Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 02 Mai 2024

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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 02 Mai 2024

Hi, welcome to another newsletter for may - a couple cool records arrived the THE CAT'S MIAOW - Skipping Stones: The Cassette Years ‘92-’93 DLP, BRANNTEN SCHNÜRE - Aprilnacht LP, LEWSBERG - Out And About LP restock, ANGELYNE - Driven To Fantasy LP, M.B. - Regel LP, V/A - Venus Rising From The Sea LP, AMALIE DAHL'S DAFNIE -  Står Op Med Solen LP, CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE - Near Marineland LP re issue, SAVAK / CONTRACTIONS - Split LP, SAVAK - Flavors Of Paradise LP, BIRDS IN ROW restocks, JESU & GODFLESH restocks, DARKTHRONE restocks and DARKTHRONE - It Beckons Us All....... LP, BRANDTSON restocks, DYSTOPIA restocks, CORRUPTED - Felicific Algorithm / Mushikeras CD, SLIMELORD restock, BLOOD CEREMONY - The Old Ways Remain LP, RUIN LUST - Dissimulant LP, OLD TOWER restocks and the OLD TOWER - Draconic Synthesis LP, RAINFOREST SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT - Killer Whale Atmospheres DLP, V/A - Ministry of Excess TAPE, ARAB STRAP - I'm totally fine with it 👍 don't give a fuck anymore 👍 LP, SWANS the seer TLP restock, GOLDBLUM - Tears In Limbo LP, UNIVERSAL ORDER OF ARMAGEDDON - Universal Order of Armageddon DLP and much more —- 


On May 17th we have another Vernissage with live music by Nein Rodere. Don’t miss out.


We also added (adding) a few more second hand LPs and 7“s to our discogs


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AMALIE DAHL'S DAFNIE -  Står Op Med Solen LP (‘Står op med solen’ (Rising with the sun) is the second album by Amalie Dahl’s Dafnie. With this album, the band continues the exploration of their collective sound. We hear influences from both old school free jazz, and contemporary Scandinavian jazz like Fire! Orchestra and Christian Wallumrød Ensemble, as well as clear connection to the Trondheim milieu, where the group was founded in 2020. The energetic and expressive band explores their more subtle side with this record. ‘Står op med solen’ is an album longing for humans to be one with nature. The music comments on the world’s ultra-capitalistic power structures of today. The band navigates like one organism through parts of organic free jazz, strict structures and composed cells. They start out where their first record ended, in the familiar free jazz sound with riffs and melodies, and take us safely on their onward journey. Amalie Dahl’s Dafnie brings together five well-known names from the Norwegian jazz scene, also known from other projects like Kongle Trio, Bliss Quintet, I like to sleep, Veslemøy Narvesen, Galumphing Duo, Treen and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, among others. ) 27.00


ANGELYNE - Driven To Fantasy LP (dark entries - PINK VINYL. LA goddess Angelyne’s neon-draped sophomore LP Driven to Fantasy steers its way to Dark Entries as part of the ongoing celebration of our 15th anniversary! "Who is Angelyne? Angelyne is a voluptuous, blonde, self-made star who drives a hot pink Corvette; wears her clothes short and tight, and is influenced by Barbie and Marilyn Monroe.” In 1984, a series of billboards popped up in the LA area featuring the lone word “Angelyne” along with a mysterious woman posing provocatively. The campaign created an instant stir, making her one of the first icons who was "famous for being famous", and it led to the recording of her second solo LP. Released in 1986, Driven to Fantasy features 8 tracks of bubblegum-hued new wave with a distinctly LA flavor. On sassy titles like “Sex Goddess”, “Skin Tight”, and “Flirt”, Angelyne fused the glam and grit of southern Californian punk with flashy synth-pop style. This will be the first time that this cult record will be in print since its original release, and comes on pink Corvette-colored vinyl with a 2-sided poster featuring lyrics. Angelyne is more than just a billboard or a rock star; she’s been an actress, a visual artist, and even a political candidate. Celebrate a true Hollywood legend with this historic reissue. ) 28.00


