Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 01 August 2022

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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly News 01 August 2022

Hi. Welcome to the first newsletter for August. A bunch of cool records arrived like restock of the ANADOL - Felicita LP, the new CLOSER - All This Will Be LP, EIKO ISHIBASHI - For McCoy LP, JOHANNES FRITSCH - Kyo Mu / Hochtöner LP re issue, NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS - In Dub LP, OVERO - Waiting for the End to Begin LP, PETER REHBERG - at GRM LP, HÜSTLER - s/t LP, WARTHOG - s/t (5th) 7“, ASTRID ØSTER MORTENSEN - Skærsgårdslyd LP restock, STIFF RICHARDS - State Of Mind LP, SYNDROME 81 - Prisons Imaginaires LP, THE CHISEL LP restock, STRAW MAN ARMY restock of both LPs, HOMEFRONT LP restock and more


We also started a pre order for two upcoming ADAGIO830 Tape releases. Once the debut Tape be BERLIN`s BRAK (noisy no wave punk with peeps of URIN) and the new NADJA as a ltd TAPE of 50 copies. You can check them out / preorder on


Til then thank you for all your orders & support.


Robert & Norman




SOLANAS / ALGAE BLOOM / YOU'LL LIVE / GOOD TIMES – Split 7“ (After their sophomore Long Player ‚Moving Past This‘ it became pretty quiet around Ford Lauderdale’s screamo quartet. Now, more than two years later, You’ll live finally reports back with a brand new track, which will be released on their upcoming collaboration with San Francisco-based twinkle daddies, good times, as well as Algae Bloom and Solanas, two of UK’s finest. Released through Old Press Records (US) and Not So Happy Records (Europe), the four-way split contains one song each band. Closing the record, You’ll Live’s ‚Still Feel The Same‘ starts with a sparkling midwest emo riff before vocalist Inman’s despair bursts through, asking: „Could you be the one who points me in the right direction?“. Just like the fore-gone album, the song is carried by the well-written and intimate lyrics. The recorded conglomerate of intense vocals and the pleasant instrumental part contributes to an incredibly compiled split release, making it one of the most interesting releases of the new year so far.) 7.00


WARTHOG - s/t (5th) 7“ (static shock - WARTHOG always takes their time with releasing new music, but you know it will always be worth the wait. Marking their ten year anniversary as a band, Larry and Co finally bring you their long awaited fifth EP. Written in Brooklyn last winter, the new ep delivered three tracks of their trademark sound. Everything is fine-tuned and sounding stronger than ever. Digital Tumor might even be their best track yet. You didn’t think that they would let you down, did you? The EP comes in a pocket sleeve with brand new artwork from longtime collaborator Alex Heir and lyric sheet. Recorded by Sasha Stroud, mixed by Will Killingsworth and mastered by Arthur Rizk.) 10.00





ANADOL - Felicita LP (“Whether it is traditional or contemporary, we need to be authentic,” says Gözen Atila who performs as Anadol. “I don't claim that I am authentic but this is what I want to achieve.” A sense of authentic exploration, introspection and celebration coats every inch of Anadol’s latest album. After 2019’s Uzun Havalar she returns with an album that continues to explore a variety of deeply embedded musical traditions while also hurtling into new terrain. The music and influences - as well as the history, culture and geography behind them - that make up Atila as an artist all coalesce to create something entirely new. The result is something that is simultaneously exploring history and tradition while harnessing innovative modern sounds and techniques. “If there is any tradition I am somehow connected to, or influenced by, then it’s multi-genres,” she says. “Such as Turkish Pop and Arabesk music from this country where I grew up. There is a connection to folk and also French pop or Flamenco, Middle Eastern melodies and orchestration, Greek adaptations, Kenny G. solos, American guitars.” ) 27.00


