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Bis Aufs Messer Weekly new


Hi, welcome to another newsletter for February - a bunch of killer stuff arrived like the DEUX - Let's Go! LP, FRANÇOIS JANNEAU - Une Bien Curieuse Planète LP re issue, KALI MALONE – Living Torch LP restock, WALTER WEGMÜLLER - Tarot DLP und BOXSET restock, LORD VICAR - Fear No Pain DLP, MESSA - Close DLP restock, SECOND LAYER - Courts Or Wars LP, ULTHAR - Anthronomicon LP, ULTHAR - Helionomicon LP, 40 WATT SUN - Perfect Light 3xLP, TUNDE MABADU - Bisu LP, MOVIETONE - s/t DLP (!!!), MONA MUR -  The Original Band (1984-86) LP, SIEGFRIED KESSLER - Solaire LP, DANNY SCOTT LANE - Home Decor LP, MULATU ASTATKE - Ethio Jazz LP, LUSTER - Luster LP restock, BLOD - Där Ska Barnet Vara LP, TROTH - Forget the curse LP and much more .. also some more DISCREET MAGS and the new WIRE MAGAZINE arrived .. we are also down to the last 10 copies of the NADJA - labyrinth TAPE - in case u want one


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TRESA LEIGH - I Remember 7“ (efficient space - Tresa Leigh is the reflection of St. Simons Island, Georgia teenager Teresa Laxamana (né Leggett).  Wooed by a classifieds listing to audition for Philly funk and soul imprint Lyndell Records, the aspiring 15 year old dragged her father, guitar, fender amplifier and microphone to perform her convincingly mature folk tales of first time heartbreak. Winning the support of label owner Walter L Rayfield, the fresh recruit cut two originals in a makeshift motel studio on the neighbouring Jekyll Island, backed by a band of unhurried session players. The 1970 recording yielded her debut 45, pairing 'I Remember's endearing juvenile jangle with the heartsick Ghost Riders cornerstone 'Until Then'.  )  15.00





40 WATT SUN - Perfect Light 3xLP (svart- 40 Watt Sun returns with Perfect Light; the third studio album created by Patrick Walker of UK Doom band Warning under the moniker. Perfect Light is the first 40 Watt Sun album created without a full, formal band structure. Patrick enlisted an array of accomplished musicians to fulfil his vision for the album, including, among others, Andrew Prestidge and Roland Scriver (The Osiris Club), Ajit Gill (Vertaal), Lorraine Rath (Amber Asylum/Worm Ouroboros), and pianist/composer Chris Redman. Recorded over the course of a year at Chat Bizarre Studios, Hertfordshire by Theodore Howarth, and Holy Mountain Studios, London by Chris Fullard, writing was a fluid process that continued as the album unfurled. Perfect Light reflects a period of transition and a new way of writing and recording for Patrick.) 38.00


AIDEN AYERS - Venus Copper Rose LP (Aiden Ayers debut album „Venus Copper Rose“. A few words by the artist himself: „ Venus Copper Rose came to me in a dream. The three words are all the same thing, symbols of beauty and material formations of love. Together they are a VCR (videocassette recorder) - a memory machine, a portal into fantasy and myth + a transcriber of dreams. The songs on the album represent the past five years of my life. The oldest of them were written and first recorded in 2017 and the youngest barely made it to the mastering session on time. I am always writing and recording, travelling to and fro, on little islands off the coast of BC, down to the California desert, or in makeshift basement studios throughout Vancouver. Every song has grown up and been captured in a different way - the album is a wild garden of misfits, flowers and weeds. I hope that people feel nourished by this album - I believe that is the ultimate role of music, like another kind of food, light, or love. I hope these songs and this album can help people see the beauty and poetry that flows through their own lives.“) 26.00


BILL ​WELLS & ​MAHER ​SHALAL ​HASH ​BAZ – Osaka ​Bridge LP (karaoke - Originally released in May 2006 through the German label Karaoke Kalk, »Osaka Bridge« was an album that captured the joyful amateurism of Tori Kudo's free-spirited Japanese collective Maher Shalal Hash Baz and Bill Wells’ rich, wistful and easy sense of melody. Approaching brass band and jazz music with a knack for making playing imperfectly feel perfectly right, »Osaka Bridge« became nothing short of groundbreaking when it was released to critical acclaim, becoming an instant classic among musicians and fans alike. Coinciding with the release of the second LP of Wells’ on-going collaboration with Danielle Price on tuba, »The Sensory Illusions«, Karaoke Kalk makes this highly sought-after record available again on vinyl for the first time in 16 years.) 27.00