ANN YOUNG & YUJI OHNO TRIO - As Well Be Spring LP (American club singer Anne Young’s first album recorded when she came to Japan in 1975. Backed by a trio of Yuji Ohno, Yoshio Ikeda and Yasuyoshi Okayama. It is a masterpiece that has been sought after for a long time both in Japan and overseas, with the recording of the absolute masterpiece “Speak Low”, which is glossy and full of dynamism. Eyes and eyes tend to be attracted to the same song, but this work has an emotional singing such as the light and neat “Old Devil Moon”, the graceful and beautiful “Autumn In New York”, and the earnest appeal “Don’t Explain”. The charm of young people is packed. And the arrangement and performance that draws out and enhances its charm to the fullest is also excellent. This work is also attracting attention as one of Yuji Ohno’s valuable piano trio works.) 23.00


ARAB STRAP - I'm totally fine with it 👍 don't give a fuck anymore 👍 LP (rock action. Following their critically-acclaimed UK Top 20 album “As Days Get Dark”, Arab Strap return with their 2nd long player for Mogwai’s Rock Action Records with the excellent titled “I’m totally fine with it don’t give a fuck anymore ”. Almost 28 years after their debut, Arab Strap have never sounded more essential, and this new record is a fierce testament to their laser focus on wider horizons. Written and performed exclusively by Malcolm Middleton & Aidan Moffat, and finessed with longtime collaborator Paul Savage, the album furthers the band’s transformation from swooning, slow-core romantics to raging, alt-pop chroniclers. ) 28.00


BLOOD CEREMONY - The Old Ways Remain LP (POD GREEN VINYL. - It’s been a long time coming – but has it been worth the wait? F*ck yes, is the simple answer. Blood Ceremony have delivered to esoteric goods on a gigantic scale, which is arguably their finest release to date.) 27.00


BRANNTEN SCHNÜRE - Aprilnacht LP (Aguirre - Originally released on tape by SicSic in 2014, Aprilnacht commemorates a decade of music from Brannten Schnüre and marked the spring in a tetralogy of albums about the four seasons when it came out. Back then the Würzburg-based project consisted solely of Christian Schoppik, who later welcomed Katie Rich to take over the vocals. He used to perform as Agnes Beil, but dropped the name when, while making this album realized his music was becoming "much gentler and more fragile". Aprilnacht already captured the particular musical ideas that Schoppik would thoroughly keep exploring, delving deeper and deeper into the use and manipulation of samplers from sources so diverging as to wander between the five continents to post-war German family television and cult cinema. Heir of the ritualistic intensity of Coil, of the intricate sampler assemblies of Ghédalia Tazartès', and of the dusty, dismal old ballads from around the world, Brannten Schnüre manages to make these paths cross in a territory that is as inherent as it is uncanny; sieged by the past and intimate as a hearth. An organic approach to folk, ambient, and sound collage, where ethereal yet thoroughly textured pieces coalesce in enthralling, delicate, and innermost musical rituals.) 26.00


THE CAT'S MIAOW - Skipping Stones: The Cassette Years ‘92-’93 DLP (world of echo - the cat’s miaow return to world of echo with skipping stones: the cassette years ’92-’93, their second compilation for the imprint, and the fourth in a loosely defined series of reissues associated with the group (also including the shapiros’ gone by fall: the collected works of the shapiros and hydroplane’s selected songs 1997-2003). it’s a smart selection of songs by one of australia’s finest independent pop music groups, whose initial run, across the nineties, was as mysterious as it was bewitching. a generous double album featuring thirty-five songs drawn from the cat’s miaow’s history, skipping stones lets listeners in on a bunch more secrets.

