Bis Aufs Messer weekly new June 01 / 2021

Bis Aufs Messer weekly new June 01 / 2021

hi. Welcome to the another newsletter for June. A couple cool records arrived like a bunch of new titles of the MMXX Series (Carlos Casas, BÉ​RANGÈ​RE ​MAXIMIN, Stephen O Malley etc), the killer new CATERINA BARBIERI - Fantas Variations DLP, V/A - The Signal To Noise Set LP restock, more FIDDLEHEAD LPs, EMMA RUTH RUNDLE & THOU - May Our Chambers Be Full LP RESTOCK on White Purple Vinyl, SAD LOVERS & GIANTS - Lost In A Sea Full Of Sighs LP restock, JOAO DONATO / ADRIAN YOUNGE / ALI SHAHEED MUHAMMAD - JAZZ IS DEAD 007 LP, GRAUZONE - Grauzone DLP, RESPIRE - Black Line TAPE and restocks, lots of new RECITAL records releases, HEDVIG MOLLESTAD TRIO - Black Stabat Mater LP, BLOD - Missväxt LP, ENHET FÖR FRI MUSIK - Ömhet & Skilsmässa LP and also A BUNCH OF THE JAZZ SWEATERS & JAZZ CAPS are back in stock …


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ALVIN CURRAN / FREDRIC RZEWSKI / STEVE LACY - threads LP (alternative fox - Released in 1977 on Horo Records, first time available again after 40 years** New York-born alto saxophonist Steve Lacy became associated with the avant-garde jazz movement from the mid-1950s, playing on free jazz pianist Cecil Taylor’s influential debut LP and early work by the Canadian pianist Gil Evans, before serving a long tenure with the idiosyncratic improv pianist Theolonius Monk, whose work he would continue to reference throughout his career. Visiting Europe from the md-1960s, starting with a trip to Copenhagen with pianist Kenny Drew (who made the Danish city his home thereafter), Lacy later travelled to Italy to form a quartet with Italian trumpeter Enrico Rava(who had earlier played in Argentinian sax player, Gato Barbieri’s group), plus South African exiles and former Blue Notes members Johnny Dyani on double bass and Louis Moholo on drums. Lacy subsequently moved to Paris, which became his permanent base from 1970, leading a sextet there whilst also exploring the limits of the alto saxophone as a solo instrument. The disparate and often discordant album Threads was recorded in Rome at Mama Dog studio in 1977 for filmmaker-turned-record producer Aldo Sinesio’s Horo Recordslabel; comprised of six of Lacy’s own compositions, the album saw Lacy supported by Alvin Curran on piano and Frederic Rzewski on flugelhorn, synthesizer and percussion, the pair both longstanding members of the experimental group, Musica Elettronica Viva.) 18.00


BÉ​RANGÈ​RE ​MAXIMIN – MMXX-​18: ​Komora LP (Ltd. to 500 copies, clear vinyl, laser engraved artwork on side B, incl. art print Matière Mémoire presents the MMXX Series: In anticipation of the year 2020, Matière Mémoire asked 20 experimental/electronic artists to create an original 20 minutes piece and an artwork. Throughout the year batches of 5 new vinyls will be released. Each record is limited to 500 copies and comes as a crystal clear vinyl featuring an original track of 20 minutes on one side, and a laser engraved artwork on the other. Each 12" is housed in a transparent sleeve printed with the MMXX logo, coming with a print of the artist artwork.) 26.00


BLOD - Missväxt LP (grapefruit - Blod is the solo project of Gustaf Dicksson (Enhet För Fri Musik, Oroskällan), a prolific and crucial figure in the Swedish Underground scene radiating out of Gothenburg and centered around a number of independent labels and including bands such as Enhet För Fri Musik, Monokultur, Oroskällan, Loopsel, and Neutral. Blod has released various home-recorded cassettes and a handful of LPs since 2014, all mercurial in nature, exploring various facets of Dicksson’s preoccupations. The melodies borrow from tradition and possess a lonesome quality inspired by Swedish melancholy, close relations, and white trash culture. Combined with intentionally banal artwork, the experience can be beguiling and sometimes bleak but at the same time warm and humorous. 

