Bis aufs Messer Weekly News 005 April 2023

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Bis aufs Messer Weekly News 005 April 2023

Hi. Welcome to another newsletter for April. A bunch of cool stuff arrived like the new releases from Horn Of Plenty like new NEIN RODERE LP, the LITTLE SKULL - s/t LP and more, two new releases from KASUAL PLASTIK, the new DIE LETZTEN ECKEN LP called Talisman and restock their DIE LETZTEN ECKEN - Die letzten Ecken LP, KLEIBER - Ein Krieg Der Stille DLP (new band of Jens Rachut), TULIPS - Tangled In Transition 10“, LUNAR CHAMBER - Shambhallic Vibrations LP, CHARLES CURTIS / ALAN LICHT / DEAN ROBERTS - May 99 LP on Blank Forms, DON SLEPIAN - Sea Of Bliss LP (!!!) On Numero, ROB MAZUREK - EXPLODING STAR ORCHESTRA - Lightning Dreamers LP (!!!), EDEN AHBEZ - Eden’s Island DLP restock, V/A - Electronic Jugoton Vol. 1 - Synthetic Music From Yugoslavia 1980-1989 DLP restock, V/A - BIPPP : French Synth-Wave 1979/85 LP restock, V/A - Dirty French Psychedelics: Selected By Dirty Sound System LP restock, MIŠA BLAM - Sećanja LP, ES - Fantasy 7“, MV & EE - Green Ark DLP, TERRY - Call Me Terry LP (red vinyl) and moreee


We also add(ed) a few more second hand LPs and 7“s to our discogs


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ES - Fantasy 7“ (upset the rhythm - If Es’ debut album for Upset the Rhythm explored the “tension between intent and interpretation”, the London group’s 2023 EP, ‘Fantasy’, constructs a coda for resistance against the distorted gaze. A four-track contact-high anxiety amid fact and facsimile, the new release attempts to define a sound that still resonates in an increasingly confused public theatre, where cerebral dreams manifest in corrupt fascination. ) 14.00


GREYMOUTH - Twilight Furl 7“ (kashual plastic - We must show social conditions, not just songs." a wise music ethnologist once said. But how to transport environments into song sonics? The enigmatic duo Greymouth found a creative answer and sent their conceptions to Berlin Neukölln, right at the steps of the bustling Kashual Plastik office, where an unclear corpus of operative's fashion new sounding crypto currencies 24/7. Four tranquilized speed ballads waxed on 7inch vinyl, carrying drunken melodies, kraut-intoxicated grooves, and outlandish guitar fever, tuned in, and effected by the Japan based New Zealander’s Mark Sadgrove and Mark Anderson in their home, whose “room” is part of the creation. While the vinyl gently weeps, the listener gets immersed into the duo’s Mise en Scène, that stretches the spatial layout whilst the temporal formation melts merciless towards a locked groove that never comes. Electrified hallucinogenic wood music for cities, ensorcelled city blues music for woodlands. Droning, drifting, evoking, provoking. You might never get that close the psychedelic Greymouth conditions again!) 15.00


HYPNOTIC SLEEP / THE FULMERS - Autumn Glory 7“ (kashual plastic - “Is anybody really free, prisoners of the strange society, why is it we're forced to be products of the new reality? Drifting through time and space and all the while feeling out of place”, a late DIY spirit once asked into the blue. Years later, a soulmate uncalled answered, “Let the shadow rise high and turn me to stone, because I hold true to a god of my own. Don't need a rainbow to show me the way, I got my own religion, I'm a child of clay”. Now, almost twenty more years later, Kashual Plastik adds some layers on the conversation, delivering a split 7inch single by some modern castaways: German drummer, bass player, singer, and video artists Hypnotic Sleep and his lo-fi rock side project The Fulmars, that he runs with the enigmatic musician Sara aka Teacherface. Four songs, four foggy notions. Somewhere out there between The Velvets, The Make-Up garage, Dead Moon soft zones, Elodie Lauten Postminimalism, Party of One simplicity, folk drones, comedy, and tragedy. Hypnotic, minimalistic song gems hauntingly recorded by the directors of the shadowy Hüüpnootsche Platen Un Kassetten label from Hagen, Germany, a place where nobody knows where the drama begins. Yet, everybody feels when it hits. At least Hypnotic Sleep and The Fulmars, who wrapped their human condition into four evocative artworks. You can sense it everywhere, but never hear it. Invisible and all-powerful, they tell stories in a distinct language to which they alone have the key. We only can close the door, leave the sunshine out, and drift along through time and space, feeling thoroughly in place. ) 15.00