an even deeper pass through the archives of the cat’s miaow, skipping stones is a welcome follow-up to 2022’s songs ’94-’98, which pulled together material from seven-inch singles and compilations. diving into the four cassettes that the group released over a two-year period, skipping stones is full of surprises, rich with unexpected and inspired detours, while reminding everyone just how clear and distinct the cat’s miaow’s music was from the very start. looking in from the outside, they always felt like a group that knew just what they were doing, but intuitive as they are, they weren’t forcing anything: these songs always sound exactly what they need to be, rough edges, playful moments and all.) 35.00


CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE - Near Marineland LP (dark entries - Dark Entries celebrates its 15th anniversary with legendary synth-punk deviants Crash Course in Science. Dale Feliciello, Mallory Yago, and Michael Zodorozny formed Ccis in 1979 after meeting at art school in Philadelphia. As a gesture born of equal parts punk irreverence and brute necessity, the band incorporated toy instruments and kitchen appliances into their aggressive, angular sound. Their anthems “Cardboard Lamb” and “Flying Turns” from 1981’s Signals From Pier Thirteen EP have been staples in adventurous DJ sets for over 40 years - yet some of their finest work is to be found on Near Marineland, a full-length LP recorded in 1981 but remained unreleased in its time. Near Marineland shows the band moving into more diverse and polished territory (although it’s still as abrasive as sandpaper). Tracks like “No More Hollow Doors” and “Jump Over Barrels” highlight Ccis’s singular knack for embedding infectiously monotone hooks in their stiff-yet-funky grooves. Elsewhere we see Ccis going fully unhinged, like on the searing “Someone Reads” or the demented “Pompeii Spared”, where a spray of honks is barely glued together by a frantic synthetic pulse. While this masterwork of malfunctioning analog electronics has surfaced on a few occasions - this first time stand alone remaster includes four never-before-released bonus tracks and includes a lyric sheet. Near Marineland is crucial listening for all devotees of synth-punk and minimal electronics. ) 28.00


CRASH COURSE IN SCIENCE - Signals From Pier Thirteen LP (dark entries - Crash Course in Science are a postpunk band that formed in 1979 in Philadelphia. The band members, Dale Feliciello, Mallory Yago and Michael Zodorozny, met while attending art school. They began to experiment with crude electronics and off-beat writing. CCIS avoids conventional instrumentation by using toy instruments and kitchen appliances to augment the distorted guitar, drums and synthesized beats.Their first single, “Cakes in the Home” was released in 1979 and their 4-song 12'' EP ''Signals From Pier Thirteen'' in 1981. Pier 13 was an abandoned coal-loading pier along the Delaware River near where CCIS rehearsed. The band went there often and was inspired by the huge silent machinery, shapes, shadows, ghosts and debris. The songs 'Cardboard Lamb' and 'Flying Turns' quickly became club favorites during the early 80's. This EP's raw, percussive sound influenced both techno and industrial music in later years. CCIS feel a strong connection to Throbbing Gristle, although they consider themselves as working in a parallel universe rather than being influenced by them. All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley.) 25.00


DARKTHRONE - It Beckons Us All....... LP (THE NEW, EPIC METALLIC ODYSSEY FROM THE LONGSTANDING NORWEGIAN DUO OF FENRIZ & NOCTURNO CULTO. With a legacy of audial treasures now spanning more than 35 years & with the fountain of creativity ever flowing, Norway’s Darkthrone return with their latest venture through classic riffs & vintage sounding metal in the shape of the epic new seven track studio opus, ‘It Beckons Us All’. Seeing the longstanding duo of Fenriz & Nocturno Culto uniting once more, ‘It Beckons Us All’ follows on the heels of 2022’s revered ‘Astral Fortress’ album, with what could be considered an even more refined, challenging & diverse set of timeless metal anthems from the uncompromising trailblazers; from the melodic, to the sombre & atmospheric, to the blackened dirges emanating from Darkthrone’s highly distinguishable riffing, as well as a nod to influences such as Celtic Frost along the way. Recorded once again at Chaka Khan Studios in the band’s native Norway, ‘It Beckons Us All’ was mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door, with artwork courtesy of Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak.) 27.00


