Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 01 September 2023

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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 01 September 2023

Hi, welcome to another newsletter. A couple cool records arrived like the CATHERINE CHRISTER HENNIX - Solo For Tamburium DLP, EVERYONE ASKED ABOUT YOU  - Paper Airplanes, Paper Hearts DLP, JOHN FAHEY - Proofs & Refutations LP, ILTA HÄMÄRA – Origo LP, LEWSBERG - Out And About LP and restock of some older LEWSBERG titles, PLEASURE FOREVER - Distal LP, FIDDLEHEAD - Death is Nothing to Us LP restock, NUZZLE - No Love Like That: Stanford Sessions 1997 LP, V/A - Fralst! - Swedish Christian Grooves 1969-1979 DLP, 75 DOLLAR BILL – Power Failures DLP, ROBERT TURMAN - Distant Dosage LP, JOE ​MCPHEE / ​METTE ​RASMUSSEN / ​DENNIS ​TYFUS – Oblique Strategies LP and much more.



We also down to the last JAZZ Sweaters and T-shirts and Caps …


And we also added ( adding) a few more second hand LPs and 7“s to our discogs


Thank you as usual


Til then thank you for all your orders & support.


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75 DOLLAR BILL – Power Failures DLP (karl - First ever, remastered vinyl version! The core duo plus guest collaborators expand its sonic palette of RICK BROWN’s elemental percussive patterns and CHE CHEN’s ecstatic modal guitar style to a new musical richness. With some tape releases and their first album „Wooden Bag“, 75 DOLLAR BILL quickly introduced themselves as one of the hottest, most unique and essential groups at the heart of NYC's underground – the following “Wood/Metal/Plastic Pattern/Rhythm/Rock” (2016) made the duo known internationally, and the 2019 double vinyl “I Was Real” turned out a major success at the critics and audience alike with the #1 spot in The Wire’s albums of the year list! Then came the pandemic, and in lack of opportunities to actually perform in public, the core duo of RICK BROWN and CHE CHEN released several bandcamp only albums in digital format, one of these being „Power Failures“. BROWN’s elemental percussive patterns (often simply played on a wooden box) and CHE CHEN’s ecstatic modal guitar style (often under the influence of his studies with Mauritanian guitarist JEICH OULD CHIGALY) are at the core of the tracks with guest collaborators like YO LA TENGO’s IRA KAPLAN (guitar), SUE GARNER (violin) or STEVE MAING (saxophone, guitar) expanding the sonic palette to a new musical richness. Trance-inducing psychedelia, “placeless, gripping grooves” (The Guardian), collaged rehearsal and field recordings, mantric percussion, microtonal guitar sounds – 75 DOLLAR BILL sound as deeply rooted in traditions as they sound fresh-of-today, a kind of future music from the past. Hard to grasp by words, and impossible to resist! ) 29.00


ANTONIO INFANTINO ED IL GRUPPO DI TRICARICO - I Tarantolati LP (black sweat - In the late 1960s, Antonio Infantino linked his name to the Beat world and to italian performance and gestural music circles (Bussotti, Chiari, Curran). A poet and singer, a tireless devotee of the musical traditions of Southern Italy, he focuses his research mainly on the mysterious phenomenon of Tarantismo, a cultural syndrome of hysterical type found in the Mediterranean air and made famous by the studies of Ernesto De Martino. With his group, Infantino twists and reinvents the traditional repertoire of Basilicata, creating an entirely new and original songbook. The music reflects the states of Trance induced by the bite of the spider tarantula, with obsessive and hypnotic rhythms characteristic of the incandescent blood of the peasant world. A deep and universal human sound, it also takes its cues from Dylan's folk revolution and the frenetic drums of North Africa.) 26.00