ASTRID ØSTER MORTENSEN - Skærsgårdslyd LP (discreet - The much anticipated second album from Astrid Øster Mortensen. New in Gothenburg, the Denmark-born Astrid started to frequent the Discreet Music shop in the summer of 2020. Coincidentally, around the same time Gustaf Dicksson was looking for a Danish vocalist for his upcoming Blod album Missväxt and one thing quickly led to another. Not only did Astrid contribute with vocals for said record but one day she handed us a master of her own music that completely floored us. The recordings eventually materalized as the Gro Mig En Blomst LP which was released in a small edition on Förlag För Fri Musik in March 2021. The album has been living its own life since then. Just as with the debut album, Skærgårdslyd was recorded in the southern Gothenburg archipelago. Recorded in early 2021, the album was inspired by the windy island landscapes while walking the same nature paths over and over again, working in the elder care and occasionally visiting the city. Compared to the dreamy and almost sketch-like but fairly direct music on the debut album, Skærgårdslyd takes its time to fully unfold, moving forward slowly with guitar, fiddle, church organ, piano and field recordings. The songs are longer, richer in texture and more contemplative and subtle in their nature, sort of mimicking the isolated island life. The use of vocals is rather sparse and we have to wait until the last few minutes of the A-side with 'Hvem Er Det Som Stjæler Min Ungdom' before Astrid's voice enters for the first time. There's a wonderful and tactile hands-on approach to both the recording and compositions, much in spirit with the Forlaget Kornmod collective which Astrid shares a kinship with. Mastered by Joakim Karlsson. Comes with two inserts, one of which is a A3 foldout poster. Edition of 1000 copies.) 27.00


BELONG – October ​Language LP (mego - »October Language« is the debut album by New Orleans based duo Belong, comprised of Turk Dietrich and Mike Jones. Since it's release in early 2006, Belongs debut masterpiece has accumulated a dedicated cult following, with comparisons to the work of Christian Fennesz and Gas, with some claims that it plays like My Bloody Valentine's »Loveless« sans the songs. While these comparisons are useful for filing this album into a particular bin in the record shop, time has proven that »October Language« is a unique album which remains unmatched by its contemporaries. Despite the warm and welcome accolades of the albums arrival, there was no vinyl pressing until 2009, of which a limited one-time pressing vanished immediately.) 20.00


BÖRN - Drottningar Dauðans LP (iron lung - From the dreary, isolated sheet of frozen brilliance that is Ísland, BÖRN returns from a seven year slumber to unleash "Drottningar Dauðans" (Queens of Death)! Nine prickly post-punk slashers baring their teeth on subject matter ranging from social paranoia to full autonomy to drowning in hair. There is a lot of pressure in today's world to be a part of some systemic continuum or to follow a pre-laid path to civic adulthood. Fuck that shit! BÖRN exists outside of any norm or expectation and that is exactly where we like our punk to spring from. 500 copies of 150gr black vinyl housed in a minimal printed inner sleeve tucked into a 24pt reverse board black flooded jacket. Writing, recording and art by BÖRN. Mixing and mastering by Will Killingsworth.) 25.00


CLOSER - All This Will Be LP (Full length album from New York's CLOSER. The band features members of Real Life Buildings, the post hardcode ones. Closer is three-piece heavy emo / post-hardcore formed in Brooklyn, NY in 2016. Ryann Slauson, Griffin Irvine, and Matthew Van Asselt had all been playing together and separately in various other projects for many years, but this is the first joint songwriting venture the three have undertaken together. The band began when Matt and Ryann ran into each other outside of a practice space and made a spur of the moment plan to play together later that day. The first closer song was made up on the spot. Griffin joined on shortly after and the three quickly released a demo and began playing shows. ) 15.00


CROSSED - Morir LP (For fans of: Cursed, Tentacles, and Majority Rule. The sophomore full length from Spain’s CROSSED is every bit as angry and disgusting as it’s predecessor, but the band implements a few different experimental injections that merge the sounds of crust, post-hardcore, and sludge. Still screamy as fuck and downright devastating, though. More gorgeous art and packaging from Rodrigo, with a stunning screened b-side. Right now two tracks are available but as of April 8th, 2022 all 10 jams will be in hand to punch you in the face.) 15.00


DEWA ALIT & GAMELAN SALUKAT - Chasing the Phantom LP (black truffle - Dewa Alit, Bali’s master of contemporary Gamelan composition, returns to Black Truffle with Chasing the Phantom, presenting two recent works played by the composer’s Gamelan Salukat, a large ensemble that performs on instruments specially built to his designs, using a unique tuning system that combines notes from two traditional Balinese Gamelan scales. Alit explains that the ensemble’s name suggests “a place to fuse creative ideas to generate new, innovative works” and both compositions demonstrate the composer’s ability to wring stunning new possibilities from variations on the traditional Gamelan ensemble. While using familiar elements of Balinese Gamelan music, such as unison scalar melodies and stop-start dynamics, Alit’s music is overflowing with harmonic, rhythmic, and timbral inventions, the latter often facilitated by unorthodox playing techniques.) 27.00


