Bis Aufs Messer weekly new 01 June 2023

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Bis Aufs Messer weekly new 01 June 2023

Hi, welcome to the first newsletter for June - a bunch of cool stuff arrived like the JON ​COLLIN & ​DEMDIKE ​STARE – Fragments ​Of ​Nothing LP, NATURAL INFORMATION SOCIETY WITH ARI BROWN - Since Time Is Gravity DLP restock, INDIAN SUMMER -  Giving Birth To Thunder LP restock, BYARD LANCASTER - It's Not Up To Us LP, SONNY SHARROCK - Black Woman LP, GRAF ORLOCK - Doombox 10" + CD re issue, PROTOMARTYR - Formal Growth In The Desert LP, SAM PREKOP & JOHN MCENTIRE - Sons Of DLP and more… also restock of the LOOPSEL LP


We also added a few more second hand LPs and 7“s to our discogs


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GRAF ORLOCK - Doombox 10" + CD (vitriol - RED VINYL - Reissue of a 6-track EP from Southern California's Graf Orlock, recommended to anyone into fast and tight HC/grindcore. The included CD contains 'Doombox' plus the band's 'Destination Time' trilogy, compiling 42 tracks of their 2011-2014 output, all packaged in a fold out boombox measuring 30x10x6 inch. The line-up features members of Greyskull, Arctic Choke, Ghostlimb, and Dangers. Alright. Finally this piece of shit is out, featuring a 10" worth of new material based on the complexities of urban disparity, and a cd containing the Doombox 10" songs plus the last three trilogy records. This, I shit you not, is 42 songs of Gorlock madness spanning the last 4 years of mindless wandering through the cinemagrind ether. If you care to look at the image, this comes in a handsome foldout boombox, completing a new staple to your bedroom feng shui, and guaranteeing that you misunderstand what this thing will really look like.) 30.00





ALBERT AYLER - In Greenwich Village LP (superior viaduct - In the mid-'60s, Albert Ayler found himself at the center of major transformations within jazz. On his albums for ESP-Disk', his delivery was radically aggressive and his tone blistering – aiming for something beyond the New Thing. His music would be further energized when (at the behest of John Coltrane) Bob Thiele signed him to Impulse! As Ayler told The Plain Dealer at the time, "It's not about notes anymore. It's a sound – a feeling. The approach we're taking will discontinue the use of the word ‚jazz.'" In Greenwich Village, Ayler's first LP on Impulse!, perfectly captures the Cleveland-born saxophonist's radiant intensity. Sourced from a pair of live engagements – February '67 at the Village Theatre on New York's Lower East Side and December '66 at the Village Vanguard – these recordings show an improved clarity in production and performance.) 26.00


BYARD LANCASTER - It's Not Up To Us LP (superior viaduct - Another legendary one out @Superior Viaduct, the super rare (and amazing) debut by sax / flute player Byard Lancaster on Atlantic's subsidiary label Vortex dedicated to avant-garde jazz. Featuring Sonny Sharrock on guitar. Quoting the Andy Beta's brilliant review on Pitchfork "When John Coltrane succumbed to cancer in 1967, free jazz/fire music was sucked into a giant vacuum along with him. A patron of music and patron saint to so many of its players, there was a crossroads left in his wake. Electric instrumentation was slowly seeping in from one side, and with it, its rockist and studio-manipulated pleasures. Miles Davis employed electric keyboards, punched in solos and seamlessly edited tracks in this era, and is an obvious example, as are folks like Eddie Harris and Charles Lloyd, who were similarly amplifying and opening for rock groups at the Fillmore West. The other route was to take the music even further out into the cosmos, as Albert Ayler did with his inner-being blues holler or the Art Ensemble of Chicago, with their Pan-African extrapolations into the primal unknown. Few attempts were made fto find a middle ground though, that could mingle jazz with rock, or free-playing in a more palatable pop manner without falling victim to the later Fusion craze. Or at least so I thought, until coming across this Byard Lancaster reissue of his debut recording as band leader.) 30.00


DEATHCRASH - Less LP (London-based slowcore band Deathcrash announces its new album Less, due out in March via untitled (recs). Less was recorded in the UK's most remote studio in the Outer Hebrides and follows 2022's critically acclaimed album Return - a statement of reduction that is as powerful and strong as it is delicate and introspective."Our goal was to be super minimal," says Deathcrash vocalist Tiernan Banks. "Just simple and beautiful guitar parts and being really naked. To be_.less." Shortly after "Return," the band initially had no plans to make an album. "The last thing we felt like doing was another album," says bassist Patrick Fitzgerald. "We thought, 'Let's do this little EP that's aesthetically very different and more stripped down.'" Less was always intended to be a pared-down statement, but it quickly became clear that the songs the band was writing were meaningful, personal and, despite the intention to scale things back, bigger.) 32.00


HELENE SMITH - I Am Controlled By Your Love LP (numero - Teenage melancholy from the original Miami Sound Machine. Backed by the infamous FAMU Marching 100 Band and Frank Williams' crack shot players The Rocketeers, I Am Controlled By Your Love compiles sides from Helene Smith's '60s tenure with the Deep City, Lloyd, Reid, and Blue Star labels. A sweltering album of 12 deeply soulful, alternate universe hits from the First Lady of Miami Soul!) 27.00