ART OF PRIMITIVE SOUND - Strumenti Musicali Della Preistoria: Il Paleolitico LP (black sweat - Art Of Primitive Sound is a sensational journey to the origin of Music. In his crucial research chapter on the Paleolithic, Walter Maioli between 1986 and 1991 investigates the soundscape of different geographical, climatic and botanical environments, in which the mystery of the ancient human-nature relationship resides. What emerges is an expanded and unprecedented Paleorganology, with a range of acoustic and natural instruments from all over the World. Rubbing of fossils, animal artefacts, plant elements of all sorts, everything becomes sound and each object opens up forms of imaginary communication, psychic effect and unexplored languages. Whistles, flutes, leaf and shell rattles, rhombuses, horns, bone pipes, slate slabs, bamboo arches, stones, vertebrae, seeds, stalagtites great can be the Natural Orchestra inherent in the spirit of forests, rivers, caves, seas, swamps or Amazon jungles? Thanks to an interdisciplinary partnership (Anthropology, Archaeology, Botany, Ethnomusicology) of collaborating friends, Maioli directs an Opera of universal character inspired by the archaic essence of sound and infrasonic dimension.) 26.00


CATHERINE CHRISTER HENNIX - Solo For Tamburium DLP (blank forms - The fourth release in Blank Forms Editions's initiative to chart the ever-expanding musical practice of Catherine Christer Hennix, Solo for Tamburium captures the composer's most recent major work. Hennix plays an instrument of her own creation, a keyboard interface controlling a suite of eighty-eight recordings of precision-tuned tambura, creating a sweeping and continuous flow of rich harmonic interplay. This piece, documented in Berlin at MaerzMusik 2017, carefully draws upon the fundamental perceptual effects of sound, forming an exacting and cathartic electronic drone. Densely-layered timbral textures and continuous overtone collisions create a maze-like sonic landscape, thrusting the listener into what Hennix calls divine equilibrium or a distinctionless state of being. Since the late 1960s, Hennix has created a massive and innovative body of work spanning minimal music, computer programming, poetry, sculpture, and light art - pushing the technical and conceptual boundaries of these media toward singular ends. She was part of the downtown music school in New York and has worked extensively with some of its key figures, including Henry Flynt and La Monte Young. In the '70s, Hennix studied the nature and use of harmonic sound as a disciple of Pandit Pran Nath, a master of the Kirana tradition of classical Hindustani music. The exceptionally designed tamburas of Pran Nath were central to her intensive investigations, as was the devotional practice of carefully tuning and sounding the instruments in a continuous and even flow_both have guided her work with sound ever since.) 38.00


DAVID TOOP & LAWRENCE ENGLISH - The Shell That Speaks The Sea LP (room40 - I first met David Toop some 20 years ago. I think we were in touch shortly before that, but our first meeting took place when I invited him to Australia to perform and to speak as part of REV, a festival held at Brisbane Powerhouse. It was a memorable meeting, I vividly remember his solo performance and the edition A Picturesque View, Ignored, documents an improvised meeting during that time. Over the years, David and I have shared an interest in both the material and immaterial implications of sound (amongst other things). Moreover we’ve connected many times on matters which lie at the fringes of how we might choose to think about audition, our interests seeking in the affective realm that haunts, rather than describes, experience. The Shell That Speaks The Sea very much resonates from this shared fascination. I’m not exactly sure when we first mooted this duet, but I sense its initial trace is now more than a decade ago. I tend to live by the motto of ‘right place, right time’ and I believe David likely also subscribes to this methodology. A couple of years ago, David and I reignited the duet conversation and began exchanging materials. As a jumping off point, I explored a series of field recordings that, for me at least, captured something of this affective haunting that I mentioned previously.) 30.00


EVERYONE ASKED ABOUT YOU  - Paper Airplanes, Paper Hearts DLP (numero - Queer tweemo from the pop fringe of Little Rock, Arkansas's thriving '90s DIY scene. Paper Airplanes, Paper Hearts gathers Everyone Asked About You's complete recorded works, including the Let's Be Enemies LP and their two and a half 7"s released between 1997-2000. Remastered from the original DATs for maximum nostalgic crunch, this deluxe 2xLP is housed in a gatefold tip on sleeve and includes a 20-page book crammed with flyers, photos, lyrics, and an extensive essay on this crucial missing link between midwest emo and the Moog synthesizer.) 33.00