EIKO ISHIBASHI - For McCoy LP (black truffle - Black Truffle is pleased to announce For McCoy, a new work by Eiko Ishibashi dedicated to the widely loved character of Jack McCoy, portrayed by Sam Waterston in Law & Order. Following on from Hyakki Yagyō (BT064), For McCoy finds Ishibashi further exploring the unique space she has carved out in recent years, bringing together musique concrète techniques, ECM-inspired jazz, lush layers of synths and hints of pop into immersive and affecting structures crafted in her home studio, aided by a group of close collaborators.) 26.00


FONTAINES D.C. - Dogrel LP (partisan - I've never heard of them. Seriously, I've never heard of them. They made four hotly received double A-side singles last year which I never knew about and got airplay on Steve Lamacq (which I never heard) and have played sold out shows across Europe which I never attended. Turns out they play snotty indie/post-punk with vocals that seem to sit somewhere between Mark E. Smith and Cathal Coughlan. But what do I know?  ) 25.00


HÜSTLER - s/t LP (sorry state - Both of Hüstler’s cassette releases for Sorry State Records sold out almost instantly, so compiling those two cassettes for Hüstler’s first vinyl record was a no-brainer. Hüstler burst through the gate on their first tape with one of the most distinctive voices in the contemporary underground, smashing together elements of punk, death rock, and metal into a sound that is both anthemic and intense. Their second tape only upped the ante, widening their stylistic scope while leaning into the crowd-pleasing choruses and mosh parts. We’re very proud to present Hüstler’s early years on the format that matters.) 25.00


JAKOB BATTICK -  Rabbit's Moon LP (diy - Rabbit's Moon is the culmination of three years of songs shifting shape, transforming and stretching over time like ghosts trapped on a series of deteriorating tapes. The oldest of these six songs, "Palms on Bonita", has been gestating since before Jakob Battick's 2018 debut To Be Born Again & Again was released, and it's grown three times in size since its conception, following a winding, esoteric path all its own along the way. Here, 'the song' is malleable material written to be warped and bent into an afterlife beyond traditional songwriting convention. Songs are draped in layers of shimmering sound, hovering according to the outsider logic of their own anti-gravity arrangements, and even allowed to lapse into a nebulous, half-speed crawl. This is the natural next step in Jakob's evolution, embracing drone and post-minimalist hypnotism at its core, and burrowing deeper into the slow motion shadows at the heart of the songs than ever before.) 25.00


JAN BRUYNDONCKS - Rails And Other Tracks LP (megaphone - First ever release of concrete and electronic collage works by Belgian underground sound explorer Jan Bruyndonckx. This album contains autonomous compositions, music for film and documentary; all independently recorded in his private studio between 1958 and 1965. A small collection of adventurous and mysterious sound evocations with text/poetry (Paul De Vree) recited by Julien Schoenaerts.) 26.00


JOHANNES FRITSCH - Kyo Mu / Hochtöner LP (Metaphone - Kyo Mu’ and ‘Hochtöner’ both reveal a mesmerizing symbiosis of innovative sound exploration and visionary interior music, a sublime compound of fine-drawn intricate arrangements skillfully projected in space and time, or perhaps beyond space and time.  Johannes Fritsch (1941–2010) was an award-winning composer, musician, publisher, studio owner, author and music teacher. He studied viola and composition with Bernd Alois Zimmermann and was member of the Stockhausen Ensemble from 1964 to 1970. Together with Rolf Gehlhaar and David Johnson (also from the Stockhausen Ensemble) he established the Feedback Studio Köln and the Feedback Studio Verlag, the first publishing house owned by composers in Germany. Fritsch’s complex musical estate consists of approximately 130 works: it covers electronic music, chamber music, ballet, theatre and film music, organ compositions, an opera and pieces for large orchestras. Although Fritsch’s compositions are varied, all of them convey a strong interest in new sound combinations and sound colours. ) 30.00