) 25.00


CARLOS CASAS - MMXX - 19 : 1883 (SOUND MODEL 1) LP (Ltd. to 500 copies, clear vinyl, laser engraved artwork on side B, incl. art print Matière Mémoire presents the MMXX Series: In anticipation of the year 2020, Matière Mémoire asked 20 experimental/electronic artists to create an original 20 minutes piece and an artwork. Throughout the year batches of 5 new vinyls will be released. Each record is limited to 500 copies and comes as a crystal clear vinyl featuring an original track of 20 minutes on one side, and a laser engraved artwork on the other. Each 12" is housed in a transparent sleeve printed with the MMXX logo, coming with a print of the artist artwork.) 26.00


CATERINA BARBIERI - Fantas Variations DLP (editions mego - Longtime friend and collaborator Kali Malone rearranged Fantas to a slowed-down, austere and eerie version for two Organs. Evelyn Saylor created a piece for a vocal ensemble consisting of her, Lyra Pramuk, Stine Janvin and Annie Garlid, joining forces to express the choral, psychedelic and vitalistic nature of the piece. Barbieri’s former guitar professor at the Conservatory in Bologna, Walter Zanetti, composes Fantas for electric guitar, by translating every single gesture of the original electronic piece into a personal, nuanced and detailed interpretation. Bendik Giske’s reinterpretation for Saxophone and Voice captures the atmospheric essence of Fantas and its psychic meteorology. Longtime collaborator and along with Barbieri the other half of the outfit Punctum, Carlo Maria, resynthesizes Fantas for TR808 and MC202, bringing a more club-oriented dimension of the piece to life whilst unveiling the sonic continuum between rhythm and pitch through a sensitive timbral approach. Jay Mitta’s Singeli reinterpretation of Fantas transpires with pitched-up percussion and turbo-fast polyrhythmic patterns unleashing the frenetic, shifting, transformative matter within the piece to a higher plain of euphoric dance. Baseck’s variation is a rave fantasia, where the prismatic trance of the original is channeled into fierce, uncompromising hardcore, whilst Kara-Lis Coverdale’s take is a phantasmagoria for piano that gently, yet inexorably, captures the relentlessness chimerical qualities of the original, unveiling its spectral backbone.) 28.00


COSMIC JOKERS - galactic supermarket LP (180g, black Vinyl. 1974. the Cosmic Jokers were basically Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching, various Ash Ra Tempel and Wallenstein members doing late night jamming. Galactic Supermarket is one of them, and is more rock-oriented than many others. It's no surprise the music bears more than a passing resemblance to Ash Ra Tempel, because of Manuel Göttsching and his guitar playing. Also Jürgen Dollase gives some nice keyboard work, particularly the piano, Farfisa electric piano, synths, and even a little Mellotron. Klaus Schulze were more responsible for the more droning organ and synth end of things, it's pretty obvious when he plays it. The legendary producer Dieter Dierks plays Bass on these nearly never ending improvisation. The recording was transferred from the original analog tapes at the Dierks Studios in Germany. And carefully remastered for an incredible result. Released on the label "Kosmische Kuriere" (Cosmic Couriers)) 26.00


CROATIAN AMOR & VARG²T - body of water / body of carbon 12“ (posh isolation - Two celebrated collaborative recordings by Croatian Amor & Varg2TM available on limited vinyl for the very first time! "Body of Water" from 2018 was the first collaboration between Croatian Amor & Varg- 5 tracks of aquatic ambient celebrating the myth of brilliant summers. It was followed in late 2019 by the lean and quick, beatdriven "Body of Carbon". Now available together on limited vinyl presented in black disco sleeve with printed labels. "Hazmat bouquets drenched in rain, A tiny piece of coral on a chain around neck, An invitation to see the miracle in the things around us. Croatian Amor & Varg2TM together. Contemporary electronic music.) 24.00