BLOD - Där Ska Barnet Vara LP (discreet - New album from Blod recorded during the second half of 2022 by Gustaf Dicksson. Där Ska Barnet Vara is a continuation of the themes explored on Pilgrimssånger and contains nine more songs dealing with faith in different forms, with a strong presence of death. Compared to Pilgrimssånger, the sound is slightly more lo-fi and fucked up and the approach is somewhat looser and more desperate, but here are some of the strongest and most fragile and heartfelt Blod songs to date. Additional players on the record are Astrid Øster Mortensen (vocals, flute, saxophone & piano), Anna Johannesson (vocals) and Magnus Jäverling (organ and flute). Mastered by Joakim Karlsson and pressed in an edition of 1000 copies. Note: All covers are screenprinted and assembled using old record sleeves so there can be tiny defects like worn out corners, marks and occasional seam splits.) 27.00


DANNY SCOTT LANE - Home Decor LP (we release jazz - Home Decor is the sixth full length album from New York born, Los Angeles based ambient / jazz / downtempo musician Danny Scott Lane. Danny Scott Lane’s heartwarming 10-track affair is its very own kind of nostalgia-tinted modern chill out music, a silky cocktail of 80s synths and exotica seduction gently carried by Matt Elliot Gooden’s sensuous saxophone. Dare we say ambient smooth jazz? Add hints of italo, minimalism, and fusion, and you there you have it: Home Decor, a perfect soundtrack for cozy situations, one last drink on the balcony, strolls by the beach, relaxing, thinking back, possibly even gardening and cooking something delicious. ) 27.00


DEUX - Let's Go! LP (minimal wave - We are excited to present a 4-song EP by the iconic French synth duo, Deux, entitled Let’s Go ! Gérard Pelletier and Cati Tête formed Deux shortly after meeting in Lyon in 1981. They became known for their stripped-down synthpop compositions and suitably cold duets, through their archival Minimal Wave releases Decadence (2010) and Golden Dreams EP (2012). In the late 1980s and early 1990s, they began to branch out and make more dancefloor-oriented music. The Let’s Go ! EP features three remastered mixes of their underground classic Let’s Go ! and an unreleased version of Everybody’s Night (Dirty Mix). This release is pressed on 180-gram black vinyl, presented in a heavy printed sleeve, based on their 1991 artwork, and accompanied by a black and white photo of the duo. The record is pressed as an edition of 999 copies) 30.00


ELIANE RADIGUE - Jouet Electronique / Elemental I LP (alga marghen - Alga Marghen presents the new edition of Eliane Radigue's "Jouet Electronique" (1967) for feedback on magnetic tape and "Elemental I" (1968) for feedback of natural sounds on magnetic tape. This LP was first issued in 2010.) 26.00


ENRICO RAVA - Pupa O Crisalide LP (A body of evocative recordings included in Pupa O Crisalide with three different line-ups for this fantastic album by Enrico Rava which, thanks to Dialogo Records, finally sees the light for jazz lovers. Enrico Rava was the first Italian jazz artist to represent the country internationally, born in Trieste in 1939. A border city with a long history as part of Austria, an important port on the Adriatic see, a places influenced by different cultures. Rava's music at its best is a product of this city - a mix of Central European and Italian culture.) 35.00


FRANÇOIS JANNEAU - Une Bien Curieuse Planète LP (souffle - Paris, 1965. Pianist François Tusques laid the foundation stone of French-style free jazz with his first, soberly titled, album “Free Jazz”. Also in the team were several future key names of the French scene, (Michel Portal, Bernard Vitet, Beb Guérin, Charles Saudrais and François Jeanneau) all of whom honed their skills at the beginning of the decade in Jef Gilson’s groups, although he was none too fond of the turbulent new face of jazz at the time. Ten years later, Jef Gilson had obviously changed his tune, as the label Palm that he had created in 1973 was now the launch pad for what would become the cream of French and international avant-garde jazz. This would notably be the case for François Jeanneau and “Une Bien Curieuse Planète”. His first album as leader (after briefly erring into pop with Triangle) was recorded in 1975, a few months after “Watch Devil Go” by his old friend Jacques Thollot, and with more or less the same casting: Jeanneau on sax of course, Jenny-Clark on bass and percussions, Lubat replacing Thollot on drums and Michel Grailler (plucked out of Magma) was called in as a reinforcement for his completely ‘out of space*’ synthetiser sounds. Thus began a strange trip to a very strange planet, at the border of experimental jazz and swinging avant-garde.) 26.00