KLAS TROLLIUS - Sånger Till En Människa LP (discreet - The fourth release from Discreet Music is another seemingly out-of-nowhere debut album from an Gothenburg artist. To people in Gothenburg, Klas Trollius is probably best known as a DJ and a visual artist, but the origins of this collection of songs goes back to as far as 2010 when the very first version of the exceptional opening track 'Över Ett Fält' was recorded. On Sånger Till En Människa, Klas Trollius explores the connection between music and place, letting specific location recordings become an important part of each track. The reworked 'Över Ett Fält, a loose interpretation of John Martyns' 'Over The Hill', is a 8 minute+ epic that immediately sets the tone and mood for the rest of the album with it's acoustic guitar, hushed vocals and heavy use of field recordings. The shorter 'Koltrast' is the closest we come to a fully realized acoustic pop song, Klas himself citing Razorcuts' fantastic 'Sorry To Embarass You' and several shoegaze songs as an influence. More improvised tracks like 'Gitarr, Klockspel Och Isdemoner' and 'Isdemoner För Flöjt, Trumma Och Vind' fully lets the nature become one with the instrumentaion in the spirit of Schwarzwaldfahrt or something from the Jewelled Antler Collective. Truly bewildering organic music. The record is dedicated to the memory of his Father, King Tubby and Elsa Grave. Full colour reverse board sleeves with three inserts. Including artist printed insert made with several runs through laser printer on slightly textured 120g colored paper. Mastered by Joakim Karlsson. Edition of 400 copies.) 26.00


MASADA - II LP (On their second album, which is simply titled "II", Masada combine all bits of screamo elements the listeners love about that music: Guitars which can be dissonant and distorted as well as melodic and clean, a heavy and driving bass that makes the music as fluent and groovy as possible, pounding and fast drums, and harsh screamed as well as sweet and beautiful singing vocals. II is an exquisite album for all people whose hearts beat for raw screamo-/post-hardcore-ish music.) 15.00


NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS - In Dub LP (Edition of 300 copies, printed inner sleeve, spot gloss varnish - Back in 1980, The Pump sessions prefigured Nocturnal Emissions. The same personnel (Nigel and Daniel Ayers + Caroline K) was later credited in the first NE performance in March 1981. Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire opened a path and a kind of DIY sound collage practice became popular in the underground. More punk than punk, right? With synth, bass, guitar and vocals, The Pump could almost be mistaken for a new wave band, but it was the start of a long, prolific and eclectic journey for Nigel Ayers, sole member of Nocturnal Emissions for quite a while now. Although it is not at all obvious, by 1980 Nigel had been exposed to a few dub tricks and mainly the otherwordly spatial sounds and breaks: «In the late 70s I became aware that dub producers such as Lee Scratch Perry, Prince Far I - and sound systems - were doing something with sound that was a very new and different approach. It was in the separation of recorded sound into very spatial elements, working very sculpturally with sound. I had absorbed the space concerns of Hendrix years before I got into dub, and the spatial elements within Gong, Hawkwind, early Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, etc. When we did The Pump, we lived in Brixton and spent a lot of time absorbing dub in the streets and shebeens.») 26.00


OVERO - Waiting for the End to Begin LP (Texas emotive hardcore band Overo released their second LP, Waiting for the End to Begin. This release sees the band pushing harder in all directions with tracks that are harsher, softer, and more experimental than the band’s debut. Mariachi strings, synths, acoustic guitar, trumpet, 80’s hardcore beatdowns, and other unexpected sounds weave in and out against the band’s hallmark call-and-response vocals. For fans of: Yaphet Kotto, Daitro, Raein, Touché Amore, Defeater) 15.00


PUNCH ON! / OVERO / ZOCHOR / COMA REGALIA - Another Year In Hell LP (Transatlantic 4-way split LP from these emo/screamo bands.) 15.00


PEACE DE RESISTANCE - Bits and Pieces LP (sorry state - Moses Brown of Texas punk bands Institute and Glue released his first cassette under the name Peace de Résistance - a solo project where he plays all the instruments - in October 2020. That cassette found Brown bouncing his growing songwriting chops off the fuzz-drenched Zamrock sound of Paul Ngozi, Witch, and Amanaz. However, Bits and Pieces - Peace de Résistance’s first full-length and first vinyl release - has a wider vista. Brown describes the sound as “demented glam rock,” and while you can hear remnants of the Zamrock influence in the sinuously melodic fuzz guitar, the more pertinent frames of reference are Diamond Dogs -era Bowie, 70s Lou Reed, and Iggy’s The Idiot and Lust for Life. Bits and Pieces recalls those records’ potent combination of artistic ambition, street-level rock and roll swagger, and pop charm, but filtered through the DIY punk aesthetics of Brown’s previous work. Lyrically, the album documents life on the fringes in a hyper-surveilled 2020s America, with songs like “Don’t 1099 Me,” “We Got the Right to Be Healthy,” and “Exploitation” wrenching plainspoken poetry from an existence that will be all too familiar to anyone at odds with capitalism. After nine timeless art-rock songs, Bits and Pieces lets us down gently with “Sitting in Disguise.” This motorik-inspired instrumental offers a rickety, dilapidated update of Neu!’s seamless futurism, implying that the only appropriate response to our predicament is to keep moving forward.) 25.00