GOLDBLUM - Tears In Limbo LP (Berg-old - Subdued ballads by the gilded Rotterdam duo (Michiel of Lewsberg & Marijn of Sweat Tongue) of soulful dreams. These haunting motifs and distant crooning were made for lonely swoons into the dark.) 26.00


GO MISAWA - Devilman OST DLP (GREEN VINYL. - Totally psyched out Anime Soundtrack record by Go Misawa! Originally released 1983. - Devilman (Japanese: デビルマン, Hepburn: Debiruman) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Go Nagai. The manga focuses on a high school student named Akira Fudo who absorbs the powers of the demon called "Amon" with help of his friend Ryo Asuka in order to battle creatures hidden in human society, thus calling himself the "Devilman" in the process. The series was originally ordered by Toei Animation as a toned-down anime version of Nagai's previous manga series, Demon Lord Dante. However, Nagai wrote a darker-toned manga in order to alert readers of the dangers of the wars based on how dark the narrative becomes with each of Akira's challenges. ) 35.00


JPEGMAFIA - All My Heroes Are Cornballs LP (All My Heroes Are Cornballs is the third studio album by American rapper JPEGMafia, released on September 13, 2019 by EQT Recordings. After the release of his record Veteran (2018), he began recording tracks for its follow-up, with a total of around 93 songs by 2019. He handled the production, mixing and mastering in his home studio. The album features guest appearances from Abdu Ali, Helena Deland and Buzzy Lee, as well as additional vocals by Refined Sugar, Vegyn and Young Emoji. Vegyn also serves as a co-producer on one track. An avant-garde, experimental hip hop, and punk rap album, All My Heroes Are Cornballs draws influences from experimental pop, glitch hop, ambient, noise and industrial music. It has a smoother and more melodic sound than its predecessor, employing uncommon song structures, extensive sampling, and a variety of vocal techniques such as rapping, screaming and singing, often in falsetto. Thematically, the album is personal, introspective, and presented in a stream of consciousness form, touching on the Internet culture, prejudice, political issues and JPEGMafia's newfound fame.) 52.00


LEWSBERG - Out And About LP (Dutch four-piece Lewsberg are set to release their fourth studio album, 'Out And About' in September 2023. Since forming in 2016, Lewsberg have gone from strength to strength. Despite never really considering themselves as a ‘productive band’, together they have released three LPs, one EP and a series of cassettes and 7”s including 2022’s "Six Hills" which was released via Speedy Wunderground's singles series. Lewsberg are named after writer and fellow Rotterdammer Robert Loesberg, famous for his dangerous novel 'Enige Defecten' from 1974. This is one of the band’s main sources of inspiration: the counterculture and big-city cynicism of the 1960s and 1970s. Yet there is also a softer side to Lewsberg’s music and lyrics. On their upcoming album 'Out And About', this side is more present than ever. Rudimentary pop and rock songs are deliberately kept bare, only occasionally embellished with a violin or organ part. In the lyrics, the tendency towards existentialism and black humour is nuanced with an almost naive openness and engagement. Recorded in Amsterdam in Spring 2023 with producer Yulya Divakova, 'Out And About' sees founding members Shalita Dietrich (vocals, bass guitar), Michiel Klein (guitar) and Arie van Vliet (vocals, guitar, violin) joined for the first time on record by drummer and vocalist Marrit Meinema, who joined the band in the Autumn of 2021. 

) 26.00


M.B. - Regel LP (Limited edition of 280 copies on black vinyl, in a sleeve that replicates the original 1982 issue, and contains two inserts and a sticker. Reissue of extreme noise brutality, and destroyed ambient by Maurizio Bianchi, one of his "most representative works“) 28.00


OLD TOWER - Draconic Synthesis LP (hospital - a sinister blend of past, present and future old tower atmospheres, instrumentation and some seductively destructive surprises secure a place in the canon of dark music. the travels of the dragon's disciples have taken them to vast forests of mystery and sombre castles hidden away between the stars and celestial mysteries. There was much to unravel that which was learned during these excursions into the dark and the first of veils has been lifted, giving an entrance into the complex mind of the horned serpent.