FIDDLEHEAD - Death is Nothing to Us LP (back in stock - NEON ORANGE VINYL - Fiddlehead’s third album Death is Nothing to Us is a defiant, new chapter for the band. Since 2014, the Boston-based group have been honing their unique sound, bringing together the energy of hardcore, the anthemic melodies of `90s alternative, and the unbridled passion of Revolution Summer era emo. Their previous albums, 2018's Springtime and Blind and 2021's Between The Richness, dealt heavily with grief from different perspectives, and now their latest feels like a de facto culmination, drawing together many of the catalog's through-lines sonically and lyrically. The band again teamed with producer Chris Teti for their third record, and his punchy production captures Fiddlehead's live energy while showcasing the massive guitars and undeniable catchiness that makes their music so immensely satisfying. The album's concise 27 minutes sound like a natural extension of all of the band's strengths, but is glued together by vocalist Pat Flynn's singular tuneful roar. Flynn, since his time as the vocalist of Have Heart and now as Fiddlehead's frontman, has earned a reputation as one of hardcore's most thoughtful lyricists. He interweaves his ruminations on life, death, and all the joy and tragedy in between with references to Roman philosopher Lucretius; the author Jean Améry; other musicians like Bad Brains, Alex G, or Wire, and even references to the band's own back catalog. The humanity across Death Is Nothing To Us is palpable in every note. It's the kind of art that observes pain with real honesty rather than prescribing a solution for it-and in doing so, inadvertently offers some sense of hopefulness. The album finds Fiddlehead so deeply delving into the pain, confusion, nuances, and contradictions of sadness-so willingly wrapping their arms around a concept as existentially baffling as death itself-that they've created an album that is truly life-affirming. Death is Nothing to Us exemplifies so much of what makes Fiddlehead a special band: taking these heady, unanswerable questions and wrestling with them in a very earthbound way, all wrapped up in the urgent power of a three minute punk song.) 28.00


FLORIST - emily alone LP (double double - BACK IN STOCK!!!  Received an 8.4 Best New Music rating from Pitchfork.  FLORIST is a soft-synthesizer-folk band and the friendship project of EMILY SPRAGUE, RICK SPATARO and JONNIE BAKER. Born in the Catskill Mountains in 2012, the three began making music together after discovering their shared love for many things musical and for each other. While Florist is historically a collaborative project, Emily Alone finds songwriter Emily Sprague as it’s sole contributor. Emily wrote and recorded all 12 tracks in her Los Angeles home during the last, rainy months of 2018. After moving to California from New York a year prior, Emily found herself in a transformative time of self exploration and independence after leaving the many lives she knew of as home on the east coast to start on a new journey. Living alone and separate from many of the things she once held most close, a deep dive into the dark void of the mind began. LP pressed on white vinyl.) 26.00


FOLK MAGIC BAND - Folk Magic Band LP (black sweat - Folk Magic Band represents one of the most interesting and original, yet lesser-known experiences of the italian jazz scene of the 1970s. In the legendary alternative environment of the Folk Studio in Rome, an open 18-members lineup is inspired by the free jazz of its time, a music that encompasses the whole world and its polychromy of sound. The echo seems to resonate the pan-ethnic motifs of Don Cherry and his Organic Music Society, but also the spiritual jazz of Pharoas Sanders and the orchestrations of the Sun Ra Arkestra. The textures chase a chinese melody, ignite with african scents and south american jungles, flow into fusion violin drifts a la Archie Shepp's Attic Blues or Mingus-like orchestral sections. The fascination of this collective affair still strikes for its playful and ironic nature, still impressing for its strength and willingness to open and influence new directions.) 26.00


GERARD HERMAN & CHRISTOP HEEMANN – Project Pope LP (Some Fine Legacy is proud to announce the first LP by Project Pope, the collaborative project of Antwerp artist Gerard Herman and Christoph Heemann, known from his solo output as well as many releases with Mimir, In Camera and Mirror. Prior to Project Pope Gerard Herman has been producing a series of intriguing solo LP releases for the Entracte, Kraak and Opgewarmde Groenten labels. Then in 2021 the two met for a week at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels to produce this new masterpiece of distorted beauty. On two sidelong tracks Herman and Heemann explore and combine hypnotic piano loops processed with analogue electronics, slow motion drone rock and ethereal textures into a unique expression and entrancing experience that needs to be heard to be believed. The result is equally strange and bewildering as the Clifford Simak novel the project name was inspired by.) 26.00