EMMA RUTH RUNDLE & THOU - May Our Chambers Be Full LP (Sacred Bones - PURPLE/WHITE VINYL - Stemming out of an offer from Roadburn Festival organizer Walter Hoeijmakers, mutual acquaintances, and a shared love of each other’s output, May Our Chambers Be Full is the first recorded document of collaboration between Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou. While their solo material seems on its face to be quite disparate, both groups have spent their respective careers lurking at the outer boundaries of the heavy metal scene, the artists having more in common with DIY punk and its spiritual successor, grunge. ) 26.00


ENHET FÖR FRI MUSIK - Ömhet & Skilsmässa LP (discreet - New Enhet För Fri Musk album, recorded in Gothenburg and Malmö 2020 by Hugo Randulv, Sofie Herner, Gustaf Dicksson, Matthias Andersson and Dan Johansson. A concept album on relationships, family values and broken promises. 18 songs. Edition of 700 copies. With 20-page song book Embedded in the ever exciting Swedish underground scene Enhet För Fri Musik continues the quest for innovation numerous legendary Swedish bands started during the 70s, Pärson Sound, Trad Gras Och Stenar, Arbete Och Fritid. Taking the ideas of communal music craft and experimentation and continually re-inventing what music is about through free improvisation and lengthy folk meanderings) 25.00


GRAUZONE - Grauzone DLP (wrwtf - The original 1981 album + all songs from Grauzone's discography, sourced from the original reels. Overseen by Grauzone's Stephan Eicher and liner notes by Swiss music historian Lurker Grand. Mandatory!) 25.00


HEDVIG MOLLESTAD TRIO - Black Stabat Mater LP (With four studio albums under their belts in less than five years this explosive trio have gone from strenght to strenght gathering respect from both rock and jazz camps and receiving vivid praise from the likes of Rolling Stone senior editor David Fricke and veteran writer Richard Williams, who started his report from the Berlin Jazz Festival with "a late-night gig last week persuaded me that Hedvig Mollestad Trio have found a way to make headbanging feel good". Although there is enough riffing here to satisfy the headbangers, with "Black Stabat Mater" the trio are venturing into more free and open landscapes with Mollestad truly coming into her own as a solo guitarist as well as a riffmeister previously compared to the likes of Tony Iommi and Jimmy Page. It´s also notable that extensive touring has given them a confidence boost, and once again the tracks have been laid down live in the studio with only minor overdubs.) 28.00


HUMAN ​FIGURES – Footsteps LP (burka for everybody - An album of intricate minimal wave/post punk from Daniel Holt’s new project Human Figures. You may know Holt as the head of Ardetha Records, but he also has an impressive resume of experimental synth and ambient projects, such as synth duo Vault, and the mind-melting techno 12 for L.I.E.S. Records and Frigio records under his own name. Human Figures is a completely new and personal avenue of expression for Holt. “Footsteps” is liminal, lonely and misty with negative space between each instrument. Each note invokes a warm hypnagogic atmosphere, tinged with fluttering anxiety. Through these eight tracks, this multifaceted musician shows another side of his art with guitars, basslines and drum machines. The mournful “Lifted Burden”, with its cowbells and echoing vocals swaddled in warm strings, sets the tone. Haunting notes are supported by a staccato beat as Holt´s melancholic vocals sail in “40 Days” before the bare brilliance of “An Open Heart.” A spread of influences is drawn on for Human Figures: the post-punk rawness of “For My Angel”, the synth romance of “Footsteps” the cold reductions of “Passing Beyond Body.” Sombre, stirring and superb. FFO of the minimal vibes of records like Solid Space "Space Museum", Dark Day "Exterminating Angel", The League Of Nations "Music For The New Depression", Lives of Angels "Elevator To Eden“) 21.00


KAJSA LINDGREN - Momentary Harmony LP (recitaö. Recital is pleased to exhibit the new album by Swedish composer Kajsa Lindgren (b.1990). Typically working with field recordings and electroacoustic sounds, Momentary Harmony expresses her more emotive and lucent instrumental compositions. The music has taken a step away from her previous works, using only flickers of field recordings, instead tracing back to Kajsa’s childhood classical music roots: voice, violin, and piano. A warm tide grows and recedes through her album. Breathing in miniature lute ornaments and exhaling large choral plateaus. This polarity rests in narcotic limbo. The delicate arrangements remind one of Vikki Jackman or blurred Björk b-sides. Mixing instrument stems like clusters of field recordings, Lindgren laces harmonic timbres and gradients across the plain of this LP.  Choirs clasp with cello overtones and piano washes. ) 27.00