YFORY - s/t 7“ (static age - The debut four track 7” from Yfory feels like an instant jewel in the crown of modern punk. Sounding like a classic unknown gem from the golden era of post-punk 79-83, it has style, humour and demands, with vocals delivered mostly in the Welsh language. When Yfory are locked in and in full repetition mode their stuttering and jagged instrumentation and half spoken-half sung vocals sound like Life Without Buildings mixed with Malaria, while their faster numbers recall Wire or Kleenex / Liliput with an edge. ‘Pwy Chwaer?’ (‘Whose Sister?) tells of a union struggle exposing fault lines of feminist hypocrisy, Ailgylchu’ is a song about taking out the recycling that name checks global oil, self-driving cars, and private islands, while longest track Baled Y Dolmen is a search for salvation at the motorway services and Wales’ many standing stones, paying deliberate homage to cult Welsh band Datblygu. Made up of friends from four countries who’ve been active across international punk (in Diät, Good Throb, Barcelona, Idiota Civilizato and many besides) this is a distinct project made in Berlin that will after a single listen become one of your new daily pleasures. Yfory means tomorrow. ( Sean Forbes, Rough Trade )) 10.00





TULIPS - Tangled In Transition 10“ (Taking inspiration from the poems and writings of Sylvia Plath Tulips create a reflective and profound sound - deep and dreamy. Originating from the DIY Punkscene of Cologne (Germany), they blend pieces of dark synth pop and 80s wave punk. Tender senses of melancholy and the outstanding vocals take their music to another level. Reminiscences of old classics like Siouxsie and the Banshees or The Organ come to mind. The short minialbum “Tangled in Transition” was written over the last two years and follows their impressive debut LP “Easy Games”. ) 16.00






ALI SHAHEED MUHAMMAD & ADRIAN YOUNGE & LONNIE LISTON SMITH - Jazz Is Dead 17 LP (Limited Colored Vinyl. LA's Jazz Is Dead series is brilliant and always has been. The aim is to put younger and older jazz artists in the same studio and get them to work on music that tapes into both respective backgrounds, talents and perspectives. Adrian Younge is at the heart of it all and this 17th installment brings together cosmic jazz specialists Lonnie Liston Smith with Ali Shaheed Muhammad. Magic happens across a bunch of stylish new cuts that bring traditional and contemporary sounds together in innovative new ways. This is yet another crucial installment.) 35.00


AUTOBAHN - Ecstasy of Ruin LP (tough love - Reports of their demise have been greatly exaggerated - the North has risen again. Close to five years since their last record, Leeds denizens AUTOBAHN re-enter the fray with the release of their third record, Ecstasy of Ruin, on 28th April via Tough Love. Half a decade is both a long time and no time at all: forever changes while some things remain eternal… So it goes that AUTOBAHN may have re-emerged with many of the hallmarks of their characteristic blend of industrial post-punk intact, but under the bonnet they’re a much leaner, more focused machine. AUTOBAHN 3.0. If 2017’s The Moral Crossing was a record defined by its dramatic rhythm section, then it’s not insignificant that the 2023 incarnation of AUTOBAHN arrives shaved to a four piece and sans their previous drummer. The change necessitates an evolution. Live drums have given way to drum-machines and sample-based percussion, and with it see the band reconfigure their typically blackened aesthetic into a hardened take on Electronic Body Music. As with their previous record, it’s an entirely self-produced collection, recorded between two self-built studios on a range of analogue equipment, the ghosts of their industrial forefathers haunting the circuits. Indeed, some of Ecstasy of Ruin was made with pieces salvaged from Martin Hannett’s legendary studio. The mark of their presence is clear and AUTOBAHN certainly feel part of the long tradition of crepuscular music to emanate from Northern Britain, be that the transgressive activities of COUM Transmissions from Hull, Sheffield Steel City or the gothic history of their very own hometown. It’s a noble torch they carry. ) 29.00


BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD - Live At Bush Hall LP (Nina tune - A brand new album of unreleased material from Black Country, New Road, recorded at the historic music venue Bush Hall, in London at a series of unique shows at the end of December 2022. Mixed by John Parish and mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road, the new album and material marks a new chapter for the band as a six-piece. Fresh from the success of ‘Ants From Up There’ and with a full touring schedule ahead of them in 2022, Black Country, New Road aka Lewis Evans, May Kershaw, Georgia Ellery, Luke Mark, Tyler Hyde and Charlie Wayne, wrote an entire new set of material to perform. Playing to swelling crowds at festivals, including triumphant performances at Primavera, Green Man and Fuji Rock, they entered a new musical phase as they navigated and developed songs that were just weeks old. They also toured the US and headlined two sold-out shows in New York. ) 28.00


CHARLES CURTIS / ALAN LICHT / DEAN ROBERTS - May 99 LP (blank forms - In the spring of 1999, Charles Curtis, Alan Licht, and Dean Roberts brought an unconventional mix of drone, improvisation, and experimental rock on an eleven-stop tour of Europe. The concept was straightforward, yet novel: each night, they would improvise a single piece while sustained sine waves played for the duration of the concert. May 99, culled from three shorter pieces recorded for a radio program at Amsterdam’s VPRO near the end of the tour, represents an early high watermark in the collision of minimal and rock sensibilities that started to become prevalent in the late 90s and is an ear-opening listen even for those familiar with the musicians’ other projects. 