GARETH QUINN REDMOND - Umcheol (Cú Chulainn agus Ferdiad) LP (wrwtfww - This is a brand new album by Irish producer Gareth Quinn Redmond, following his amazing Satoshi Ashikawa-Inspired Laistigh Den Ghleo released in 2019. Umcheol, his ambient-meets-Irish-traditional-music soundscape is available as a limited edition LP (500 copies worldwide) housed in a 350gsm gatefold sleeve with a superb triptych of paintings by Irish artist Conor Campbell. The album comes in digital format as well. A splendid pairing of Irish folk instruments (harp, tin whistle, fiddle, harmonium) with synthesizers, Umcheol tells the tragic yet beautiful tale of two legendary figures of Irish mythology, Cú Chulainn and Ferdiad. The 40+ minute ambient narrative is a subtle and touching alliance of past and present, tradition re-contextualized and retold with a modern approach. ) 28.00


HELLHOUND - Hellhound - Rappioperintö - Kaikki levytykset 1978-1980 DLP (svart - The ultimate Hellhound compendium, a must for any self-respecting fan of late 70’s Finnish punk rock! Features the Soitetaan rock’n’rollia LP, all single and compilation tracks plus unreleased material. One of the early Finnish punk bands from the city of Tampere. Hellhound released three singles and one album between 1978 and 1980.) 36.00


JAN JELINEK - Zwischen LP (faitiche - Faitiche is delighted to release a short version of the radio play Zwischen (German for ‘between’). Devised and produced by Jan Jelinek for German public broadcaster SWR2, Zwischen brings together twelve sound poetry collages using interview answers by public figures. Each collage consists of the brief moments between the spoken words: silences, pauses for breath and hesitations in which the interviewees utter non-semantic sound particles. These voice collages also control a synthesizer, creating electronic sounds that overlay and merge with the voices to make twelve acoustic structures. ) 26.00


KALI MALONE – Living Torch LP (repressed - Following her critically acclaimed album The Sacrificial Code, Swedish-American composer Kali Malone returns with Living Torch on Portraits GRM. Living Torch, through its unique structural form and harmonic material, is a bold continuation of Kali Malone’s demanding and exciting body of work, while opening new perspectives and increasing the emotional potential of the music tenfold. As such, Living Torch is a major new piece by the composer and adds a significant milestone to an already fascinating repertoire. Departing from the pipe organ that Malone’s music is most notable for, Living Torch features a complex electroacoustic ensemble. Leafing through recordings from conventional instruments like the trombone and bass clarinet to more experimental machines like the boîte à bourdon, passing through sinewave generators and Éliane Radigue’s ARP 2500 synthesizer. Living Torch weaves its own history, its own genealogy, and that of its author. It extends her robust structural approach to a liberated palette of timbre.) 24.00


LARAAJI - Segue To Infinity 4xLP BOXSET (numero - The definitive collection of Laraaji’s earliest works, Segue To Infinity compiles his 1978 debut Celestial Vibration and six additional side-long studio sessions from previously unknown acetates from the same period. A lengthy essay by Living Colour’s Vernon Reid chronicles the origins of Edward “Flash” Gordon, illustrated with dozens of previously unpublished photographs that capture this beautiful and elusive young artist. Full of discovery and wonderment, Segue To Infinity is a miraculous chronicle of new age’s most fabled artist.) 110.00


LORD VICAR - Fear No Pain DLP (svart - Up the hammers, down the nails! Originally released in 2008, this classic doom metal debut album of Lord Vicar features powerful and mournful songs about survival, regret, love, and sacrificial duty. The unmistakable melancholy of this band is underlined by the acoustic passages of ’The Funeral Pyre’ that enhance the groovy and crushing riffs that otherwise alternate throughout the album. This music must have been uplifted from some kind of personal hell, but there is much pleasure in the way it was delivered. As a bonus for this re-release, you have the partly remixed and fully remastered first EP of the band, originally released as a 7” in 2008 by I Hate Records. The Demon of Freedom took its subject matter from the novel The Wolf’s Bride, by Finnish author Aino Kallas.) 32.00