PETER REHBERG - at GRM LP (mego - On 22 July 2021, Peter Rehberg passed away, leaving a great emptiness in his wake. Many initiatives have already celebrated or will soon celebrate his memory and the titanic work he put at the service of so many artists - a whole musical community, in fact - through Editions Mego. INA grm, Shelter Press and Stephen O’Malley, who are continuing some of the collaborative Editions Mego sub-labels (Recollection GRM, Portraits GRM and Ideologic Organ), wanted to pay tribute more specifically to the musician Peter Rehberg, and to his immense talent.) 22.00


SHIBUYA - Apolo LP (Shibuya has always wanted to reflect a mix of feelings based on screamo/post-hardcore influences. And on their second album, Apolo shows that even with the disappointments there is this emphasis to fight for the best of each one, and perhaps, to find your place once again. Apolo moves between light and darkness and how we learn to face the most difficult moments of life with the sole purpose of being able to enjoy it. For that we must face against the adversity, fight the enemies and obstacles that come our way, feel the support of our allies and loved ones, praise the immensity of beasts and nature, admire the beauty of every moment, enjoy our memories, the music... These are advantages and gifts that are given to us and that help us live a another day to continue fighting for all of this. Screamo/Emotive Post Hardcore from Valencia in Spain. If you're into Daitro, Øjne or early Viva Belgrado you'll love this.) 15.00


SNAKE - undreams LP (sounds of - In Germany, there is a word called Gram, which is not so common anymore and describes a persistent, gnawing sorrow. In my quest to put into words the music of "Undreams," the second album from the Stockholm-based three-piece band, this word kept coming to mind. Fascinatingly frozen by the fragile beauty in which the songs are written, the minimalist, unfiltered rawness captivates me and yet always reflects the sound of this brokenness on one's own being like a mirror. "Undreams" comes seven years after the debut album "Cradle of Snake". These seven years have done the band more than good. The dark sound of their songs has nothing in common with the adolescent melancholy of some contemporaries. It is not egocentric or even narcissistic, but and forgive me this word, because it is equally uncommon in this context, caring. He wraps you gently like your favorite blanket on a gray autumn day, gives you soft, flickering light on a nightly walk, he comforts quietly, knowing full well that danger is not banished by a hum, he says the world is not a good place, but we have it in our hands, as long as we stick together, to change that. It may sound presumptuous, but "Undreams" showcases all the skills Mia, Tess and Frankie have acquired over the years in their bands and solo projects. It is an album drawn by life experience, dark, but also powerful, thunderous, energetic. "Undreams" is an album of three women who face life in all its facets. It was recorded, like the previous one, by Stefan Brändström at The Dustward Studio in Stockholm. Snake wanted to get as close as possible to the atmosphere of the rehearsal room and make the album a reflection of what the band heard and felt during rehearsals. "With the power of 'Me Too' in our hearts, we've been working through the album process since the wave in 2017.) 20.00


STIFF RICHARDS - State Of Mind LP (drunken sailor - First things first - you don’t need me to tell you about the significance of Australia in the history of punk. I mean, what am I, Jon Savage? Google it yourself, FFS. Instead, let’s just agree that the speedy, feral racket thrown together by the likes of The Saints, Radio Birdman and The Scientists in the mid-late ‘70s is AT LEAST as deliriously entertaining as anything concocted by their UK/US counterparts, sowing the seeds for seemingly endless garage-inflected noisemakers in the land down under. No one likes using words like ‘tradition’ or ‘heritage’ here - the punk rock clusterbomb is far too messy for any of that business - but also emerging from Australian rock’s primordial soup is the addictive sneer of Stiff Richards. Like their predecessors, the band are a gleefully wracked mess of full throttle energy and barrelling power chords, with songs like ‘Kids Out On The Grass’ and ‘Point of You’ proving at least the equal of ‘(I’m) Stranded’ or ‘Aloha Steve And Danno’. Nine tracks in less than 30 minutes, all winners and all determined to leave you flipping over couches and smashing your TV set. And let’s face it, you may as well; there’s nothing good on.) 25.00