) 30.00


CHRISSY ZEBBY TEMBO - My Ancestors LP (mississippi - Originally released in 1976, My Ancestors is one of the greatest releases from Zambia’s Zamrock scene. The album travels the darker undercurrents of 70s rock and roll, warping and heightening the influences of Jimi, the Stones, the Beatles, Black Sabbath, and James Brown. 27 year old Chrissy “Zebby” Tembo provided drums and vocals while Paul Ngozi, one of the chief architects of the Zambian rock sound, was responsible for the aggressive guitar leads. Created amidst an explosion of creativity and positivity in Zambia in the mid to late 70s, this album is an absolute stunner we’re glad to see in print again!!! Licensed from the family of Chrissy Zebby Tembo via Now-Again Records.) 26.00


CLOTHILDE - French Swinging Mademoiselle 1967 LP (born bad - restock - Clothilde, queen of the "Swingin' Mademoiselles." Why Clothilde? Why not that more star-worthy, internationally-acclaimed Françoise Hardy, or the more akin to the sub-genre, France Gall? Because she's the most characteristic, archtypical French mademoiselle, that's why! Christine Pilzer, even Jacqueline Taïeb before her, both may have been rediscovered first in this style unique to French '60s pop, and Stella also may have been the most out and out "anti-ye-ye" with her slightly anti-establishment and derisive lyrics countering the pop system and establishment, but Cleo's all about text, not that much as a whole production. As such, Clothilde takes the crown. Not only has Clothilde the most natural (albeit unknowingly) disposition as a chanteuse, singing such subversive lyrics with as much second degree detachment as possible but also, the music itself is highly original: inventive arrangements including French horn, musical saw, church bells, barrel organ, marimba, brass fiddle, woodwinds, and busy fuzz guitar amidst all that slapstick comedy-like audio bric-à-brac. Almost avant-garde in concept, it was imagined and produced by Clothilde's impresario, manager and indeed creator, legendary Disques Vogue A.D. Germinal Tenas. This could've only come out of France.) 22.00


DON SLEPIAN - Sea Of Bliss LP (numero - From 1970s Hawaii on to modern day New Jersey, Don Slepian has enjoyed a reputation as one of new age’s most respected and technologically-advanced synthesists. Slepian’s 1980 landmark Sea of Bliss is frequently cited as one of new age’s greatest albums, and is one of the genre’s most legendary tape-only recordings. Two side-length Alles synthesizer tracks transport listeners to personal paradises for relaxation, rest, focus and reset.) 25.00


EDEN AHBEZ - Eden’s Island DLP (restock - The ultimate reissue of one of the world’s most important albums in the field of Exotica, Jazz and even Proto Psychedelic Music from 1960 - and the first official reissue ever! Eden Ahbez was said to be "the first Hippie on earth", his enchanting life and his amazing music laid the foundation of the Hippie movement. This reissue of Eden Ahbez' sole album includes 20 almost unreleased bonus songs from different sessions, carefully restored and remastered from original master tapes by prolific grammy nominated sound engineer Jessica Thompson. Gatefold double vinyl in limited editions with large booklet.) 38.00


FRANCIS PLAGNE - Udge LP (horn of plenty - Melbourne-based Francis Plagne returns to Horn of Plenty with possibly his strongest statement to date, Udge. Since his appearance on the Australian scene in the early 2000’s Francis has pursued a unique trajectory, bridging left-field song-craft, experimental electronic composition and improvisation. In addition to solo works issued by Black Truffle, Penultimate Press, and his own Mould Museum imprint, he has worked in various collaborations with Andrew Chalk, crys cole, James Rushford, and Joe Talia. Defining the entirety of his output is the pursuit of radical autonomy, sculpting musical gestures, spanning numerous idioms, which take nothing for granted and manage, in each iteration, to declare their own territory and terms while acknowledging their place within a long continuum of musical practice. Udge takes us further along the path carved out on the Rural Objects LP. Employing a similar palette of sounds, including that wild guitar synth, and a cameo from Joe Talia on drums. The record takes the form of two untitled side-long suites built from a series of portastudio jams and miniatures. Played against bristling passages of acoustic and electronic textures, fragments of melody and rhythm thread their way across the album’s length only to be broken and undermined by interventions into the tape onto which they were laid. Similar to Teo Macero’s electric Miles tape treatments or John Oswald’s restitching of The Grateful Dead, Udge is a deceptive work of musique concrète that sits adjacent to some of the more singular prog / RIO records by Nascita della Sfera, Albergo Intergalattico Spaziale, Roberts Owen, and Look de Bouk. Limited black vinyl LP packaged in a heavy card, hand-stickered cover with custome inner sleeve and insert.) 28.00