LUSTER - Luster LP (morc - LP comes with screenrprinted and letter pressed sleeves. Ten years in the making, finally the debut album of this belgian sextet with members of Mote, Joe Speedboat and Annelies Monseré arrives. Cello, flute, harmonium and violin blend in with the traditional guitar-bass-drums trio – making them land on a unique spot at the crossroad where ancestral doom folk, heady dronerock and spacious pop seamlessly meet. Often repetive, always mesmerizing and evocative. Kind of the missing link between Mazzy Star, Pentangle, Broadcast and Enhet for Fri Musik.) 25.00


MESSA - Close DLP (svart - restock - Messa’s rising trajectory hits the stratosphere on their immense new album “Close”. Soaring up out of the Italian Doom Rock underground in 2014, Messa have been rapidly garnering a frenzied throng of devotees, in thrall to their monumental and broad-ranging sound craft. Releasing two widely celebrated cult records, the latest of which “Feast For Water” in 2018 was a critical breakthrough success, with Rolling Stone calling the whole album “captivating, wringing maximum drama out of its savvy stylistic clash,” Messa have had everyone on tenterhooks, waiting for what was next. New album “Close” draws us further into Messa’s spellbinding textures and immersive dynamics. Described as “Stevie Nicks fronting Black Sabbath,” singer Sara’s colossal voice omnipotently carries the listener on an emotional rollercoaster ride where the sonic cauldron of Iommi guitars gives way to Arabian oudh and progressive solos in a masterful style-clash that well befits Messa’s incendiary reputation.) 35.00


MIDORI TAKADA - Tree Of Life LP (wrwtfww - Midori Takada’s solo album from 1999, Tree of Life, available on vinyl for the first time ever in a new audiophile mix by the Japanese percussionist herself, and in full half-speed-mastered glory. The 180g LP comes in a heavy sleeve with a beautiful design by Kohei Sugiura. Originally recorded in September 1998 at legendary Ginza (Tokyo) studio Onkio Haus (founded in 1974 and where Ryuichi Sakamoto’s "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" and many more were recorded) and released on CD only for the Japan market in 1999, Tree of Life is Midori Takada’s best kept secret, a lost gem of minimalism and percussive ambient. The album is separated in two parts, the first one finds Takada exploring her trademark environmental soundscapes with precise mastery of marimba, drums, and bells, notably on the magnificent fan-favorite "Love Song Of Urfa". The second half is a collaboration with Chinese virtuoso Erhu player Jiang Jian Hua, allowing Midori Takada to unveil new layers of her artistic mind with a slightly more theatrical approach and a beautiful crystallization of complex simplicity. The entire album was given a fresh new audiophile mix by Midori Takada herself and was mastered at Emil Berliner Studios, with half speed cutting for the vinyl version, to ensure an audio presentation aligned with the Japanese pioneer’s vision.) 27.00


MONA MUR -  The Original Band (1984-86) LP (play loud - Lost debut album recorded between 1985 and 86 and being released for the first time in its original form in 2022 in a limited edition of 300 copies. Mona Mur, born in Hamburg, met FM Einheit, Alexander Hacke and Mark Chung from "Einstürzende Neubauten" and Gode B. from "Front" during the punk explosion. As "Mona Mur & Die Mieter" they released their first 12" single “Jeszcze Polska” in '82, which immediately claimed the "Single of the Week" slot by London's New Musical Express. Mona Mur then lived a wild life in Paris and Berlin. In fall 1984, she formed a new Mona Mur band with FM Einheit and Alexander Hacke, joined by "Flucht nach Vorn" keyboardist Nikko Weidemann (today "Moka Efti Orchestra"), Siewert Johannsen (guitar, "Stricher") and Thomas Stern (bass, "Crime and the City Solution"). This "Mona Mur Band" was recorded and mixed live by Raymond "Nainz" Watts ("Einstürzende Neubauten", "Psychic TV", "KMFDM") at his Building Site studio in Hamburg. ) 28.00