ILTA HÄMÄRA – Origo LP (bergpolder - *240 copies limited edition* Audio dream directors Timo van Luijk (Af Ursin, Elodie) and Bart de Paepe (Sloow Tapes, Sylvester Anfang II) played asIlta Hämärä on a MiMa night in Rotterdam (NL) in 2016. It was the day before Kraak fest, and they had a tour tape with them. A great night, as so many MiMa nights. Timeless Reality, featuring Family Underground, were also on the bill and on fire too: passport losing lo fi stoner garage. The toilet was broken, so everybody had to go to Hostel de Mafkees around the corner when nature called. Timo and Bart played a Paris, Texas-set, or at least in my memory. A show full of hope (Korg) and emotions (guitar). The tour tape was the same. Four songs which were moving like a flying carpet in the room when you put it on. Three of the four songs of the tape are on this 12". Added is a song from the same era, which fits perfectly. Music for at least your soul.) 25.00


JAIMIE BRANCH - fly or die LP (back in stock - A mainstay of the Chicago jazz scene and an active recent addition to the New York scene, Jaimie Branch is an avant-garde trumpeter known for her “ghostly sounds," says The New York Times, and for "sucker punching" crowds straight from the jump off, says Time Out. Her classical training and “unique voice capable of transforming every ensemble of which she is a part” (Jazz Right Now) has contributed to a wide range of projects not only in jazz but also punk, noise, indie rock, electronic and hip-hop. Branch’s work as a composer and a producer, as well as a sideman for the likes of William Parker, Matana Roberts, TV on the Radio and Spoon, is all on display in her debut record Fly or Die – a dynamic 35-minute ride that dares listeners to open their minds to music that knows no genre, no gender, no limits. ) 26.00


JAIMIE BRANCH - Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war)) LP (back in stock - In July of 2022, just one month before jaimie branch"s death sent shockwaves around the world, the trumpet player and composer was in Chicago at International Anthem (IARC) studios putting finishing touches on an album. It was a suite of music she had composed and then recorded with her flagship ensemble, Fly or Die, over the course of a residency at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska. In her wake, the album was near complete, with only mixing tweaks, final titles, and artwork to be fully realized. In the months following, her family (led by sister Kate Branch), her band (Jason Ajemian, Lester St. Louis, and Chad Taylor), and her collaborators at IARC (engineers Dave Vettraino and David Allen, comrades Alejandro Ayala and Scott McNiece) banded together to gather memories, texts, emails, photographs, artwork and fragments belonging to jaimie to light the path forward. The goal was always to do what jaimie would have done. Packaged in stunning artwork by John Herndon, Damon Locks, and branch herself, Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war)) is jaimie"s final album with the quartet.) 30.00


JOE ​MCPHEE / ​METTE ​RASMUSSEN / ​DENNIS ​TYFUS – Oblique Strategies LP (black truffle - Black Truffle is pleased to welcome free jazz legend Joe McPhee back to the fold with »Oblique Strategies«, a wild trio recorded in Antwerp in 2018 in the company of Mette Rasmussen’s fire-breathing alto saxophone and Dennis Tyfus’s post-Fluxus antics on tape, voice, and percussion. Rasmussen and Tyfus have previously recorded together as Bazuinschal, and some similar strategies are on display here: mysterious metallic scrapes, extended tones in which voice and sax become indistinguishable, comic explosions of varispeed tape. With McPhee on board, however, proceedings are more sumptuous, with the two horns moving fluidly from expeditions into the extremes of their instruments’ registers to pointillistic note-splatter and Ayler-esque folk melodies; we even get to bask in some of the slow-motion free blues that McPhee has now been playing for half a century. McPhee is heard primarily on tenor, Rasmussen mainly on alto, but with Rasmussen doubling on sundry objects, and the whole trio contributing vocals, certainty about who is doing what becomes nigh impossible. The recording and production add to this hazy unclarity. Where much contemporary improvised music aims at dryly clinical hi-fi, the lively reverberant space of »Oblique Strategies« calls to mind the less-than-pristine sonics of classic free jazz artefacts like John Tchicai’s Afrodisiaca or McPhee’s own Underground Railroad. A further dimension of oblique unpredictability is added by subtle changes in the sense of space: at times merely a reverb tail glimpsed between phrases, at other points the whole mix seems to be momentarily swallowed up in slap-back, blurring the lines between acoustic instruments and the decayed fidelity of Tyfus’ tape playback. Spread across four pieces ranging from four to nineteen minutes in length, »Oblique Strategies« moves with anarchic swagger from explosions of clattering cymbals and bellowing horns to near-silent episodes of mysterious rumble and clunk. »Death or Dinner?« opens the record with a lovely duet of climbing melodic patterns shared between the two saxophones, played with a buzzing oboe-like tone. A long, wavering note sung by Tyfus cues the first of countless changes of direction, eventually leading to a crescendo of watery splutters and duelling saxes. At points Tyfus’ keening resemble the signature moves of his friend and collaborator, Ghédelia Tazartès; at others, his tape-sped huffs and puffs possess a rawness reminiscent of Henri Chopin or Gil Wolman. The dialogue between wailing saxophones and vocal cries, punctuated by percussive thuds and crashes, can at times feel less like a musical performance and more like the calls of some mysterious forest creatures, possessing a primordial energy that might remind some listeners of the outdoor antics of Brötzmann and Bennink’s Schwarzwaldfahrt.) 28.00