FUGITIVE - Maniac LP (20 buck spin - Blake Ibanez of Power Trip returns with a new band, FUGITIVE, and the ‘Maniac’ EP, 4 original tracks of the aggressive pit-friendly Thrash he’s known for + a cover of Bathory’s ‘Raise The Dead’. Joined by Seth Gilmore, Lincoln Mullins, Victor Gutierrez and Andy Messer, Ibanez and co. add a darker rawness to the equation with FUGITIVE as well as a formidably savage Death Metal vocal style, like Power Trip passed through an Obituary meatgrinder. A short sharp shock of an EP, “Maniac” is a violent introduction across its 17 minute runtime to a future that FUGITIVE is just beginning to write.) 28.00


HYDROMEDUSAE - Hydromedusae LP (trome - Their debut self-titled LP as Hydromedusae was patiently sketched through years and over seas, and comprises of eight minimal songs that weave darkly hypnotic melodies with drone-folk structures. On some songs the repeating vocal patterns, whispered, close-by and offset by distant guitar, create an diaphanous fog. Other tracks are harder edged, with garish keyboards and distortion. Drones form the basis on most compositions; organ, bass pulses or sustained guitar acting as a backdrop to monophonic vocals, with cello, piano and percussion drifting in and out of range. Jessica Bailiff has been recording under her own name since 1998, with albums on labels such as kranky and Morc. She has also worked in numerous other projects, including Northern Song Dynasty and Clear Horizon. This release is her first output in 10 years. Annelies Monseré has recorded since 2001, releasing long-players on Morc, Stroom and Horn Of Plenty among others. She has recently recorded acclaimed albums with the bands Distels and Luster. Throughout their careers a mutual harmony with each other's sound has been detectable; the expansive space of Annelies' 2005 CD Helder prompted reviewers to draw reference to Jessica Bailiff, and the folk influences present throughout Jessica's work has kinship with Annelies Monseré's uniquely minimal song craft. They have collaborated before, culminating in a number of live performances and a 2008 EP on Morc Records in which they re-worked pared down versions of each other's songs. As such, the haunted sound of Hydromedusae feels like an organic synergy of two artists who have resolutely pursued their own paths, only to find common ground.) 28.00


KING TUBBY - Dub From The Roots LP ("There are very few individuals who command the respect of dub aficionados greater than 'The Dubmaster' himself, King Tubby. On Tubby's venerable 1974 release Dub from the Roots, he introduces us to the 'Shalom Dub', a method of mixing flying cymbals with horns in what he describes as 'going in and out in a dub way'. Borrowing from the forty fives of Johnny Clarke, Jackie Edwards, Cornell Campbell, John Holt, and Horace Andy, King Tubby takes the listener on a journey through a vast array of different emotions, rhythms and soundscapes. One of the standout cuts, 'Iyahta' explores Tubby's use of deep electric basslines to evoke a melodic calmness in the listener, while 'Mine Field' and 'Hijack the Barber' bring you back with the cavernous echoes of stabbing guitars, horns, and cymbals. Though previously released by different labels on a variety of dusty pressings and formats, Clocktower's reissue of Dub From The Roots is the definitive edition of this 'Dubmaster' classic, featuring audio mastered from the original analog tapes.“) 25.00


KING TUBBY - The Roots Of Dub LP (VP present another priceless set of classic early Tubby's recordings on 'The Roots Of Dub'. As soon as you've cracked into 'Natty Dub' you know you're in the midst some prime Tubby's material, with the King taking apart Cornell Campbell cut and feeding it through a head mashing matrix of echo and delay treatments with an unbridled voracity. We get a further five cuts of very healthy Cornell Campbell cuts, including the jaunty hit of 'A First Class Dub' ('I Don't Want To See You Cry'), and 'Stepping Dub ('I Shall Not Remove'), followed by a striking version of Johnny Clarke's 'Don't Be A Rudeboy', and 'Close To Me' plus Linval Thompson's 'Natty Dread Is The Greatest' and an almighty mix of Horace Andy's 'Better Collie' which is surely worth the price of entry five times over. Seriously!!! Massive set, don't miss this!) 25.00