MOVIETONE - s/t DLP (world of echo - World Of Echo are proud to announce the long-awaited reissue, of the self-titled debut album by Bristol’s Movietone. Originally released in 1995 by Planet Records and reissued on CD in 2003 by The Pastels’ Geographic Music imprint, this is the first time Movietone has been reissued on vinyl. An expanded double-LP edition, it includes the extra tracks from the 2003 CD (their first two singles, and an unreleased demo of “Chance Is Her Opera”), and adds three more unearthed gems: demos of “Alkaline Eye” and “She Smiled Mandarine Like”, and an early take of “Late July”, recorded in a garden by Dave Pearce (Flying Saucer Attack) in 1993. Taken together, this is the definitive collection of music from the first phase of one of Bristol’s most remarkable groups. Movietone was the cumulation of a series of events, explorations, and discoveries, starting at secondary school – the group’s core membership of Kate Wright, Rachel Brook, Matt Elliott and Matt Jones met at Cotham School in Bristol. As for many other groups, their early years were all about experimenting, and finding ways to ‘make do’, a DIY sensibility that would inform Movietone through their decade-long lifespan. From formative rehearsals in a shed in the garden of Brook’s family home, to recording early material to four-track in Redland Library, and on into the Whitehouse and Mr Grin’s studio sessions for their debut album, Movietone’s music fell together in a creatively unpredictable, yet conceptually rigorous manner.) 35.00


MULATU ASTATKE - Ethio Jazz LP (This album '' Ethio Jazz '' by Mulatu Astatké is a jewel of the modern Ethiopian music and a mythical album. An album incredibly groovy recorded between 1969 in 1972. A record of Ethio groove in which we find some US soul, the jazz, the Latin accents and especially the oriental rhythms. A real jewel of the Ethiopian modern instrumental music, which illustrates perfectly the symbiosis of the strong rhythms and the quality arrangements with the Ethiopian subtle and deep melodies. A best for all the music lovers of 70’s sound! In the Ethiopian musical landscape, Mulatu Astatke is a unique musician, a composer, an arranger. His real contribution lives in its action for the instrumental music, in a country where the orchestral traditions did not exist. For more than 30 years, he is the door flag of the Ethiopian music.) 26.00


PETER BARCLAY - I'm Not Your Toy LP (numero - The diminutive Peter Barclay was that guy in early ’90s Oakland, the eccentric with the most style, the most talent, the local magician. This self-taught musical wizard recorded at home and produced two barely-released albums, 1990’s dreamlike Acceptance and 1992’s synth pop What Kind Of World, winning over the few who heard them. But fame outside his small circle was not to be, and Barclay was lost in the late-’90s crest of the AIDS epidemic. Rediscovered for a new generation, this is queer music at its finest... Welcome to the world of Peter Barclay.) 28.00


ROS BANDT AND LIME - Soft and Fragile LP (Efficient Space presents Soft and Fragile by Ros Bandt and LIME (Live Improvised Music Events), originally released by Move Records in 1983. A pioneering figure in Australian music, Bandt is known for her work with sound sculpture, electronics, acoustic ecology, and invented instruments, as well as her writings and teaching.  Soft and Fragile comprises a series of structured improvisations performed on custom-built bells and gongs. On the side-long ‘Ocean Bells’, Bandt performs on her ‘flagong’, a three-tiered vertical glass marimba that she made in 1978, inspired by the ‘cloud chamber bowls’ of maverick instrument builder and microtonal composer Harry Partch. Over a long tape loop made up of slowed down sounds from the same instrument, she delicately strikes the glass bells with mallets, allowing individual pitches to ring out and decay with the aquatic wavering quality that suggested the piece’s title, eventually building into flowing melodic sequences. Structured as a series of events determined by the length of the performer’s breath, this gently undulating music invites listeners to lose themselves in delicate microtonal fluctuations and subtle yet expressive phrasing. ) 25.00


SECOND LAYER - Courts Or Wars LP (1972 - RED VINYL. Adrian Borland and Graham Bailey might be better known as members of legendary post-punk group The Sound, but the two were childhood friends and had been playing together even earlier in The Outsiders, and continued their deep musical rapport as a duo, creating these intense and engaging songs as Second Layer at the same time as their higher profile band output. Restoring the original tapes and combining their early recordings, including the tracks from the 1979 Flesh As Property EP and 1980 State Of Emergency EP, Courts Or Wars takes its title from the first song that served as the pair’s introduction to listeners. Right from the beginning you are enveloped in what The Quietus described as, “a monochrome worldview morbidly obsessed with the dehumanizing effect of war, nuclear weapon annihilation, and the fracturing and negation of the self within an increasingly distorted and technologically mediated society.” Where The Sound fit snugly next to Echo And The Bunnymen, Second Layer had far more in common with the pulsing menace of Suicide. ) 27.00


