells the story of DC music, Scream, and the influences that shaped them. Special Guests on the record include: Mark Cisneros, Joe Lally, Derrick Decker, Bob Berberich, Clint Walsh, Dave Grohl, Onam Emmett, John Goetchius, Jerry Busher, Amy Pickering, Ian MacKaye, Amanda MacKaye, Brian Baker, Randy Austin, Martha Hull, Michael Reidy, Nate Bergman, Bobby Madden. The LP consists of 12 tracks. 6 of the 18 tracks are included as a download code) 25.00


SHOTMAKER - a moment in time: 1993-1996 3xLP BOXSET  (solid brass - During their relatively short time together SHOTMAKER harnessed the collective creativity of the Canadian DIY community to make something special happen. The band is widely recognized for influencing the direction of emo and post-hardcore music. They wrote and recorded two 7”s, two LPs, a split LP (with Washington, D.C., based Maximillian Colby) and numerous songs for compilations and other split records. The band thrived on playing live shows and completed three coast-to-coast North American tours in addition to many smaller tours. They regularly shared the stage with bands like Policy of 3, Los Crudos, Unwound, Rorschach, Cap’n Jazz, Indian Summer, Rye Coalition, Modest Mouse, Propagandhi, Hoover, Clikatat Ikatowi, Blonde Redhead, and Fugazi. "a moment in time: 1993-1996" is a band-curated, 33 track, 3xLP box set on transparent blue, green, and purple vinyl in a black, debossed, anti-scratch slipcase. It includes a 12 page booklet with never before seen images from Canadian photographer Shawn Scallen who chronicled much of the band's history. All material mastered for vinyl by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, OR.) 70.00


USTAD ZIA MOHIUDDIN DAGAR - Vrindavan 1982 LP (black truffle - A previously unheard performance by rudra veena master Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar, recorded in the North Indian city of Vrindavan at the Druhpad Samaroh festival in 1982. Z.M. Dagar was a nineteenth-generation descendant of the Dagar family of musicians, famed for their profoundly meditative approach to the tradition of Hindustani court music. Perhaps the most revered members of the family were the brothers Mohinuddin and Aminuddin Dagar, who played a key role in reawakening interest in dhrupad in the mid-20th century. The great exponents of the tradition from whom Z.M. Dagar descended were all singers, and dhrupad is essentially vocal music. However, as Z.M. Dagar explained, the veena family of instruments plays an important role in the education and practice of dhrupad singers, especially as an aid to mastering the fine microtonal nuances of pitch essential to the genre. Introduced as a child by his father to the rudra veena, a large and low-pitched veena amplified by two enormous gourds, Z.M. Dagar became the first modern dhrupad musician to perform with it as an instrumental soloist, giving his first recital at the age of 16. Devoted to the instrument throughout his life, he made innovations to its design and materials, as well as introducing novel techniques (such as playing without the use of the traditional wire plectrum, resulting in the remarkable warmth of his tone). In the great Dagar family tradition, his approach to the various ragas that make up the dhrupad repertoire was stately, slow, and considered, with a great emphasis on the alap, the heavily improvised exposition section. True to form, in this recording of Dagar performing the night raga Yaman Kalyan, the alap section stretches out to more than forty minutes of slow-motion bliss, a frozen tanpura drone hovering above Dagar’s gracefully bent notes and elegantly twisting phrases. In the alap’s first half, Dagar’s figures are so intently focused on the lower reaches of the rudra veena’s range that they register more as shudders and moans than melodic patterns. As the performance continues, he slowly climbs in pitch, though continuing with the same intent focus on the articulation of single notes and subtle microtonal variations. This leads to the jod section of the performance, which, though still accompanied only by the tanpura, gradually takes on a more rhythmic character. Developing almost imperceptibly over the course of nearly thirty minutes, the jod moves from the stillness of the opening alap to a rapid pulse that announces the closing section of the piece, where Dagar is joined by Shrikant Mishra on the pakhawaj (a double headed hand drum). Where many performers use the final section of the raga as an exercise in unrestrained virtuosity, Dagar and Mishra subtly weave a web of finely shifting accents and hypnotic melodic variations, bringing the recording to a fitting conclusion while remaining within the meditative space occupied by the performance as a whole. Adorned with beautiful archival photographs of Dagar taken by Swedish percussion legend Bengt Berger and accompanied by detailed notes from Bradford Bailey, Vrindavan 1982 is a stunning document of music unmatched in its patient focus and mysterious emotional depth.) 36.00