SYNDROME 81 - Prisons Imaginaires LP (sabotage - Between the quays, the docks, the cranes and the Brest arsenal, it’s been almost 10 years since Syndrome 81 got down to the heavy task of bringing 80's punk rock up to date. In just a few EPs, the band has become one of the best representatives of a new French scene internationally. Syndrome 81 manages the perfect blend of various influences of the second punk wave, from the american hardcore of Negative Approach to the french punk-rock of Camera Silens by way of the cold english punk of Blitz. Like an endless wandering in a drifting society, Syndrome 81’s music and lyrics are rough and cold. With Prisons Imaginaires, the songs become even more effective, and we can already imagine the next shows where the public will sing along to the brilliantly formulated refrains. Syndrome 81 describes the spleen of everyday life and the boredom of life in Brest, far from everything, like no other. Syndrome 81's first full length was long overdue but this time was used wisely to deliver a perfect album.) 20.00


TOSHI ICHIYANAGI / MICHAEL RANTA / TAKEHISA KOSUGI - Improvisation Sep. 1975 LP (metaphone - Toshi Ichiyanagi, Michael Ranta and Takehisa Kosugi originally got together in the summer of 1975 for an open-air concert in Sapporo. The concert felt like a great success but was unfortunately not recorded. As the desire arose to record together, they managed to arrange a studio session in the NHK Studio in Tokyo, with presence of sound engineers. What was supposed to be a soundcheck for this session became the session itself: a haunting 50-minute séance of intense avantgarde improvisation using a large instrumentation and live processing (tape echo, ring modulation, phasing). A trident travelogue of the momentum masterfully controlled by the ensemble spirit, transcending the boundaries of psychedelic underground. ) 27.00


YOUNG MOUNTAIN - Infraröd LP (The Gothenburg based art collective Young Mountain is returning after a two-year-long silence. Infraröd is the result of countless recording sessions in the rehearsal room as the world outside was set ablaze by the rising forces of fascism and economical-inequality. This is a record about isolation, sorrow and atonement. But most of all it is a farewell to the loved ones that we have lost. Young Mountain giving proof that they are unique in combining Screamo, Metal and Shoegaze to another level. Recorded and mixed at the legendary studio Welfare Sounds by producer Per Stålberg.) 17.00





ALGAE BLOOM / FOXTAILS - split TAPE (damnfine - Foxtails bring 2 tracks to the table, featuring their unique brand of technical screamo, with clean, dissonant instrumentation and maniacal, haunting vocals. Just listen to the throat-shrieking climax of "Cucaracho" to hear everything incredible about this band. Algae Bloom bring this split home with the final 4 tracks. They come through with a warm, fret-frenzied style of midwestern emo that teeters between melancholic and melodic. Vocally, they top it off with some hoarse screaming, giving these would-be calm songs a shot of incredible desperation. The highlight on their side would probably have to be those syncopated breaks on "Understanding In Negative", though this whole split is nothing short of awesome.) 6.00


BLAQ HAMMER - Amerikakkkan Hammer TAPE (RECORDED IN SAN FRANCISCO, BERLIN AND DETROIT 2019-2021 - ALL SONGS RECORDED AND PRODUCED BY SETH SUTTON - Seth Sutton's (Useless Eaters, Exit Group, ÖPVN, Glaas et cetera) new solo project "Blaq Hammer" - Experimental Break Beat Electronica. ) 7.00


DET ÄR DÄRFÖR VI BYGGER STÄDER - collected TAPE (damn fine - all det är därför vi bygger städer tracks collected together on tape by damn fine tapes (austria)) 6.00


TRACHIMBROD - Leda TAPE (damnfine - Trachimbrod is a Screamo/Shoegaze band based in Stockholm/Malmö, Sweden. THROUGH LOVE RECORDS released their debut album "A Collection of Hidden Sketches" in 2012 and a 12" split with Swedish band Sore Eyelids the following year. Together with German Post Hardcore band and label mates FJØRT TRACHIMBROD toured 2013 through Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Their music is characterised by catchy drums and jangly guitar melodies combined with unique and emotional vocals. Even though the music tends to evolve from record to record, the unmistakable ‘Trachimbrod sound’ is always present.) 6.00