SIEGFRIED KESSLER - Solaire LP (souffle - Solaire, Siegfried Kessler, that is the least we can say! Aged 4: learns piano. Aged 6: his first concert. After this: studies classical music like everyone else... until the jazz of Jack Diéval and Stan Kenton turned everything upside down. So it was goodbye to Bach......And hello to Dexter Gordon, Joe Henderson, Ted Curson and Archie Shepp (who he would accompany over a long period). In 1969, with Yochk’o Seffer, Didier Levallet and Jean-My Truong, he formed a group which would mark history and create a sensation: Perception. If French free jazz exists, its thanks to Kessler (and company). The following year, the pianist recorded his first album: Live at the Gill’s Club. On this one-night concert date can also be heard Barre Phillips and Steve McCall. But it was in 1971 that Kessler would record his greatest album; still in a trio setting, but this time with bassist Gus Nemeth and percussionist Stu Martin: Solaire. Five tracks of extraordinary music, moving back and forth between modal jazz and contemporary music.) 26.00


SPIRITUAL BEGGARS - Spiritual Beggars 3xLP  (svart - The Spiritual Beggars debut album (1994) reissued with 2 full LPs of extra tracks - 18 demo cuts and other rare versions, presented in ravishing triple fold packaging with astounding art by Costin Chioreanu. The Spiritual Beggars mastermind Michael Amott (Arch Enemy, ex-Carcass) is one of today's most important guitarists in Metal, and this reissue originally coincided with the band's 20th anniversary. The original limited vinyl being long sold out, Svart Records present a new edition as the band's 30th anniversary draws near.) 48.00


TROTH - Forget the curse LP (mamma mysteria jukebox - "Troth is unknown colours, mist-soaked dreamscapes, strange misshapen cities belonging to forgotten lands. Troth is also a pop duo, though not of the kind nowadays subjugated by the algorithm. Forget the Curse is the group’s best demonstration yet that somewhere in the murky fields between song and sound, there is a lot of untilled soil. There are elements from previous recordings here: the diaphanous synth-pop of Oak Corridor; the bleary hypnagogic ambience of Flaws in the Glass and Small Movements in Radiance. But what previously clocked as two extremes lock together on Forget the Curse, resulting in a record that skirts the fringes of dour folk, glistening candle-lit pop, sublime atmospherics, and even a haunting dalliance with groggy downtempo mid-’90s trip-hop. The textural palette is wide and often surprising: Looped piano, spectral reverberated saxophone, burnished synth basslines, and a whole lot more that’s unrecognisable. ) 27.00


TUNDE MABADU - Bisu LP (afrodelic - Official Afrodelic reissue of the ultra-rare Tunde Mabadu’s debut album. Originally released in 1978 on Blackspot label (DECCA's West Africa division), Bisu, which includes the supergroovy ‘Red Jeans’, differs from the later 1980 ‘Viva Disco’ album by a much more pure African style. A beautiful and soulful production in which Tunde's deep voice and sax move on the excellent horns arrangements, percussions, the wahwah rhythm guitar and weird keyboards and synths (at times psychedelic as in the ‘Blue Bird’ 9 minutes). As wrote on the original liner notes of the era “His music will mesmerize you from the first track. A dedicated Musician especially to his African Roots with so much to offer Musically”.) 28.00


ULTHAR - Anthronomicon LP (20 buck spin - Over the course of their first two albums, ‘Cosmovore’ and ‘Providence’, Ulthar carved out a unique niche on the spectrum of underground metal, forging a grotesquely elegant hybrid of Technical Death Metal alchemy and Black Metal’s stinging blizzard winds, all with the acerbic color of the absurdist’s brush. Nearly 3 years on from ‘Providence’, a burst of deadly creativity has resulted in TWO new albums, to be released simultaneously. ) 28.00


ULTHAR - Helionomicon LP (20 buck spin - Where its sister album ‘Anthronomicon’ presents an 8 piece puzzle of labyrinthine tumult, ‘Helionomicon’ takes those elements and creates two towering 20 minute monoliths of radiant avant-garde immensity. Each track, appropriately titled ‘Helionomicon’ and ‘Anthronomicon’, transports the listener on a vast journey of psycho-cerebral spectacle where hitherto unimagined landscapes take shape and strange intangible structures pierce the disintegrating firmament. Despite the substantial length of these two tracks, it’s never a tedious ride; each visits countless new vistas and perspectives across time. In essence ‘Helionomicon’ becomes a synthesis of all Ulthar’s recorded output to this point across two climactic, ambitious epics. ) 28.00