JAKOB MIND - The One Who Got Away LP (lovely - Urban realism by a social outsider. Bittersweet melodies pumped through amplifiers as distorted as the mind of the person playing them. Or, simply put, "loser punk". Jakob Mind is Rotten Mind guitars and vocalist Jakob Arvidsson's newly established solo project. His debut album "The One Who Got Away" is released on vinyl. Jakob Arvidsson has been a prominent part of the Swedish punk scene for years, starting his career with hardcore punk band Agent Attitude in 2010. The band toured frequently in Europe and did a US tour in 2013. Agent Attitude managed to release three full length albums as well as an EP before breaking up in 2015. Jakob quickly moved on to form Rotten Mind, which to date is his most wide-known project. Their debut album "I'm Alone Even With You" was released in 2015 and was followed by tours across mainland Europe, UK, USA and Australia. Jakob has released a total of four albums with Rotten Mind. Shortly after Rotten Mind recorded their latest studio album "Rat City Dog Boy" (2020, Lövely Records), Jakob returned to the studio to record some new material. Back then, there was no real end goal with the project, other than making music for the sake of creating it. When Jakob posted a demo presenting one of the tracks "7 Days", this came to change. Fans of Rotten Mind as well as the label wanted to hear more, and it was soon decided that the new material deserved a proper release. So Jakob returned to the studio, and together with Jakob Blom (Real Tears, Sista Bussen), he recorded the songs that would end up on "The One Who Got Away". A fan of Rotten Mind will easily be able to recognize the sound and energy of the new tracks, but there's much more to it. Being able to follow his own, individual creative path, Jakob Mind naturally draws more inspiration from the bands and artists that he holds close. This includes John Cale and The Velvet Underground, Roky Erickson, as well as more obvious influences such as Buzzcocks, Wipers, Dead Boys and Ramones. Since all of the instruments are arranged and played by Jakob himself, the album is very much shaped by his own musical preferences. The songwriting process as a solo-artist also contributed to the sound of the album; "It's a bit different when you play all the instruments by yourself. You can't rehearse it before so pretty much all the drum takes are the first time I play the songs. I just used my acoustic guitar at home and tried to figure out in my head how the songs will sound and then try to re-create that in the studio. It's not easy all the time but it's good fun." On "The One Who Got Away" you'll find 10 tracks, ranging from straight forward punk, post-punk to noise-infused experimental rock. There are songs with elements of surf rock and pure rock 'n' roll. The setting is the hometown of Uppsala, Sweden, and the stories revolve around friendship, relationships and life on the streets. Presented with straight forward and honest lyrics that simply describe reality as it is; "The lyrics are about life and thoughts in general. This past year I've had close friends who died, I've lost jobs etc. I always try to just write about what's going on right now and this time I didn't think much about it, I just wrote and it is what it is.“) 25.00


J'ENTRE PAR TEST YEUX - J'Entre Par Tes Yeux LP (specific - The long awaited collaboration between CHICALOYOH and THE AUSTRASIAN GOAT is finally available! Expect nothing but pure uneasiness! 6 songs of dark industrial avant-garde influenced electronica. Dark and disturbing. GREAT.) 17.00


JOACHIM NORDWALL - Before It Gets Better, It Will Get Worse - MMXX-17 LP (clear vinyl) (A deft hand with a long history within the brooding realms of ambient, electronic, and electroacoustic music, since emerging on the Swedish scene during the 1990s, Joachim Nordwall has cut a wide path, not only with a stunning body of solo work and collaborative efforts with Mika Vainio, John Duncan, Mats Gustafsson, and numerous others, but also through his highly regarded label iDEAL Recordings.) 26.00