JON ​COLLIN & ​DEMDIKE ​STARE – Fragments ​Of ​Nothing LP (Teasing out vintage, arcane threads of connection between deep-South porchside styles and their native industrial blooz, Demdike sound at their most red-eyed and pensive in this strung out, liminal mode, spinning Jon Collin’s expressive guitar licks into acres of cranky, ghostly space to offer a starker and more blunted perspective on his dusky panoramic scenery. The duo draw on a deep well of inspiration from the rugged beauty of the Pennine landscape to invoke a steeply immersive style of folk-blues abstraction. Across two sides they rustle a ragged, whiskey soaked and blurred tapestry of ideas, variously recalling darker echoes Loren Mazzacane Connors and even Stephen O’Malley solo sides across the 45 minutes of their spirit-guiding trek. Pick your poison - mushies, peyote, banana skins, whatever’s to hand - and saddle up.) 35.00


PROTOMARTYR - Formal Growth In The Desert LP (domino - Since their 2012 debut, Protomartyr have mastered the art of evoking place: the grinding Midwest humility of their hometown, as well as the x-rayed elucidation of America that comes with their vantage. The group’s sixth album was recorded at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, TX with producer Jake Aron. “The desert is more of a metaphor or symbol,” singer Joe Casey says, “of emotional deserts, or a place or time that seems to lack life.” The “growth” came from a period of colossal transition for Casey, including the death of his mother. But life does go on, and Casey describes the great theme of Formal Growth In The Desert as an embrace and acknowledgment of that fact: a 12-song testament to “getting on with life,” even when it feels impossibly hard.) 27.00


SAM PREKOP & JOHN MCENTIRE - Sons Of DLP (thrill jockey - WHITE VINYL - Debut release by Sam Prekop and John McEntire as a duo! After quickly selling out on limited cassette and CD in 2022, Sons Of is now available on a special 2xLP featuring the bonus track "A Drink At The Banquet." 2xLP housed in a doublewide jacket with matte finish artwork. Sam Prekop and John McEntire are two artists, who together and as individuals, have expanded the definition of rock. Each is acclaimed for their singular musical voice and for their sonic innovations. Beyond their work together in The Sea and Cake, Prekop has garnered acclaim for his solo releases in ensemble or on modular synthesis, as well as for his visual art and photography. McEntire is one of the most celebrated engineers, composers, and drummers in forward-thinking music. With nearly three decades of experience working together, this is their first full-length collaboration as a duo. It was something they both have wanted to do for a long while, and a natural fit for two artists drawn to incorporating electronic music into rock and jazz contexts. Sons Of finds two master craftsmen working at the nexus of pristine production and skillful improvisation, forging compelling narrative arcs into glistening metropolises of infinite pulse.) 36.00


SONNY SHARROCK - Black Woman LP  (superior viaduct - "Warren 'Sonny' Sharrock died of a heart attack at the age of 53 in 1994. At the time of his death, many writers noted that he had recently landed a contract with a major label (RCA) and was perhaps 'destined for big things.' In my opinion, these writers missed the point. Although Mr. Sharrock may not have been successful financially (as though that might be a primary motivating goal for any true artist), he was uncommonly successful aesthetically. Certainly, there are a few dubious moments to be found inside his oeuvre, but Mr. Sharrock produced several of the most mind-shredding avant-garde albums ever recorded. Premier among them is Black Woman.) 30.00


THANTIFAXATH - Hive Mind Narcosis LP (dark descent - Thantifaxath’s second full-length Hive Mind Narcosis is not only a giant leap for the band, but also for contemporary extreme metal as a whole. From its very first notes, there is a feeling of transcendence beyond genre… beyond its scene and peers. Previously dubbed avant-garde black metal, Thantifaxath surpasses such mundane press-tags, instead conjuring forth an expansive, discordant, and mind-altering brew that’s never just black, thrash, death, or doom metal psychedelia. Recorded entirely in-house by the band, Thantifaxath have tailored their sound to crushing perfection – a production so immense the listener daren’t move until the bitter end. Just like its music, Hive Mind Narcosis is a lyrical blend of two mutually conflicting ideals: “The album has two levels working in dichotomy with one another. On one level there is a strong resistance to something, and on the other there is a total acceptance of that same thing. Beyond that, we leave it open to your interpretation.” ) 34.00


WITCH - Zango LP (now again - Witch was the first band in Zambia to release a commercial album — 1973’s Introduction. Blending the rock and roll sounds of The Rolling Stones together with more traditional, African rhythms, Witch pioneered a new genre dubbed Zamrock, and during their brief, yet prolific existence, Witch (an acronym for We Intend To Cause Havoc) released 7 albums and were the most revered band in the country. In 2023, Witch will release their 8th studio album, Zango, via Desert Daze Sound — a new Partisan imprint A&Red by the founder of the Desert Daze festival, Phil Pirrone. On Zango, bandleader Emmanuel “Jagari” Chanda is joined by Patrick Mwondela on keys, Nico Mauskoviç on drums and percussion, Stefan Lilov and JJ Whitefield on guitars, and Jacco Gardner on bass, who is also credited with producing the album alongside Witch. The album features collaborations with Keith Kabwe (Amanaz), Theresa Ng’ambi, Hanna Tembo, and Sampa The Great. ) 28.00