JOHN FAHEY - Proofs & Refutations LP (drag city - Recorded in 1995 and 1996, mostly in John Fahey"s room at a Salem, Oregon boardinghouse, the performances on Proofs and Refutations prefigure the ornery turn of the page that marked Fahey"s final years, drawing another enigmatic rabbit from his seemingly bottomless musical hat. Cloaked in the language of dogma - what is he proving? refuting? - this is Fahey dancing a jig in the Duchampian gap, jester cap bells a-jingling. True believers? He"s got something for you: an uncompromising vision that you can sneer at ("guy can"t play anymore and refuses to concede!") or embrace as evidence of his genius ("the reinventor does it again!"). Skeptics? He"s there with you, too: sending up the fallacy of certitudes altogether. Institutions, systems, accepted wisdoms. Heroes. Alternative facts, indeed. Right out of the gate, Fahey re-materializes before us, somewhere between Oracle of Delphi and Clown Prince at Olympus. Mounting a thundering dialectic from on high, "All the Rains" resembles nothing else in his extensive discography - betraying roots in everything from Dada to Episcopal liturgical chant - and contains nary a plucked guitar note. You can"t fool him! When the lap steel of yore appears on "F for Fake," it serves more as soundbed for an extended sequence of vocal improvisations, running the gamut from wordless Bashoian caterwauling to free-form (but decidedly fake) Tuvan, even revealing a burnished falsetto in the process. Fahey takes on a different kind of provocation in the two acoustic guitar-based tracks closing Side 1 - "Morning" parts 1 and 2 - the first of 4 recordings in this session that have him wrestling with the ghost of Skip James, perhaps Fahey"s effort to wrench the "bitter, hateful old creep" (his words) back into the grave. Anchoring Side 2 is the two-part "Evening, Not Night," the second half of his extended cathexis on James (and the latter"s avowed castration complex - another story for another day, perhaps). Bit of a chill in the air - where"s the impish Fahey from earlier? Unmistakably working through some psychic wounds here, we might think: the unheimlich rendered in glistening viscera. Or is he playing with our notions of authenticity, of his reputation as troubadour of raw emotional states, a pilgrim of the ominous, the simmering unconscious? These cards are kept decidedly close to the vest. The opening and closing pieces again feature Fahey"s guitar as drone soundbed - employing distortion, oscillation, and an altogether absurd quotient of reverb to create texture and harmonics that are - if we wanna go there - not dissimilar to the sustained tonic clusters of Tibetan singing bowls, the hurdy gurdy, Hindustani classical music, or La Monte freaking Young. Portions of this material appeared on obscure late "90s vinyl in the 7" or double-78 rpm format, but as a "session" it has lain dormant more than a quarter century now. Taken together, we can now see these tracks as secret blueprints to latter-day Fahey provocations, several years prior to records like 1997"s City of Refuge and Womblife.) 30.00