JOAO DONATO / ADRIAN YOUNGE / ALI SHAHEED MUHAMMAD - JAZZ IS DEAD 007 LP (Where's Joao Donato? It's a frequently asked question, referring simultaneously to the physical location and the musical moment he inhabits. A sampling of some of his more descriptive song titles suggests Donato's comfort with musical hybrids: "Bluchanga," "Sambolero," and "Sambongo," to name just a few. Lacking a formal genre for his style of music, Donato's is a distinct sound, immediately recognizable from the first few bars of any of his compositions. He was funky back when "funk" was a bad word (listen to either of his 1960s Brazilian LPs, Sambou, Sambou and The New Sound if Brasil, for proof). His compositions are deceptively simple, while his arrangements are harmonically complex, revealing their intricate details upon repeat listening. Today, Donato brings this flavor, now near synonymous with his name, to a new album in the Jazz Is Dead series with Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad: Joao Donato JID007. "Donato is one of the greatest Brazilian composers from that golden era. His signature style, simple melodies combined with colorful chordal progressions, establishes a new lane for Jazz Is Dead," explains Younge. "Joao is one of the most innovative Brazilian jazz composers of the last century. Creating with and learning from this maestro was one of the greatest experiences of my career.“) 28.00


MASERATI - MASERATI VII DLP (temporary - When Jerry Fuchs joined Maserati in 2004, he initiated a complete overhaul of the group: old songs were dropped, tempos were drastically sped up, and the budding psych-rock impulses of guitarists Coley Dennis and Matt Cherry were given room to grow. Beginning with the electrifying "Inventions For The New Season", MASERATI were a better, faster, stronger beast. That spirit shines bright on ,Maserati VII", their first album conceived since Fuchs' passing. MASERATI has an uncanny ability to toggle time back and forth between the past, present, and future - often in the span of one song. On ,Maserati VII", they're grounded and driven by new drummer Mike Albanese (Cinemechanica), whose dexterity and stamina prove a perfect fit for MASERATI's trademark relentless, driving rhythms and epic song lengths, anchored by bass badass, Chris "Coach" McNeal. "Maserati VII" perfectly captures the essence and evolution of MASERATI as face-melting, bone-rattling, ass-shaking Moroder Metal.) 26.00


NUNCA NADA - Discordia LP (BFE - Minimalist post punk band from two ex-members of Antiguo Régimen completed with the recruitment of one member from the deep and lisergic pop band Tercer Sol. Nunca Nada has a strange, profound but austere sound. As a trio the band permits itself to emphasize both the void and the intense with disarmingly simple lyrics that are vacant of decoration. Make-up and style become inauthentic when looked at in the mirror of frustration, a confrontation where silence is not an option. The day to day truth, unavoidable by its own nature, is spit out and proclaimed: everything is lost, there is no possibility for a positive outcome. Reminiscent of post-punk/new wave bands like Glorious Din, Chameleons, Wire or Wipers. Recorded by Pablo Peiró at Sountess Studio. Released by Flexidiscos and BFE Records.) 21.00


OREN ​AMBARCHI – MMXX-​16: ​Viscount ​Gort LP (Ltd. to 500 copies, clear vinyl, laser engraved artwork on side B, incl. art print - Matière Mémoire presents the MMXX Series: In anticipation of the year 2020, Matière Mémoire asked 20 experimental/electronic artists to create an original 20 minutes piece and an artwork. Throughout the year batches of 5 new vinyls will be released. Each record is limited to 500 copies and comes as a crystal clear vinyl featuring an original track of 20 minutes on one side, and a laser engraved artwork on the other. Each 12" is housed in a transparent sleeve printed with the MMXX logo, coming with a print of the artist artwork. Participate in this series: Franck Vigroux, John Duncan, Phill Niblock, Jim O’Rourke, Reinier Van Houdt, Stephen O’Malley, CM Von Hausswolff, Hampus Lindwall, Oren Ambarchi, Shiva Feshareki, Bérangère Maximin, Kassel Jaeger, Daniel Menche, Charlemagne Palestine, Giueseppe Ielasi, Carlos Casas, Susanna Santos Silva, Joachim Nordwall, Karbé Dinel, Mauro Lanza) 26.00