"it rears its scaly head around a black granite column, its eyes penetrating the dust that coats the remnants of a forgotten dungeon. Its scales are adorned with ancient writings and strange symbolism, carefully inscripted by the architects that built the connection between firmament and souls. Its spirit is one of knowledge and arrogance, letting its dreams woefully tear into the fabrics of reality...") 32.00


PHILL NIBLOCK / ANNA CLEMENTI / THOMAS STERN - Zound Delta 2 LP (Klar - A new piece by minimalist / experimental composer PHILL NIBLOCK (1933 - 2024), co-composed and performed by ANNA CLEMENTI & THOMAS STERN. Intense, menacing layers of thick drones and alien sounds. In summer 2022, within just a few weeks and by pure coincidence, 2 proposals regarding PHILL NIBLOCK albums arrived: one suggesting an overdue vinyl reissue of a CD release, the other email was from ANNA CLEMENTI saying she and THOMAS STERN were working on new pieces that PHILL NIBLOCK has written for her … when "Zound Delta 2" was complete, PHILL sent photographs for the two artworks, we met twice to discuss details, but unfortunately he died unexpectedly early january this year so the album now is, sad as it is, a posthumous release … an intense goodbye from one of 20th century most iconic composers.) 26.00


RAINFOREST SPIRITUAL ENSLAVEMENT - Killer Whale Atmospheres DLP (hospital - RSE surprise album just in time before the migration to cooler waters. grown in the shade of the glacier. killer whale atmospheres is a future-memory affair of sub bass propulsive drones, rhythms, chords and dorsal scars building to a forbidding sense of cold echolocations yet to come through the violent procession of darkening rains. ) 46.00


RASPBERRY BULBS - The World Is Empty, The Heart Is Full LP (hospital - 12 years after hospital productions released the first raspberry bulbs album, the band returns to the label with their most focused offering to date. gone are the interludes found on their last two albums. this time RB has distilled all their strengths into 11 concise songs. listeners may be tempted to mention “noise rock” or “post punk” in describing the sound, but RB thinks outside the limits of any genre, and stands in contrast to those whose approach amounts to failed exercises in style. the band spent two years boiling each song down to its essence, while sacrificing none of the power and dynamics found on previous records. somehow the results are both more metallic and more melodic. the vocals, in particular, are fittingly more venomous this time, with their vitriol aimed at the current narrow-minded, oppressive ‘underground’ landscape. prepare yourself. recorded among the ruins of the belvedere inn, stamford new york, in 2023.) 30.00


RUIN LUST - Dissimulant LP (20 buck spin - Having dropped their third album ‘Choir of Babel’ in early 2020 just before the world shut down, the forces of pandemic did not succeed in silencing NYC’s Ruin Lust for good. Though confined to their fallout bunker, the band, with martial fervor, began work on what has now, three years later, emerged as their fourth album ‘Dissimulant’.

In the final phase of imperialist rot, Ruin Lust declares war against the festering delusions of a devolving species. The most withering aspects of modern Death Metal, Grinding War Metal and Black Metal’s more bestial tendencies compel this audial exorcism, poisoning the well like a bioweapon spread through open air, suffocating and contemptuous. By the time album closer ‘Chemical Wind’ is done all that remains are parched bones and desiccated shadows.

Barbarically pestilent yet compositionally deliberate, ‘Dissimulant’ casts a bitter pall and leaves an open wound on the Death Metal scene for 2023. A militant milestone in the Ruin Lust discography.) 28.00


SARI - [Ending] LP (specific - 2nd solo album by Necronomidol member Sari. Japanese Hyperpop. ) 18.00


SAVAK - Flavors Of Paradise LP (Flavors Of Paradise. Freaky Orange Parka. Fun-loving Octogenarian Pickleballers. The 6th album by Brooklyn’s post-punk stalwarts SAVAK, Flavors Of Paradise, was recorded in Chicago at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio studio without Steve Albini. For a band that has toured Europe five times and never set foot in California, recording 12 songs in 3 days was a breeze across the Danube. The band hunkered down, jammed out ideas in 2 marathon sessions, played a couple of shows to test drive the new material and then got to work with Matthew Barnhart (Superchunk, Bob Mould). No guests, no edits, no country and definitely no funk—the record is lean, spacious and lively.) 22.00


SAVAK / CONTRACTIONS - Split LP (The long-in-the-planning split one sided 12” between Lyon and Besançon’s Contractions and NYC’ SAVAK is finally here !