KLEIBER - Ein Krieg Der Stille DLP  (yacht club - Jens Rachut, Thomas Wenzel, Atli Grund, Ruth May Frederike Ernst und Elisabeth Wöllert finden unter dem Namen KLEIBER zu einem Konzeptalbum zusammen: Der Dschungel bellt Der Dschungel böllt - mit diesem Satz fing die erste Oper an - komponiert um 128 v Christus von Angurius Plagos in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. Jetzt, heute, im Zeitalter des digitalen Kummers und der Verwirrung kommt wieder eine Oper, geschaffen in einer Zeit, in welcher niemand – außer Jens Rachut – Zeit und Mut für ein solches Werk hat. Oder ein Label, welches verrückt genug ist, dieses zu veröffentlichen. KLEIBER ist eine Reise in die Tiefen der Traurigkeit. 4 Akte über einen Trennungswurm, der nach Paaren sucht, die schon länger stillstehen und sich nach seinem Biss trennen. Unaufhörlich wie die Zeit, Abweichungen, Vereinsamung, Verschwinden in der Nacht... Die Orchestrierung: Bass, E-Gitarre, Geige und Klavier. Die 2LP kommt als Gatefold mit Einleger und DLC. Yachtklub Schallplatten Brande / Major Label) 35.00


DIE LETZEN ECKEN - Talisman LP (Static Age - I wonder what Die Letzten Ecken did during the past 2 1/2 years since their debut EP. Did they steal Jürgen Engler’s Stahlofon? Did they listen to Nitzer Ebb’s Basic Pain Procedure for the cold minimalistc EBM appeal ? Did they ask Matthias Schuster how to combine this with the psychedelic electronica of the Berlin School like he did on Atemlos? Probably none of that. Find out for yourself but do not forget your Talisman to listen to it on a stroll. There is much more to discover here than whether there are Seen Links or Schlösser Rechts.) 20.00


DIE LETZTEN ECKEN - Die letzten Ecken LP (static age - 6 Kraut klassics broadcast from deep out in the spacelab, where the sun don’t shine and noone can hear you scream... so you beep, whizz and chant monotone commands at the control board while the days turn into eternity and suddenly you can’t tell if it’s Berlin 2020 or West Germany ‘79.. With an enthusiasm and charm that brings to mind the early transmissions of cross border comrades DAF and F242 (I said “early”!) the execution is perfect. This is what languages like French and German were invented for and it’s delivered here ice cold. ( Daryl Sulfate / Diät / Clock of Time )) 20.00


LITTLE SKULL - s/t LP (horn of plenty - First full LP of new material from Dean Brown’s Little Skull project since 2019’s ‘A Light in the Window Will Guide Us Safely Home’ on Planam. Little Skull began in the mid-2000’s, shortly before Brown relocated to London. Although the trademark NZ/Aoteara underground sound is evident, comparisons to the contemporary Gothenburg underground or outliers like Richard Youngs & Genghis Cohn can also be drawn. This particular (untitled) LP began while Brown was preparing for his first London performance at the end of 2021. It’s stripped-down, mainly improvised, sound was dictated by practical rather than aesthetic decisions. Despite his economy of means, Brown has a keen sense of sequencing and narrative with both his live sets and recorded output resulting in an immersive and engaging listen. The set incorporates piano, organ, saw, harp, and guitars (both ebowed and played with a screwdriver) bathed in tape hiss and amp hum. Although it’s probably the darkest and most minimal Little Skull LP to date, there are still moments where the light shines through. Similar to Andrew Chalk, for example, even when Brown is in pastoral, melodic territory, his noise roots are still evident. Perhaps it’s this inner tension that gives Little Skull releases such an irresistable sound? LP in handmade concertina style pop-out cover featuring a caged bird suspended in mid flight. Edition of 200.) 30.00


LUNAR CHAMBER - Shambhallic Vibrations LP (20 buck spin - Lunar Chamber, a hitherto unknown being of mysterious consciousness, now present in the physical realm for the first time with debut manifestation ‘Shambhallic Vibrations’ , a tale of a journey eastward in search of enlightenment and what may lie beyond.  Ensconced in mysticism, the 5 track nearly 30 minute pilgrimage advances unflinchingly through insane crushing riffs, bewildering solos, tranquil acoustics and illuminated ascendent melodies. “Spirit Body and the Seeing Self” details the start of the journey, self analysis, and the attempts at launching oneself into said “beyond,” while “The Bodhi Tree” is a mirroring tale of Gautama Buddha himself, having meditated underneath it in Bodh Gaya approximately 2500 years ago, attaining enlightenment. ) 28.00