RIP HAYMAN - Waves: Real and Imagined LP (recital. Captain Rip Hayman (b.1951, New Mexico) has come ashore again, bearing fresh cargo. A student of John Cage, Ravi Shankar, and Philip Corner, Rip was a founding editor of the revered Ear Magazine (1975-1991), and since 1977 he has run New York's oldest bar, the Ear Inn. The focused minimalism of his new LP Waves: Real and Imagined varies from the collaged spectacle of his first Recital LP, Dreams of India & China (2019). This oceanic dish holds two side-long works: “Waves for Flutes,” a multi-tracked flute composition recorded by the artist in 1977. ‘Angelic’, ‘Grave’, and ‘Sad’ modes overlap an effect of medieval choral organum, as shifting patterns evoke water and wind variations of the shore and vast sea beyond. An enchanting and arresting piece. ) 27.00


SAD LOVERS & GIANTS - Lost In A Sea Full Of Sighs LP (2021 Repress. Incl. 8-page black and white Zine Booklet + Tour Poster - Sad Lovers & Giants are a post-punk band from Watford, England who formed in 1980. The original lineup included vocalist Garçe (Simon) Allard, guitarist Tristan Garel-Funk, bassist Cliff Silver, drummer Nigel Pollard, and keyboardist/saxophonist David Wood. In 1981, they released the 3-song 7” EP “Clé” and the "Colourless Dream" single. The “Lost In A Moment” 7” single followed in 1982. They released two studio albums, “Epic Garden Music” and “Feeding the Flame”, before disbanding in 1983. The band reformed in 1987.) 21.00


SAM DUNSCOMBE - Outside Ludlow / Desert Disco LP (black truffle - Outside Ludlow / Desert Disco is the first major solo release from Australian performer-composer Sam Dunscombe, now based in Berlin after residing for the past decade in San Diego and Tokyo. A virtuoso clarinettist who has performed in composed and improvised settings with artists such as Klaus Lang and Taku Sugimoto, their practice also embraces computer music, lo-fi electronics and field recordings, in addition to their long-term commitment to archiving, studying and performing the work of Romanian spectralist composer Horatiu Radulescu. ) 25.00


SEAN MCCANN & LIV LANDRY & ERIC SCHMID - St. Francis LP (recital - LP edition of the sold out CD/Pamphlet from 2016. The score by Schmid, reading by Landry, and edited/produced by McCann. Includes a big poster of The St. Francis List. Limited to 200.————————— ) 27.00


STEPHEN ​O'​MALLEY – MMXX-​11: Ö​st ​Vä​st ​Sommaren LP (Ltd. to 500 copies, clear vinyl, laser engraved artwork on side B, incl. art print Matière Mémoire presents the MMXX Series: In anticipation of the year 2020, Matière Mémoire asked 20 experimental/electronic artists to create an original 20 minutes piece and an artwork. Throughout the year batches of 5 new vinyls will be released.) 26.00


V/A - The Signal To Noise Set LP (trading places - Trading Places present a reissue of The Signal To Noise Set, originally released in small numbers in 1984 on London's short-lived Only A Revolution label. The ultra-rare various artists release showcased the Australian variant of minimalist wave AND analog synth-pop. The eleven exclusives featured on the compilation are all prime examples of Australia's synth band underground, and although each group was totally unknown outside of their sphere of influence, some have gone on to attain legendary status. Opening track The Great X1 comes from Melbourne's Infomatics, an art-school group armed with a four-track and a battery of electronic goodies, including a Roland SH101, a Korg MS20, and plenty of processed guitar. Aussie techno pioneers Modern Jazz was the brainchild of the multi-instrumentalist (and future Einstürzende Neubauten collaborator) known as Ash Wednesday, a veteran of the Adelaide-born, Melbourne-based punk band JAB (as well as Models, The Metronomes, and electro group Thealonian Music); the Modern Jazz project was based on randomly generated electronic pulses, with a shifting line-up, featuring Lyn Gordon on vocals and Andrew Phillpott on synth. Experimental duo Second Glance was comprised of members of Modern Jazz and Gilded Youth, and there are tracks by Melbourne trios Shanghai Au Go-Go and Human Backs plus Adelaide five-piece Nuvo Bloc, while experimental duo Dono-Detti are allocated three songs of their own. Overall, this provides a fine introduction to a little-known Aussie fringe scene, captured shortly after its inception. Also features Software Seduction and Into The East.) 20.00