Each band are back with 2 exclusive and AMAZING tracks. SAVAK play their top notch deluxe indie rock influenced by tons of great references such as The Feelies, Demo or The Beatles while Contractions contribute with 2 straight forward numbers, fueled with French punk influences.) 18.00


SUIYÔBI NO CAMPANELLA - Jugem' Je T'aime LP + CD (specifc - 水曜日のカンパネラ (Suiyoubi no Campanella , engl.: Wednesday Campanella) is a Japanese electronic pop music group composed of コムアイ (KOM_I), Kenmochi Hidefumi, and Dir. F. The group formed in 2012 and is based in Tokyo. On September 6th, 2021 KOM_I left the project and Utaha (詩羽) joined as the new vocalist/performer.) 20.00


UNIVERSAL ORDER OF ARMAGEDDON - Universal Order of Armageddon DLP (numero - From the ashes of Moss Icon, Universal Order Of Armageddon blasted out of Annapolis, MD, in a fiery maelstrom of punishing riffs, syncopated breakbeats, and terrifying shrieks. Compiled here are the complete Gravity, Vermin Scum, and Kill Rock Stars recordings, remixed and remastered from the original session tapes, and housed in a deluxe gatefold jacket with a chunky, 24-page book packed with photos, notes, and iconography from their 1993-'94 run. Armageddon IS now.) 36.00


V/A - Suburban Annihalation (The California Hardcore Explosion From The City To The Beach: 1978-1983) DLP (futurism - This aggressive collection draws from California’s rich history of punk, more specifically hardcore: a new sound that eschewed melody for intensity, a sound that took punk harder and faster, a sound intrinsically American. Whilst hardcore was also burning over on the East Coast, it was in California that it had ignited and sprawled, a sonic punch in the face that raged socio-political disdain and total abandonment for commercialism, fuelled by a crumbling American Dream and the collapse of family values. Suburban Annihilation takes you from the major cities, to the coastal towns, to the SoCal suburbs, showcasing some the most important bands of the West Coast. Blasting off with the Adolescents ‘I Hate Children’, it heads from the year zero of Middle Class’s ‘Out Of Vogue’ to the surf punk of Agent Orange’s ‘Bloodstains’, from the blues tinged outlaw of The Gun Club’s ‘She’s Like Heroin to Me’ to the classic anti-anthems: ‘Live Fast Die Young’ by the Circle Jerks, lifted from their seminal Group Sex album, and the hardcore staple ‘California Über Alles’ by the Dead Kennedys. Also present are so many other bands integral to the era: T.S.O.L, Wasted Youth, Germs, Social Distortion, Suicidal Tendencies, Negative Trend, Flipper and many more.) 50.00


V/A - Venus Rising From The Sea LP (Taking its name from the etymology behind the well known myth of ‘Aphrodite’, meaning: “sea-foam", "risen from the foam" - the fifth release from Doyenne brings together friends, lovers and the broken-hearted under one premise. The commission was to make a ‘love song cover’, in which each artist has had free reign in the interpretation of ‘love’ as well as the style and rendition of their favourite musical pieces on love: Agape (unconditional love), unrequited love, philautia (self love), lost love, mania (obsessive love). From bygone sea shanties to 90s r’n’b, post-punk, jazz greats, indie pop and 19th century classical, Doyenne label mates Christina Vantzou, Susu Laroche, and Spivak, are joined by a diverse cast of friends new and old. Alex Zhang Hungtai’s deconstructed cover of Sinatra sits beside Aya’s darkened Lovesong, whilst Claire Rousay, Wild Terrier Orchestra’s Jay Glass Dubs and Dania Shihab of Paralaxe Editions take on soft vocal covers of iconic alt bands. Manchester’s Teresa Winter does British folk, and South Korean duo Salamanda rework Debussy. Cover artwork by Basia Strzezek.