MIŠA BLAM - Sećanja LP (everland - Miša Blam’s - Sećanja (Memories), one of the most sought of, rarest and cult ex-Yugoslavian jazz LP’s - is finally reissued, sourced and fully licensed straight from vaults of Jugodisk (Belgrade, Serbia). And where better than on the Everland’s Everland-Yu imprint dedicated to the unheard sound of Yugoslavia! This LP, kept tight in private ex-Yu collectors cabinets and championed by jazz dance DJ’s across the planet, was recorded in 1979 and released in only 1000 copies in 1980 by the Beograd Disk label. The LP is filled with jazz-funk, bop styles, latin jazz and even Gospel live recordings by the Golden gate quartet (recorded by Miša himself) all accompanied by the crème de la crème of Yugoslavia’s jazz-funk instrumentalists at the time (Jelenko Milaković, Lazar Tošić, Stjepko Gut, Jovan Maljoković, Josip boček…). Miša Blam (1947 - 2014) was an influential Serbian jazz composer, arranger, publicist, festival organizer and Radio-Television Belgrade’s long-time collaborator (jazz and folk orchestras, recording engineer, music director…). But Miša was first and foremost a bass player! Having played with numerous worldwide famous jazz cats he often talked of his work in the Chet Baker - Sal Nistico trio while living in New York and playing with them for two years (or rather bailing Sal out of prison or buying off Chet’s trumpet on his behalf from the pawn shop). The album perhaps represents an unusual collection of songs mostly composed by Miša Blam himself during his world wide spanning jazz pursuits in the 70’s. Unusual for it does not stand alone as a cohesive album release but as a collection of works that we were lucky to be rewarded with in his very sparse discography consisting of: one EP, this LP and one cassette tape… Finally this collection showcases what was Miša all about – and that was jazz bass in all its marvelous forms – from lacing dreamy ballads with his impeccable upright bass fiddle play to grooving on his fender bass on the jazz-funk monster Sećanje which could be included on any acid jazz compilation of the 90s (check out Balkan Express...). Masterfully executed and kept to its original sound this release will keep your ears busy and open to the sound of ex Yugoslavian jazz and the sound of unheard Yugoslavia – where-else but on Everland-Yu! - Dr. Smeđi Šećer, 2021 ) 28.00


MV & EE - Green Ark DLP (rumble - This is technically six tracks spread over two LPs, but the proceedings follow the true head chronology of passing through several evolutionary stages per flip, with multiple deep dives plunging headlong into that delicious morphing cosmos. All is balanced just so, with the select perspectives of an infinitely pulsing landscape heard broadcast from outside the common earthbound condition. Matt Valentine and Erika Elder are both actively levitating, and always seem to appear floating from just above the horizon line. The message is equally harvested from a respective bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables, both sweet and savory. The path is curative, and worn through grooves of care and devotion. This is life music. Light music best viewed through a filter of multiple dimensions."Green Ark" pushes into the beyond. The album is a glowing vision of cosmic surrealist ruralism, born from breathing only the rarest form of actual space dust. When that unnamed, great glowing essence is carefully contained and properly preserved with the correctly curated blend of wild pollens and air-borne waxes, one can produce a pure restorative tonic to be used in many healthful applications. "Green Ark" is a forest-cured semi-solid, which when slabbed into sections of all-natural dab can be used topically to bring relief from inflammation of all kinds. The work is regional, slow-grown and solar cured, showcasing a greenhouse eco-system and highly refined irrigation structure seemingly now expanded to heavenly heights.) 36.00


THE NATIONAL - First Two Pages of Frankenstein LP (4AD - First Two Pages of Frankenstein is The National’s ninth studio album. This 11-song collection signals a new chapter in the band’s discography. Anchored by evocative melodies and an enthralling lyrical narrative, First Two Pages of Frankenstein finds The National sounding more creatively energized than ever and poised to earn them even more fans. The album was produced by the band at Long Pond Studios in upstate New York and features guest appearances by Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers and Sufjan Stevens.) 30.00


NEIN RODERE - Form & Feeling LP (horn of plenty - Roughly a year on from Catch Up with What Party +, Nein Rodere returns to Horn of Plenty with Form & Feeling, the project’s third outing with the label and first LP of all new material: an immersion into meticulously montaged, irreverent lo-fi song writing, incorporating elements of sampling and musique concrete. Nein Rodere is the moniker of the Berlin-based music maker and visual artist David Roeder. Having played in bands for more than 20 years - often times making improvised music with other “non-musicians” - Roeder was trained in painting and psychodynamic art therapy. This multifaceted background underpins the complex humour and multiple dimensions of meaning (and double meaning) that bubble below his work. The body of solo efforts that has slowly emerged over the last five years brings to mind the collage-style efforts of Letha Rodman-Melchior, Dean Blunt or Jim Shepard as much as the conceptual excursions into sound forged by visual artists like Anton Heyboer, Henning Christiansen and Jean Dubuffet. ) 25.00