LATHE OF HEAVEN - Bound By Naked Skies LP (sacred bones - back in stock - With little more under their belt than a relentless string of live performances, and a twice pressed (subsequently sold out) Self-Titled Demo, NYC based band Lathe of Heaven have proved themselves to be a potent and cohesive element amidst the torrent of hardcore punk and synth-driven pop revival currently proliferation throughout the U.S. underground. Formed in 2021, the band features members of noteworthy Brooklyn based projects such as Pawns, People’s Temple, Porvenir Oscuro, Android, Hustler And more. Though this roster of past and alternate musical endeavors exposes a diverse range of genre and skill sets, Lathe of Heaven Can only be understood as a departure from such influences, exploring a sound entirely of its own. Now nearly two years later, Lathe of Heaven Are finally prepared to unleash their debut Full Length Bound by Naked Skies. With careful consideration, thiseleven track blends elements of British New-Wave and Finnish Post-Punk into a nuanced juxtaposition of 80s sonic mania. Incorporating themes of classic and contemporary Science-Fiction, Bound by Naked Skiesindebts itself as much to its literary influences as it does to the music that informs its unique and deliber-ate sound. Paying powerful homage to the uncanny worlds of authors Arthur C. Clarke, Octavia Butler, Ken Liuand of course Ursula Le Guin (whose novel the band is named after), themes of cosmology (“Ekpyrosis”), simulation (“Her-alds of the Circuit-Born”), mental illness (“Moon-Driven Sea”), and ontology (“Entropy,” “The Spider” etc.), weave implicitly throughout the arch of the record, providing a sense of insight into the minds of those plagued by the ambiguous nature of humankind’s terrifying and not-so-distant future. ) 27.00


LEWSBERG - Lewsberg LP (Originally self-released by the band in Holland and now available worldwide. Riveting chugger of blase threat and moral ambivalence for fans of Television, Talking Heads, Velvet Underground and Parquet Courts. There’s a bit of romance, a bit of heartbreak, and a bit of joyous celebration: the constituency of human nature.) 25.00


LEWSBERG - In Your Hands LP (back in stock - Sometimes change comes with big shocks, sometimes it comes with small steps. On 'In Your Hands' Lewsberg's new album a bit of both seems to be happening. Take the second song, 'The Corner'. A remarkably discreet song; a violin plays a simple melody, a gentle drum loop keeps its finger on the pulse. "This brick is a brick to build", it sounds, though a little later: "This brick is a brick to throw". A brick offers many possibilities, for those who want to see it. One time as a part of something bigger to come, the next time just as a simple stone, left on the ground. After all, most things are relative. Sometimes one can achieve more by breaking something than by building something. If you think you can determine which of these two is needed, you'd be fooling yourself. 'In Your Hands' embodies the moment when all the bricks are there, but the wall has yet to be built. It's a moment with perspective, a moment where everything still seems possible, but caution is advised. The album sounds both smaller and more spacious than the previous albums. ) 25.00


LEWSBERG - Out And About LP (diy - Dutch four-piece Lewsberg are set to release their fourth studio album, 'Out And About' in September 2023. Since forming in 2016, Lewsberg have gone from strength to strength. Despite never really considering themselves as a ‘productive band’, together they have released three LPs, one EP and a series of cassettes and 7”s including 2022’s "Six Hills" which was released via Speedy Wunderground's singles series. Lewsberg are named after writer and fellow Rotterdammer Robert Loesberg, famous for his dangerous novel 'Enige Defecten' from 1974. This is one of the band’s main sources of inspiration: the counterculture and big-city cynicism of the 1960s and 1970s. Yet there is also a softer side to Lewsberg’s music and lyrics. On their upcoming album 'Out And About', this side is more present than ever. Rudimentary pop and rock songs are deliberately kept bare, only occasionally embellished with a violin or organ part. In the lyrics, the tendency towards existentialism and black humour is nuanced with an almost naive openness and engagement. Recorded in Amsterdam in Spring 2023 with producer Yulya Divakova, 'Out And About' sees founding members Shalita Dietrich (vocals, bass guitar), Michiel Klein (guitar) and Arie van Vliet (vocals, guitar, violin) joined for the first time on record by drummer and vocalist Marrit Meinema, who joined the band in the Autumn of 2021. ) 25.00