) 33.00


WORMHOLE - Almost Human LP (WORMHOLE erupt from the underground with 'Almost Human', their third album and first for Season of Mist. The Baltimore band have punched a hole through the death metal continuum with their outrageous onslaught of tech slam. Crushing riffs churn and shift and grind like one of those desert-dwelling behemoths from ‘Dune’, and lay the bedrock for a brutal vocal assault. 'Almost Human' shows WORMHOLE’s rapid, writhing ascent. There’s no ceiling they can’t slam through.) 27.00





ORMAN - s/t TAPE (With this four song debut tape, ORMAN delivers an excellent take on what black metal can sound like in 2024 without being dull or unoriginal. The Zürich based "one-person black metal" project takes you on a bleak, yet spheric and emotional journey.

Every tape comes with a screenprinted poster. ) 9.00


TRAUMA GLOW - about to find solace in your arms TAPE (New Shoegaze / Postpunk / Indierock band from Vienna. FFO: Nothing, Turnstile, …) 13.00


V/A - Ministry of Excess TAPE (Obscene data and expressive concepts: while being sober all the time, Kashual Plastik launches the “Ministry of excess”. A 21-track strong tape compilation of unrestricted musical memoirs, created by individuals with no memory. Transportive noise, catching sounds from all hums. Experimental sculptures, fractured in research. Hunting the sub-consciousness of things. Instinct acting from an inner necessity. Making familiar objects be as if they were not familiar - and vice versa. On the bill KP acquainted mega selling pop acts like Greymoth, T.V.S.T., Crude Fact, Lamusa II, or Laure Boer, all totally kashual in plastic since a while. New faces in the KP circle appear too. Like Sweden’s Nærværet, taping an oddly new melodic galaxy. Or New Zealand’s LSD Fundraiser, tripping Ayler-esque on squeaking doors and other machinery. There is French sculptor and sound artist Méryll Ampe, passing a new kind of bass music, electric amp driven, partly veiled in an Arthur Russel charm. Or Irish ambient musician Natalia Beylis, drifting into a piano heaven, droning arpeggio journey music. We could tell more, but all is there to listen. So, annex the music, fashion your own stories, sing or speak along the noise and be your own celebrity in this industrial cry. The machines are coming, they will swap you too.) 15.00





CORRUPTED - Felicific Algorithm / Mushikeras CD (Corrupted is a mysterious Japanese doom metal band, formed in 1994. Immensely downtuned guitar and crushingly slow bass are shrouded under deep layers of feedback. They are rightly hailed as one of the heaviest and darkest doom metal bands of all time. This is not a simple reissue of the 2018 multi-speed, vinyl-only release "Felicific Algorithim" (Cold Spring). Though the first two tracks were created using the same field recordings / source material captured in Amagasaki, Osaka, and Fukushima, the tracks have been carefully reworked into a much darker sound. The new track titles 'Felicific Algiorithm' and 'Felicific Aligorithm' reflect this; like a mind virus appearing the same at first glance.

The 27-minute track 'Mushikeras' was recorded 2022-23 as a four-piece line-up of Kaz Mike (howling guitar and bass), Rie Lambdoll (vocal and bass), Mark Y. (guitar and bass), and Chew (drum and high carbon steel). A self-released digital-only track in autumn '23, this is the first physical manifestation of this doom metal behemoth, full of loud sludge, funeral dirge, haunting whispers / howling harsh vocals, and atmospheric build-ups. 6-panel flood-printed digipak with striking photography by Rie Lambdoll, Mark Y, Chew, and collage by Hyng Hoian. ) 22.00