ROB MAZUREK - EXPLODING STAR ORCHESTRA - Lightning Dreamers LP (internaton anthem - Lightning Dreamers is new work by composer, trumpeter, interdisciplinary abstractivist and modern music mogul Rob Mazurek, who wrote the music for a compacted version of his long-running Exploding Star Orchestra. A follow-up to the acclaimed 2020 Mazurek/ESO release Dimensional Stardust, the album features guitarist Jeff Parker, vocalist Damon Locks, drummer Gerald Cleaver, and pianists Angelica Sanchez and Craig Taborn, among others. It was recorded mostly at the remote Sonic Ranch studios in West Texas, not far from Mazurek’s current home in Marfa, in the days leading up to a debut of the music at Trans Pecos festival in September 2021. Mixing and post-production was headed by Dave Vettraino from IARC studios in Chicago across 2022. ) 28.00


SWAN SONGS – a different kind of light LP (my ruin - The Swan Songs are one of many bands from the punk scene in Münster, which has flourished in recent years, around Shoreline, Hal Johnson and Idle Class. After sharing the stage with bands like Between Bodies, Petrol Girls or Baboon Show in recent years, their debut album is now being released - and it's quite something. Versatile Emo-Indie-Punk, sometimes thoughtfully muddled and with shimmering guitars, then straight in the face and brutally catchy with polyphonic vocals and great dynamics. Lyrically appropriate to the genre somewhere between dark, melancholic and hopeful. Münster delivers again, this is really good! * My Ruin) 15.00


TELOS - Delude LP (maniacs -TELOS is five-piece blackened metalcore band with a chaotic sound, combining elements of mathcore and sludge. Since the release of their self-titled, critically acclaimed debut album in 2016, the band has excelled as one of the most innovative and aggressive bands on the Danish hardcore scene. Their chaotic live shows are often compared to The Dillinger Escape Plan and their sound as a cross between The Locust, Converge and Fear Before The March of Flames. TELOS has toured Europe several times and shared the stage with groups such as This Gift is A Curse, Hexis and Plebeian Grandstand.) 18.00


TERRY - Call Me Terry LP (red vinyl) (It’s been a hot minute since we last heard from Terry, what’s he been up to? Five years on from their last album, ‘I’m Terry’, the Australian post-punk quartet proudly present their new record, ‘Call Me Terry’.  Terry is made up of Amy Hill, Al Montfort, Xanthe Waite & Zephyr Pavey who formed in Mexico City in 2015 after seeing Trotsky’s deathbed. Seven years, four albums and four 7”s later, you can now ‘Call Me Terry’. Terry is ready to pick up the phone. Over the past few years, Terry has kept busy with writing and recording “Call Me Terry” and alternating side projects, including Constant Mongrel, The UV Race, Primo!, Sleeper & Snake, Chateau and Rocky. ) 23.00


THROWE - Forfald LP (maniax - Furious Blackened Hardcore from Denmark FFO: WIEGEDOOD, TRAP THEM, ALL PIGS MUST DIE, CONVERGE, THIS GIFT IS A CURSE, KVELERTAK ….) 18.00


WHALEHUNTER - The Rut LP (my ruin -  Limited to 300 copies, single-sided 12″ disc with screenprint on the B-side. “The Rut” tells everything there is to say in 15 minutes, ending the musical wasteland forever. What the band calls action metal, others have already called harpoon thunderstorms, weirdo core or jazz grind inferno. In fact, there are more riffs, breaks and tempo changes in one song than others can fit on one record. The guys are not only remarkably to the point and show humor in lyrics and execution, but also build in pretty snappy melodies, which are also destroyed again and again by wonderfully wild banging. Hardcore meets screamo, metallic elements meet power violence - an extremely entertaining beast! * My Ruin) 14.00


V/A - BIPPP : French Synth-Wave 1979/85 LP (born bad - Increasingly detached from the original punk formula, the modern and arty youth of the early eighties set itself to jettison an artform that had lost much of the nihilistic and exhilarating energy of its halcyon days, stuck, as it was, in an endless and noisy regression. No Future was the motto of an artform without a cause that no longer echoed with the mindset of the time. Disheartened but eager to experiment and create, a new wave of French musician followed the beacon of Jacno’s seminal 79 hit “Rectangle”, a visionary, digital coup de grâce ,courtesy of a former punk which dealt the Rickenbacker and Fender era a fatal blow. The cold and robot-like bips of analogic keyboards took over. Casio, Korg MS 10, Arp Omni were the new paraphernalia of the növö generation. The ideal conveyers of its retro-futurist elegance and self-professed cold arrogance. They were pinnacles and symbols which turned as potent a fetiche as the electric guitar in the fifties or the laptop in the nineties.BIPP recalls the glory of a selected few. The cream of the crop of the shooting stars and cult band that followed in the footsteps of Kas Product, Mathematiques Modernes or Charles de Goal. ) 24.00