WALTER WEGMÜLLER - Tarot DLP (The original analog master tapes were transferred with higher resolution and remastered with great care. Remastered by Dieter Dierks and Dennis Flüchter. Walter Wegmüller (1937-2020) was a Swiss-Jenish artist who grew up in difficult circumstances in Bern. After training in Basel, Bern, Paris, and London, he began his artistic career. In addition to painting and sculptural works, Walter Wegmüller occupied himself with the entire spectrum of art. He gained widespread international attention, especially from 1974 onwards, with the publication of his Zigeuner Tarot. He was successful at countless exhibitions in Europe and overseas and was repeatedly awarded prizes and distinctions. However, he never forgot his origins as a Verding child and "Rome child from the Kalderasch tribe." In 1973, he released the album Tarot with an all-star band. Successful musicians such as Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching, Harald Grosskopf, Dieter Dierks, Hartmut Enke, Jürgen Dollase, and Walter Westrupp played in the band. It remained Walter Wegmüller's only foray into the world of music. The album was last released on vinyl in 1976, the CD in 2000. This version here is the first remaster ever.) 40.00


YASUHIRO KOHNO TRIO + ONE - Song Of Island DLP (bee - A private press rarity that few know of, ‘Song of Island’ was the third album from pianist Yasuhiro Kohno’s trio, recorded live at the jazz club and live house (gig venue) ‘Again’ in August 1985. Pressed up in small numbers, ‘Song for Island’ was issued on the private ASCAP Records, set up by pianist and band leader Yasuhiro Kohno. The album is a follow up to Kohno-san’s previous two albums, ‘Peace’ and ‘Roma in the Rain’, released on the cult Aketa’s Disk label. However, unlike the ‘Peace’ and ‘Roma in the Rain’ albums, ‘Song of Island’ has never been reissued before – until now. The title track was included on J Jazz volume 3. This is a very special album that captures a special time in Japanese jazz, when exemplary acoustic jazz was still being performed and recorded by dedicated and talented artists at the height of mid-80s synth pop. ‘Song of Island’ features four original compositions by Yasuhiro Kohno plus a distinctive take on a jazz standard. ) 45.00


YOURI ​KUN – Renoir ​Of ​The ​Toys LP (an Archives - Edition of 400 copies, silkscreened sleeve w/ obi (tan or black), inserts & postcard Renoir Of The Toys is a deep dive into the world of Youri Kun, the nom de plume of Japanese guitarist, singer and songwriter Hiroshi Nar. It follows a similar compilation, Unheld Ball, released in 2022 on Japanese label Inundow; like that album, Renoir Of The Toys draws from the rich catalogue of outsider psych-garage and rock recorded by Youri Kun over the past two decades. Deeply wired into the history of Japanese underground music, Nar was a founding member of legendary ‘70s outfit Datetenryu, and a member of both Brain Police (Zuno Keisatsu) and Les Ralllizes Dénudés (Hadaka No Rallizes), appearing on the latter’s ’77 Live. After going to ground during the 1980s, Nar started making music with Niplets in the mid-90s, and releasing music at a prolific pace in 2000 – an excellent run of (sometimes archival) CD-Rs on the Hello Goodbye Studio label, both solo, and with his groups Molls, Niplets and Port Cuss; an album on P.S.F. by Jokers, where he was joined by fellow Rallizes member Yokai Takahashi, and drummer Toshiaki Ishizuka (Brain Police, Vajra, Cinorama, etc.); and sixteen albums (and counting) as Youri Kun, for labels Gyunne Cassette, Inundow, and Hören. He’s also fallen in with the Acid Mothers Temple crowd, guesting on a few of their albums, and recording a live set with Kawabata Makoto’s Nishinihon trio.) 33.00


V/A - DJ Amir Presents ‘Strata RecordsThe Sound of Detroit’ Volume 1 3xLP (BBE - In association with DJ Amir and 180 Proof Records, BBE Music presents ‘Strata Records – The Sound of Detroit – Volume 1’, a new compilation taking in just a few highlights from the short-lived but hugely influential jazz imprint. With a raft of Strata material now entering entering the BBE Music catalogue for the first time, joining together with already-released gems such at the long-lost Charles Mingus live album ‘Jazz In Detroit’, we asked 180 Proof founder and Strata catalogue curator DJ Amir to compile a selection of tracks as an introduction to the uninitiated. ) 55.00 