VANNA INGET - True Romance LP (Gaphals - Behold the eagerly anticipated fourth and final album from Vånna Inget. "True Romance" will not only mark their swansong, this could also stand as the very pinnacle of the band's discography. Vånna Inget has matured and ventured further into a pop-infused soundscape on this record. A pop sensibility intertwined with heartfelt lyricism and an ambiance that strikes the perfect chord. This musical direction complements them, exuding an epic aura and a hint of magnificence. The album unveils a more serene, dreamy, and romantic facet of the band, beloved by their multitude of fans.) 25.00


THE WORLD IS A VAMPIRE - Trenchsewer b/w Heartshorn LP (fib - New Orleans' The World is a Vampire delivers a serving of unsettled noisy goth punk. Add doses of 90's grunge and goth influence but create something truly nightmarish with it as they layer on bouts of vicious hardcore and moments of complete dementia. The sound is blown up as if played through mud, with huge distortion and the maniacal, shrieking, spectral howls of Bryan from Thou. This is a masterful melding of genres feat. KC from Thou/Treadles, Clayton of Heat Dust, Scott from Secret Passage, Michael from Silver Dodling, and Rachel of Bitchface. Absolutely fantastic ugly punk for these times.) 20.00





REMAIN SANE - s/t TAPE (patient boy - Remain Sane is a straight edge project of two friends from different countries, who are united by their love for 90s hard core. And that's why they decided to start a band together, which will be based on these roots, but at the same time will be anchored in the present. The result is these four tracks.) 8.00





GLEN E. FRIEDMAN - Just a Minor Threat: Photographs of Glen E. Friedman BOOK (This collection includes Glen E. Friedman’s most iconic images of Minor Threat, as well as many never-before-seen photographs.The book has writing by Jello Biafra, Alec MacKaye, Guy Picciotto, Zack de la Rocha, Jamie Shanahan, and Ian F. Svenonius. Friedman’s own introduction explains how he initially met the band, and the lifelong friendships that grew from there.) 38.00


GUILLAUME BELHOMME - Eric Dolphy Biographical sketches BOOK (wolke - Some think Eric Dolphy was an otherworldly apparition. His stellar career lasted little more than 5 years. He was one of the most important pioneers of the jazz avant-garde of the 1960s. As a multi-instrumentalist, Dolphy played flute, bass clarinet, alto saxophone and clarinet. He also composed and arranged. His brilliant solos in performances with the Mingus Band, among others, are milestones in jazz and music history. Guillaume Belhomme traces his biography in sketches. “For having been an innovator, Eric Dolphy became an original. The depth of his message then caught up with him. At the source he created, a lineage of individual musicians that has not yet faded out of sight has continuously drawn, searching, perhaps, for ways to cross to the other side, beyond the obvious and the easy.” Guillaume Belhomme - “Finally we have an English translation of Guillaume Belhomme’s wonderful biography of Eric Dolphy. I can read just enough French to know that it is a heart-felt homage to the great man. This translation will make a fuller appreciation possible.”
Evan Parker) 24.00


HARALD KISIEDU & GEORGE E. LEWIS - Composing While Black. Afrodiasporische Neue Musik Heute Afrodiasporic New Music Today BOOK (wolke - English / German - Composing While Black eröffnet einzigartige neue Perspektiven auf zeitgenössische afrodiasporische Komponist:innen, die zwischen 1960 und heute aktiv waren bzw. sind, ein Zeitraum, der von der Forschung, der Programmgestaltung von Konzerten und journalistischen Darstellungen vor allem in Europa bisher weitgehend ignoriert wurde. Diese interdisziplinäre Aufsatzsammlung befasst sich mit Oper, Orchester-, Kammer-, Instrumental- und elektroakustischer Musik sowie mit Klangkunst, Konzeptkunst und digitalen Intermedien und zeigt die afrodiasporische Neue Musik als einen interkulturellen, generationenübergreifenden Raum der Innovation, der neue Themen, Geschichten und Identitäten bietet. Composing While Black presents unique new perspectives on Afrodiasporic contemporary composers active between 1960 and the present, a period that academic inquiry, concert programming, and journalistic accounts have largely ignored up to now, particularly in Europe. This interdisciplinary essay collection engages with opera, orchestral, chamber, instrumental, and electroacoustic music, as well as sound art, conceptual art, and digital intermedia, revealing Afrodiasporic new music as an intercultural, multigenerational space of innovation that offers new subjects, histories, and identities.)