V/A - Dirty French Psychedelics: Selected By Dirty Sound System LP (born bad - Clovis Goux and Guillaume Sorge aka Dirty Sound System have been releasing selections of rare, little-known, and hard-to-find recordings which function somewhat like anti-playlists since 2003. Their compilations can be listened to from start to finish, the order of the tracklist is logical, and the selected songs lend themselves to repeated listening. After the series Dirty Diamonds, two compilations of Dirty Edits played by the world's most influential DJs, the creation of a regularly updated blog, Alainfinkielkrautrock (, and a space disco CD that prefigures the general craze surrounding the genre, Dirty Sound System is back. On paper, Dirty French Psychedelics is a compilation for classic rock radio with names our parents would recognize. In reality, it is a hallucinated voyage through the land of French pop psychedelics to be listened to in one sitting, eyes half-open in the heat of the summer of 2009. Certain experts will tell you that Bernard Lavilliers and Brigitte Fontaine are not psychedelic, and they are probably right. Who cares? Dirty French Psychedelics is intended for fans of French pop from Serge Gainsbourg to Air, for people who want to discover or rediscover the music of the '70s, for those who want to listen to music without really paying attention and for those who want to listen attentively through their headphones. What happened in France at the beginning of the 1970s? The hippie venture terminated in a bloodbath in 1969 (a horrendous year: Altamont and the murder of Sharon Tate), heroin replaces LSD and the survivors aren't long for this world. 146 kids die in a nightclub fire in Saint-Laurent-du-Pont. De Gaulle in his bed: "Tragic ball at Colombey: 1 Dead". In primitive black and white, Jean Eustache's La maman et la putain buries a generation that lost its bearings (a possible definition of psychedelics). It is the same year as the oil price shock. The longest solar eclipse of the century (6 min 20 s) forecasts future oil slicks. God is dead, Marx suffers, a Maoist commando attacks a Fauchon grocer. Dirty French Psychedelics is a subjective vision of this disoriented period. Instead of the France of experiences (Gong, Alpes, Magma, and so forth), this compilation prefers the France of the freelancers (Dashiell Hedayat, Alain Kan), the master-singers (Christophe, Nino Ferrer, Brigitte Fontaine), the composers (Karl-Heinz Schäfer, François de Roubaix, Jean-Claude Vannier), the anomaly among "the variety" rather than the norm in "the margins." Other artists include: Cortex, Jean-Jacques Dexter, and Ilous & Decuyper.) 22.00


V/A - Electronic Jugoton Vol. 1 - Synthetic Music From Yugoslavia 1980-1989 DLP (everland - The galloping technical progress in the second half of the last century dominated all spheres of daily life, art and culture. In the music industry machines took over the role of classical instruments and did not stop at RnR, punk nor industrial music. No one could resist the challenge, but also the prevailing trends in the 80s. The music industry was influenced by the electronic virus globally, not sparing even the remotest corners of the planet, producing bands like Depeche Mode, New Order, Soft Cell or lesser known ones like Liquid Liquid, Section 25, The Wake as well as the pioneers of the electronic music Silver Apples, Pierre Henry,etc . What was going on in the music industry of former Yugoslavia and at Jugoton, the biggest YU music label at that time? The all over answer is given by a new release of Everland Music: Electronic Jugoton - Synthetic music from Yugoslavia 1964. - 1989. Vol. 1 ) 38.00


V/A - INSIDE THE OUTSIDE...EXPERIMENTATIONS IN AMERICAN PRIMITIVE GUITAR LP (rumble - Inside the Outside: is a collection of tracks by a group of artists from all corners of the globe influenced, inspired and playing acoustic, fingerpicking guitar in the Fahey/Basho, American Primitive guitar idiom. While each artist has employed techniques and structures recognisable from the idiom, the interpretations are varied and draw on traditional folk, blues, psych, drone, free improvisation, ragtime, and Indian classical music.The artists on Inside the Outside are all pursuing their craft with great integrity; self releasing their music, some by other labels and contributing to compilations like this one. I am extremely indebted to these fabulous musicians who were all willing to lay some tracks down from a newly launched label from the arse end of the world.) 29.00



BITE. – same TAPE (my ruin - 10 songs of pounding melodic Punkrock, first released in 2019 - now available again on tape in 2023! Each limited tape comes with a download code) 6.00