LOMELDA - Hannah LP (double double whammy - "Hannah" is the highly anticipated full length follow up to Lomelda's critically acclaimed 2017 album "Thx" and 2019 EP "M for Empathy". Performed, engineered, and produced by Lomelda's Hannah Read and brother Tommy Read in their hometown of Silsbee, Texas, "Hannah" is Lomelda's most fully realized and accomplished collection of songs to date.) 26.00


LOMELDA - Thx LP (double double - Lomelda's breakout album "Thx" filled with intimate, textural soundscapes and pressed on Oxblood vinyl. Both wondrous and isolating, full of possibility and ripe for loneliness. This polarity — to calm or frighten, to connect or alienate, threads through Thx. Lomelda is a project that songwriter Hannah Read has been cultivating since high school; it has been a band in varied forms, but always with her at its magnetic center. Originally from Silsbee, Tx., Read's music is colored by her experience growing up in a tiny town in a huge state. Thx has its share of allusions to interstates, coasts and car windows, and several of the songs on Thx — like "Far Out," "Interstate Vision" and "From Here" — bear out the theme.) 26.00


MILOJKOVIC TRIO - Milojkovic Trio LP (soft office - “The first musical encounter between the members of the Milojkovic Trio occurred on a summer day in 2015. A gas leak in Jesper’s home forced us outside, where we had to wait for a plumber to fix the problem. At a given moment, Jesper’s upstairs neighbour, Jasmina, came outside carrying her accordion. I’m not sure anymore whether she actually played it herself that day, but I do remember the plumber playing the accordion quite well, after he had taken care of the gas leak. Six years later, in 2021, Jasmina and Jesper decided to make music together. Shortly after, I joined. Jasmina would first prepare lunch, after which we would make music. Jasmina taught us songs from Serbia and Macedonia; music which we weren’t that familiar with yet. After some time, we made a plan to record something, and from that moment onwards we started rehearsing more. At some point during the course of 2022 we felt ready and so we started recording, using Jasmina’s living room as a recording studio. The result is this album with ten traditional songs from Jasmina’s native soil.” ) 25.00


NUZZLE - No Love Like That: Stanford Sessions 1997 LP (solid brass - Originally recorded for a shortly lived Sub Pop subsidiary, these previously unreleased recordings became the stuff of lore for fans of 90s west coast indie music. Essentially a demo and precursor to Nuzzle’s 1999 LP "San Lorenzo’s Blues", these tracks are more raw, energetic, and representative of Nuzzle’s live shows. Newly remixed and mastered, "No Love Like That: Stanford Sessions 1997", is quintessential Nuzzle at their pinnacle.) 35.00


PHANTOM BAY - Underground LP (prod - New 12" by PHANTOM BAY from Bremen play emotive dark but catchy punk with some 90ies influence. Phantom Bay toured Europe with Los Angeles-based Militarie Gun and opened for hardcore heavyweights Turnstile and One Step Closer.) 25.00


PHANTOM BAY - Phantom Bay LP (Krod — Transparent Green Vinyl - Debut LP by PHANTOM BAY from Bremen - catchy melodic driven hardcore in the vein of Title Fight or Touche Amore) 26.00


PLEASURE FOREVER - Distal LP (solid brass - Cabaret-darkwave-psych-synth-post rock band Pleasure Forever (ex: The VSS, Rabbits, Red Sparowes) have emerged from a 20 year hiatus with their latest offering since 2003's "Alter" on Sub Pop. Incorporating elements from bands like Nick Cave, The VSS, CAN, Cluster, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Damned, Scott Walker, and Crime and the City Solution, Pleasure Forever paints a sonic tapestry that is quite unlike anything you've heard.) 33.00


PUBLIC RELATIONS - Public Relations LP + Zine (A group of eight musicians and writers came together on the island of Vlieland in December 2021, to do whatever they felt like doing. The group: Pelumi Adejumo, Ricky Cherim (Meetsysteem), Yulya Divakova (Giant Julie), Marvin Lalihatu (Animistic Beliefs), Adura Sulaiman (Future Husband), Sanam Tahmasebi (Sanamika), Arie van Vliet (Lewsberg) and Yvonne Zeegers. The result: this 19-track album called ‘Public Relations’, filled with music, poetry and field recordings. Plus a zine about everything the group talked about on the island.) 28.00