V/A - Strong Love: Songs Of Gay Liberation 1972-1981 LP (chapter - Originally released on CD in 2012, Chapter's landmark compilation of 70s gay musical pioneers gets a vinyl release for the first time ever - and on limited baby pink vinyl to boot! Strong Love explores the first wave of openly gay songwriting, emerging after New York's Stonewall Riots kickstarted the modern gay rights movement in 1969. It took just a few years for the defiant chanting and interlocked arms of early 70s pride marches to reverberate onto record, and Strong Love begins with the earliest known example, 1972's A Gay Song by London hippie collective Everyone Involved. Across 15 tracks, the compilation takes in disarmingly personal folk, uplifting soul, outsider country and dark synth-rock. But tellingly, none of its songs could be considered well-known. New York's Steven Grossman released the first major label album by an openly gay artist in 1974, and Tom Robinson hit the UK Top 20 with the fiery Glad To Be Gay in 1978, but these are the exceptions. The coy ambivalence of Lou Reed and David Bowie was about as sexually adventurous as the 1970s music industry got, and most Strong Love artists released their own self-funded recordings in very limited numbers. Unlike their lesbian counterparts, who joined forces to create long-lasting record labels, strong distribution networks and considerable sales figures, gay male musicians in the 1970s existed largely in solitary bubbles. Which doesn't mean they didn't carve out niches of their own. Chris Robison played with the New York Dolls and Elephant's Memory, while LA glam seducer Smokey saw members of the Stooges and Quiet Riot pass through his backing band. Steven Grossman was covered by Twiggy and Scrumbly & Martin are infamous for their work with San Francisco drag hippies the Cockettes. Strong Love illustrate the vision, talent and raw courage that drove 1970s songwriters to sacrifice popular careers for the sake of honesty and selfexpression. Compiled by Chapter Music's Guy Blackman, with an evocative introduction from drummer RIchard Dworkin (who played with Blackberri and Buena Vista), the album is a powerful tribute to pioneering artists whose music has been neglected for too long.) 25.00





RESPIRE - Black Line TAPE (narshardaa - Respire is an six-piece band from Toronto, Canada, who plays orchestral post-black metal with epic post-hardcore and screamo. This is the third full-lenght record. A band embodying the notion of community is a sight for sore eyes as the world moves into post-2020; Canada’s Respire stands firm as one of the most forceful in the realm of new screamo and post-hardcore bands, pushing what it means to encourage diversity and representation within the roots of art. Since their formation in 2013, Respire have been an unwavering light in the Toronto DIY scene; with prior releases (2016’s Gravity and Grace and 2018’s Dénouement) refining the band’s orchestral post-rock and viscerally sharp 90’s screamo influences. With their already accomplished history and an extended family of contributing musicians in tow, the band have forged their spirituous third album Black Line.  Written over two years and produced over six months, it is a masterful exercise in sonic scope and overwhelming swells of fervor. ) 7.00





NOUR MOBARAK - Sphere Studies and Subterranean Bounce BOOK + CD (recital - 102 pages, perfect bound 6x6 book + CD. Limited Edition of 75 pc.Nour Mobarak’s Sphere Studies and Subterranean Bounce is the catalog for her sculpture and audio installation, which adorned the steep hillside of Los Angeles’ Hakuna Matata sculpture garden in the Fall of 2020.) 28.00





WRWTFWW RECORDS - It 's a JAZZ sweatshirt! (Official WE RELEASE JAZZ crewneck sweatshirt in various colors and sizes - check the webstore for details) 40.00


WRWTFWW RECORDS - It 's a JAZZ hat! CAP (Official WE RELEASE JAZZ hat! Embroidered on a low profile Beechfield b57 hat. 100% Heavy Brushed Cotton Drill. 6 panels. Stitched ventilation eyelets. Self fabric strap with silver effect buckle and grommet. LOGO BY NICOLAS EIGENHEER!) 27.00