V/A - Heavenly Ethiopiques - The Best Of The Ethiopiques Series DLP (heavenly - The first 'Best of' on vinyl from the ethiopiques series. Francis Falcetto, the founder of the series and specialist of Ethiopian music picked up a selection of the best tracks of the series. He opened his large collection of pictures, vinyl and memorabilia to make the artwork of this double LP gatefold. The perfect introduction to the world of Ethiopian music but the specialists will also discover some rare and unknown tracks and artists.) 30.00





WALTER WEGMÜLLER - Tarot 4xCD (back in stock - Four CD version. Includes two remastered versions, each on two CDs. Four-CD version includes two remastered versions, each on two CDs; first remaster by Dierks/Flüchter and then a completely different mastering by Dieter Wegner, who has already remastered many albums of the krautrock catalog, including the albums of the Cosmic Jokers. Walter Wegmüller (1937-2020) was a Swiss-Jenish artist who grew up in difficult circumstances in Bern. After training in Basel, Bern, Paris, and London, he began his artistic career. In addition to painting and sculptural works, Walter Wegmüller occupied himself with the entire spectrum of art. He gained widespread international attention, especially from 1974 onwards, with the publication of his Zigeuner Tarot. He was successful at countless exhibitions in Europe and overseas and was repeatedly awarded prizes and distinctions. However, he never forgot his origins as a Verding child and "Rome child from the Kalderasch tribe." In 1973, he released the album Tarot with an all-star band. Successful musicians such as Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching, Harald Grosskopf, Dieter Dierks, Hartmut Enke, Jürgen Dollase, and Walter Westrupp played in the band. It remained Walter Wegmüller's only foray into the world of music. The album was last released on vinyl in 1976, the CD in 2000. This version here is the first remaster ever.) 30.00





DISCREET MUSIC MAG #3 (New issue! Interviews with Leda, Franciska, Troth and a feature on Incipientium. A5, 20 pages, written in English.) 6.00


WIRE #469 MARCH 2023 MAG ( On Location: Asteroid Ekosystem/Julian Curwin’s Midnight Lullaby, Sydney, Australia; San Francisco Tape Music Festival, San Francisco, US; BRÅK, London, UK; The Rolling Calf with Pat Thomas, London, UK; Infrequent Seams, New York, US; Rubbish Music, London, UK; Winter Jazzfest 2023, New York, US; I Will Greet The Sun Again, London, UK; Big Joanie + R AGGS + Ghum, Glasgow, UK; NikNak, London, UK; David Murray Quartet, New York, US; Terraforma x La Bourse de Commerce, Paris, France. On Site: Roscoe Mitchell Keeper Of The Code: Paintings 1963–2022, Chicago, US; Yasunao Tone Region Of Paramedia, New York, US. Soundcheck: Avola, Kevin Beasley, John Bence, Douglas Benford, Douglas Benford/Adrian Northover/Isidora Edwards, Douglas Benford/ Blanca Regina/Manuela Barczewski/Steve Beresford, Florence Cats, Decolonise Your Mind Society, Kahil El’Zabar’s Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, Emænuel, Beatriz Ferreyra, Glassine & Sam Haberman, Jean Grae, Lonnie Holley, Jens, Nyokabi Kariũki, Laibach, Langham Research Centre & John Butcher, Large Unit, Machinefabriek, Valentina Magaletti, Valentina Magaletti & Laila Sakini, Meemo Comma, Dorothy Moskowitz & The United States Of Alchemy, Maggie Nicols & Marc Wastell, Tujiko Noriko, Old Spirit, Anthony Pateras Pita/Friedl, P/O Massacre, Quatuor Bozzini, Philip Samartzis, Susana Santos Silva & Fred Frith, Colin Stetson, Submerged, Ibukun Sunday, Max Syedtollan, La Tène, This Friendship Is Sailing, Valerio Tricoli/Werner Dafeldecker/Mattin, US Girls, Wanderwelle, Die Wilde Jagd, Yo La Tengo, YoshimiOizumikiYoshiduO, Zulu, Various Fragile States ) 8.00