ROBERT TURMAN - Distant Dosage LP (distant - Turman first came onto the industrial scene in the late 70’s as the ominous ‘other half’ of legendary noise outfit NON. Shortly after recording the classic 1977 single Mode of Infection, Turman went on to pursue his own unique vision as a solo artist. Fusing every possible influence at his disposal while laying his ideas down on self-released cassettes like Flux (1981), Spirals of Everlasting Change (1987), Way Down (1987) and the massive Chapter Eleven cassette box set (1988). After a hiatus Turman resurfaced in 2005 to team up with seminal noise musician Aaron Dilloway. Since then, he has been gradually adding new titled to his already impressive discography. For this archival release Turman selected 7 tracks that were recorded between 1980 and 1984. A welcome supplement to his library of avantgarde music that was released in the 80s. This album fits in nicely between the early industrial noise, the long-form minimalism of Flux and the rhythmic industrial of Way Down. Focusing on slowly shifting hypnotic loop-based layers of sound, it covers a specific side of Turman. It feels like there’s a direct link to his earliest works but it’s also a precursor to some pieces that were recorded much later. A missing link that finally gives us the opportunity of a complete overview of his early audio work.) 26.00


THE UNDERGROUND YOUTH - Mademoiselle LP (fuzz club - Ltd grey vinyl LP! Manchester's/Berlin's The Underground Youth have built an impressive back catalogue of seven full-length albums. Now again their highly sought-after album Mademoiselle is being given a physical release by Fuzz Club. The story of Mademoiselle is a testament to the power of great music being able to reach an audience, regardless of the fact the artist might be unsigned, underground and almost unheard of. Originally released in 2010 and only available online, Mademoiselle has piled up millions of views on YouTube, and saw The Underground Youth acquire a cult following at a ferocious pace. The album has continued to endear audiences with its bluesy psychedelic-leaning, based on beautifully crafted lyricism and a sculpted sound. Layers of reverb-drenched, folk-indebted guitars and forlorn vocals bleed over hypnotising, monolithic drums to create a record that is 46 minutes of lethargic, lo-fi psych mastery.) 28.00


V/A - Prends Le Temps D'écouter LP (born bad - Bandes musicales, expérimentations sonores et chansons folkloriques gratuites par les enfants des classes Freinet 1962-1982. Tape music, sound experiments and free folk songs by children from Freinet classes 1962-1982. France, early sixties: the Mouvement de l'École moderne is in full bloom. Relying on the experiments and writings of its founder, the educationist Célestin Freinet, this consortium of teachers is about to give empirical evidence proving that another approach to music in school can be fruitful, distancing itself from government directives. With its pragmatic, anti-authoritarian tack, the method that Freinet was already developing in the 1920s held children in respect, giving them confidence and autonomy. In a Europe that was just beginning to recover from WWI, Freinet was working concomitantly with the historical burgeoning of active learning promoted by other great educationists such as Montessori in Italy, Decroly in Belgium or Ferrière in Switzerland, notably within the Ligue international pour l'Éducation nouvelle…. )25.00


V/A - Fralst! - Swedish Christian Grooves 1969-1979 DLP (subliminal sound - This 2LP album collection presents some of the best and unique music that could be found on rare records released by the Swedish Christian communities between 1969-1979. Between doubt and faith, there was way out pop, gospel, funk, rock and psychedelic sounds with wah-wah fuzz guitars and conga rhythms. The common determinator: to spread the Christian message through music. Several of these cuts are from ultra-rare records that are known only to collectors, while others are from records so obscure that only a few copies are known to exist. One can compare some of the musical expressions of the Swedish Free Churches with the burgeoning Swedish “progg” music movement of the time. They share the same experimental musical moods, lyrical messages about love and community, justice, and international solidarity, but the recordings presented here also incorporate the Holy Trinity. Like the man it praised, much of this music was misunderstood in its time. But to a new generation of listeners, whether they seek salvation or soulfulness, these tracks may be a gospel that finally reaches its true believers.) 36.00